The Borisography: E

E Pluribus Unicorn (1979)
E Pluribus Unicorn, Boris Vallejo B1.31
Cover art for E Pluribus Unicorn, (a grisly little book) by Theodore Sturgeon.

The CD also includes a file named "demon.tif" which is a duplicate of this image.

Eagle (1979)
Eagle, Boris Vallejo Mirage
Painted for Mirage.
Eahnah's Window (1997)
Awakening, Boris Vallejo 1998-Jun Painted for the 1998 Fantasy Calendar.
Eahnah in the Ice Age (1997)
Ice Queen, Boris Vallejo 1998-Aug Painted for the 1998 Fantasy Calendar.
Eahnah in the Tropics.jpg (1997)
Tara, Boris Vallejo 1998-Sep Painted for the 1998 Fantasy Calendar.
Earth Magic (1978)
Earth Magic, Boris Vallejo B2.51
Cover art for Earth Magic by Alexei Panshin & Cory Panshin (Ace Books, 1978.)
Earth's Daughter
Earth's Daughter, Boris Vallejo 2018-Mar This is the discrete version of Finding their Roots used for the 2015 Fantasy Calendar.
An East Wind Coming (1978)
An East Wind Coming, book cover Cover art for An East Wind Coming by Arthur Byron Cover (Berkley, 1979,) the third book in his Autumn Angels series.
Ecco the Dolphin (1992)
Ecco the Dolphin, Boris Vallejo B3.24
Cover piece for the Ecco the Dolphin video game (Sega, 1992.) In the Best of Boris set, the image is inverted left-to-right from the correct orientation shown here.
Ecco: The Tides of Time / Ecco II (1994)
Ecco: The Tides of Time, Boris Vallejo BJ.20 Cover for the video game Ecco: The Tides of Time (Sega, 1994,) the second game of the series.
Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future / Ecco III (2000)
Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future, Boris Vallejo CD2 Painted as box art for the video game Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future (Sega, 2000) it was the third and final one painted by Boris for the series.
Edge, Boris Vallejo Sketch.088 A promotional piece for, as you might guess, Edge Shaving Cream. I cannot say whether this is the final artwork or if it's the preliminary art but the latter seems more likely to me.

Edge - detail, Boris VallejoThe drawing features Boris twice!

No date is available for the drawing but the product first appeared in 1970 and it is known that Boris often used himself as a model during that decade.

Edge of Tomorrow - preliminary study 1
Isaac Asimov - preliminary art (unsigned), Boris Vallejo B3.29
FAT 18
This was the original conceptual sketch for the book cover for The Edge of Tomorrow, a collection of Asimov's stories. The figure of Asimov was eventually replaced by the figure to be seen in The Edge of Tomorrow study.

The painting currently shows the year as 1985 but my comments under The Edge of Tomorrow study also apply here too.

Edge of Tomorrow - preliminary study 2 (1984)
The Edge of Tomorrow - preliminary art, Boris Vallejo B3.44
In the card set, this is incorrectly described as the final painting and the final painting as the study. In the Paper Tiger books, the titles are correctly reported, and to see large representations makes it clear which is the study. See the commentary below for the completed painting.

The artwork is now wrongly dated 1985 - a year after the final artwork was completed. See Amazon Queen for an explanation.

Edge of Tomorrow (1984)
The Edge of Tomorrow, Boris Vallejo B3.04
This was done as the cover for The Edge of Tomorrow by Isaac Asimov (Tor Books, 1985.)

The initial concept had a picture of Asimov sitting on a globe of the Earth (see Isaac Asimov) but it evolved into what is probably an illustration of Stranger In Paradise.

This is definitely a personal favourite. My daughter was aware of this and for Christmas one year gave me a wine glass with a replica of this image engraved on it - a treasured glass!

See the commentary above for the preliminary artwork.

Egyptian Princess (1998)
The Jewel of Seven Stars, Boris Vallejo SG.041
Cover art for an edition of Bram Stoker's novel The Jewel of Seven Stars but unfortunately I'm unable to say who the publisher was – the book is out of copyright and so, consequently, has been printed by many, many publishers.

The Jewel of Seven Stars - detail, Boris VallejoIf you think the girl's hands look odd here's a closeup:
The story hinges upon a hand bearing seven fingers that was taken from the mummy of an Egyptian queen.

More recently, the painting has been used for a jigsaw and I notice that the two smaller digits have been removed so that the hand now has the correct, albeit unusually elongated, number of fingers

Egyptian Warrior (1986)
Conan the Raider, Boris Vallejo B1.07
Portfolio 3
Cover art for Conan the Raider by Leonard Carpenter (Tor Books, 1987.)
Eight Candles Glowing
Eight Candles Glowing, Boris Vallejo FABV Book cover for Eight Candles Glowing by Patricia Muse (Ballantine Books, 1976.)

Painting is undated but FABV gives the year as 1976.

