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Index of the Borisography

Welcome to the new Borisography, probably the most complete guide to the artwork of Boris Vallejo you're likely to see.

The story so far…
The Borisography was originally conceived and produced in the early 1990s by Hercules Gunter of Perth, Western Australia. It was maintained by him, with later assistance from others (see the acknowledgements below,) for a number of years until problems with his ISP resulted in the final update on 27 September 2000. Further updates were never completed and the site has been in Limbo ever since. Contrary to expectations, an original site still exists and can be found here though a later copy with a new ISP has since been deleted.

In his last update Hercules expressed his unhappiness with the existing situation and suggested that someone else might like to take responsibility for the site. I did contact him at the time but our correspondence did not reach any conclusion and I have now lost contact with him.

…and now
The above notwithstanding, I continued to use an offline copy of the Borisography as a reference source with a few amendments for my own purposes. However, Boris has not been idle in the last 20 odd years so I decided to use the Borisography as the basis for an updated index of his work. It has since occurred to me that others would be interested in what I am doing hence my decision to create this site.

I've made a number of alterations but have tried to keep the feel of the original site so, hopefully, they will appear as cosmetic changes to anybody familiar with the old site. The obvious difference is the use of larger thumbnails but less obvious is the use of longer, more meaningful, file names and reorganised page names/structure. Much of Hercules' original content has been retained but there is also a lot of new content too.

Please be aware that this site is currently very Internet unfriendly - to preserve image quality I have used a low compression ratio for the thumbnail JPGs. As a number of pages contain something of the order of 100 or more images this could result in very slow download times. I may change this if I get lots of complaints or, alternatively, you could download the site for offline viewing (I use the open source utility HTTrack for such purposes.)

One final point, this site is intended only as an index of Boris' artwork, not as a source of images. What you see here is what you get - there are no larger images available!

This is the master index.

This is a major project but the site is now largely complete. The index is restricted solely to Boris, or Boris and Julie, artwork so any works by other artists (including Julie Bell on her own) which have no Boris involvement will only appear on their respective pages. The index currently has over 1200 artworks listed (over 1300 if you include all the preliminary artworks) but I expect to increase this to something like 1400 in due course.

The other links below do not yet go anywhere but give some idea of what to expect in the future.

Further information is in the following pages:


New Borisography

Thanks are due to:
Geoneasha at artfantastix.com for permission to use some of his/her scans thereby enabling me to get this site up and running much sooner than expected.
Hercules Gunter for his concept of The Borisography and all his hard work in setting up the original site(s) most of which is incorporated here.
Since this site is dependent on the earlier versions it is only fair to include Hercules' original acknowledgements (and the sentiments therein…)

Original Borisography

These pages were prepared by Hercules Gunter of Western Australia, and extensively corrected and updated by Bernard Rogers (typos and factual corrections.) Technically, I suppose, I own copyright to the layout and text of these pages. Since this is merely a documentation of the work of a great artist, this is something of a nonsense. Feel free to copy these pages as you see fit (someone has suggested that they would be useful as an index to one's own collection of images if one added links to the full-size images.)

I offer thanks to the following people, who have helped me correct my work or provided additional information for inclusion in the Borisography:

Really Major Contributors:

Bernard M Rogers, UK
Mike Lewis, USA
Larry Kinney, USA

Other Contributors

Adrian Heath, UK
Damian Sheiles, Western Australia
Sergey Okun, Russia
Evgeniy Nikolaenko, Russia
Paul Leonard, Australia
Geert Damhoff, Netherlands
Diana Hunter, (USA?)

And, of course, I offer my gratitude and deep admiration to The Master himself, Boris Vallejo, for all the pleasure his work has brought to me and to so many others, and for all the beauty he has captured for us to enjoy.


And Finally…

It is inevitable with a project of this size that some errors will arise. If you spot any mistakes* I shall be grateful if you could inform me. I would also be pleased to receive any additional information or your comments, good or bad. (If the latter, please don't be too harsh - this is my first attempt at a website.)

You may contact me at berrog@borisography.org.

* Please note that not all links are working – these should be resolved over the next few months as the relevant pages are added.

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