The Borisography: Q

Q (1982)
Q, movie poster Movie poster for the 1982 Larry Cohen film Q.

The movie tells the story of a quetzalcoatl (see the calendar painting Quetzalcoatl below for more information about the beast) running amok in a big city.

The painting is very reminiscent of the final scenes from the movie King Kong but I do not know if this was intentional.

The Quarterback (BJ)
The Quarterback, Boris & Julie One of a series of fantasy (American) football related paintings that appeared on Boris's and Julie's old Imaginistix web site. I have not seen it published anywhere else and so have no idea why it, or any of the other paintings, were produced.

See The Colisseum for a list of the other paintings.

Queen of His Heart (1981)
Queen of His Heart, Boris Vallejo Mirage
Drawn for Mirage and included in all versions of the book. The book does not give any titles - the one used here was obtained from the Boris & Julie website.
Queen of the Amazons (1986)
Amazons (1986), Boris Vallejo B1.41
Portfolio 13
Movie poster for the Roger Corman film Amazons (1986.)
Queen of the Galaxy (1999)
Sorceress of the Universe, Boris Vallejo Knife Painted for the first Franklin Mint series of collectible knives.
Queen of Wands (2007)
Queen of Wands, Boris Vallejo Tarot One of the paintings for Julie Bell's Tarot series, this was published in the January 2008 edition of Heavy Metal.

A digitally modified version was used for the 2022 Fantasy Calendar under the title From the Ashes. Just to confuse things, this modified image was published on under the Queen of Wands title too!

Queen of Wands
From the Ashes, Boris Vallejo 2022.Apr Produced for the 2022 Fantasy Calendar, this version of the phoenix legend is a (digitally?) modified version of Queen of Wands from the Tarot series of paintings.

The calendar image is signed 'Boris ©' in the bottom right. My thumbnail was made from the version which shows slightly more of the work but is unsigned.

Queen's Realm (2020)
Diablo 4, Boris & Julie 2023-Oct This is a promotional artwork for the upcoming Diablo IV game by Blizzard Entertainment. At the time of writing no release date has been provided by the company but other sources suggest it may be released in 2021.
Queen's Sceptre (1978)
Atlan, Boris Vallejo B2.53
Cover for Atlan (Pocket Books, 1979) by Jane Gaskell, book #3in The Atlan Saga.
Quest (1981)
Quest, Boris Vallejo B3.52
Painted for Mirage, this the only horizontal-format image in the whole collection.

The CD includes a detail image of a portion as well as the full image.

Quetzalcoatl (1992)
Quetzalcoatl, Boris Vallejo B4.54
Painted for the 1993 Mythology Calendar.

Aztec Mythology: The God of Wind, he abducted the goddess Mayahuel to be his wife. She was killed by the demons of darkness, and he turned her body into flowers which blanketed the countryside.

Quicksilver (1996)
Quicksilver, Boris Vallejo MM96.37 Painted for the Fleer/Skybox Marvel Masterpieces 1996 trading card set.

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