Boris's Heroes 1980 Calendar

Illustrator: Boris
Size: 32 x 30.5
Publisher: Verkerke Reproducties BV
Published: February 1979
Catalogue#: 905
  Boris's Heroes 1980 CalendarFront Cover: Demon in the Mirror

I'm indebted to Marinus Heijting for first telling me about this calendar and even more indebted to Geoneasha at who provided scans of the whole calendar.

The Dutch company Verkerke Reproducties BV are well known as producers of fine art reproductions. In 1979 they had begun printing posters of Boris' art for distribution throughout Europe. The fact that this calendar was published in February of that year makes it one of their first Boris items. It contains the 12 images comprising their entire range, from the 1979 catalogue, of Boris greetings cards. The style of the front cover is repeated internally with all images presented as vertical format pictures (even the square ones, which were cropped accordingly) padded to the usual squarish shape by black borders. The picture titles appear on the page below, immediately above the calendar for the relevant month. The one exception to this style is the centrepiece which is reproduced as the usual borderless image common to all the Boris calendars. The monochrome rear cover is fairly spartan showing only a photo of Boris, a brief biography, and the calendar's copyright information.

The Broken Sword, Boris VallejoJanuary
The Broken Sword
The Lavalite World, Boris VallejoFebruary
The Lavalite World
Demon in the Mirror, Boris VallejoMarch
Demon in the Mirror
A Hostage for the Hinterland, Boris VallejoApril
A Hostage for Hinterland
The Maker of Universes, Boris VallejoMay
The Maker of Universes
The High Couch of Silistra, Boris VallejoJune
The High Coach of Silistra
A Hostage for the Hinterland, Boris VallejoCentrepiece
A Hostage for Hinterland (detail)
The Dragon and the George 1, Boris VallejoJuly
The George and the Dragon
(The Dragon and the George I)
A Private Cosmos, Boris VallejoAugust
A Private Cosmos
The Secrets of Synchronicity, Boris VallejoSeptember
The Secrets of Synchronicity
Enchantress of Venus, Boris VallejoOctober
The Best of Leigh Brackett
Haesel the Slave, Boris VallejoNovember
Haesel the Slave
Nomads of Gor, Boris VallejoDecember
Nomads of Gor

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