Eight of Cups (2009)
Eight of Cups, Boris Vallejo Tarot Another of the Tarot series of paintings, this one appeared in the November 2009 edition of Heavy Metal magazine.
Eldin of Yashor (BJ)
Eldin of Yashor, Boris & Julie 2014.Dec
Cover art for Eldin of Yashor by C Tyler Storm (Langdon Street Press, 2009.)
The Elementals (2011)
The Four Elements, Boris Vallejo 2016-Mar Although this painting was used in the 2016 Fantasy Calendar I'm fairly sure it was not painted for that purpose.
Elephant (1977)
Tarzan and the Castaways, Boris Vallejo B1.11
Book cover for Tarzan and the Castaways by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Ballantine Books, 1977.)
Elgena (1998)
Guardian of the City, Boris Vallejo 2000-Apr Painted for the 2000 Fantasy Calendar.
Elijah (1981)
Elijah, Boris Vallejo B1.77
Commissioned for a record sleeve but never used for the original project. Despite this it nevertheless got used some years later as the cover for the album Calling Down Fire by Rosanna's Raiders (Pure Metal, 1988.) The painting was used as two halves for the front (right) and back (left) covers of the album rather than as the intended gatefold.

Boris modelled for all the male figures in the painting.

The Elvenbane (1991)
Elvenbane, Boris Vallejo B3.22
Cover for The Elvenbane by Andre Norton & Mercedes Lackey (Tor Books, 1991.)
Elvenblood (1994)
Elvenblood, Boris Vallejo BJ.82
Cover for Elvenblood (Tor Books, 1995) by Andre Norton & Mercedes Lackey.
Emerald Dreamscape
Emerald Dreamscape, Boris Vallejo 2018-Jun This is a painting that was featured in the 2018 Fantasy Calendar.
Emerging (1997)
Emerging, Boris Vallejo 1998-Mar Painted for the 1998 Fantasy Calendar.
Empire Builders (1993)
Empire Builders, Boris Vallejo B4.23 Cover for Empire Builders by Ben Bova (Tor Books, 1993.)

This painting was digitally combined with a painted overlay to produce Ferna's Escape: The Queen's Tale for the 2000 Fantasy Calendar.

The Empire Strikes Back (1980)
The Empire Strikes Back, Boris Vallejo '93 This was one of four promotional posters painted for Coca-Cola. This one, similar in style to the existing movie posters, was produced at a size of 24" x 33". It was distributed to purchasers of a large cola at theatrical screenings of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. It was later featured on one of the Star Wars Galaxy trading cards.

I have a full-size (27" x 41") copy of the poster, printed in 1996, which I purchased as a decorative item from a retail outlet.

The Empire Strikes Back: Bespin (1980)
Empire Strikes Back poster #3, Boris Vallejo The third of three paintings produced for the Coca-Cola company. Printed as an 18" x 24" poster, it was given free to purchasers of Coca-Cola's products at certain fast-food outlets.

This particular painting depicts a scene towards the end of the film when Han Solo has been frozen in Carbonite prior to being sent to Jabba the Hut.

The Empire Strikes Back: Dagobah (1980)
The Empire Strikes Back: Dagobah, Boris Vallejo '93 This painting was the first of a series of three 18" x 24" promotional posters for the Coca-Cola company. The posters, depicting scenes from the film, were given to purchasers of Coca-Cola's products at certain fast-food outlets. It was later featured on one of the Star Wars Galaxy trading cards.

As can be seen, this painting shows Luke, Yoda and R2D2 on Dagobah.

The Empire Strikes Back: Hoth (1980)
Hoth, Boris Vallejo This painting was produced as the second of three 18" x 24" promotional posters for the Coca-Cola company. The poster, showing Han Solo and Luke on the snow-planet Hoth, was distributed to purchasers of the company's products at certain fast-food outlets.
The Empress
The Empress, Boris Vallejo Tarot One of the Tarot paintings for the magazine Heavy Metal, this appeared in the December 2008 edition.

Needless to say, the model selected for this painting is Julie Bell – Julie returned the compliment by using Boris as her model for The Emperor.

No signature or date are shown – Boris has been quite particular in signing these works, usually around the edge, so my suspicion is that the image has been cropped, losing these details in the process.

The Empress of Desire (1997)
The Empress of Desire, Boris Vallejo Dreams
Painted for Franklin Mint's series of fantasy collector's knives.
The Empress of the Night (1998)
Empress of the Night, Boris Vallejo This is one of a number done for Franklin Mint and used for a series of limited edition pocket knives.
Enchantment (1984)
Enchantment, Boris Vallejo B1.66
This painting is an illustration for the story of the same name as well as the cover for the book with stories by Boris' first wife, Doris.
The Enchantress of the Forest (2000)
The Enchantress of the Forest, Boris Vallejo A painting for the Franklin Mint series of Fantasy Collector's Knives.
Enchantress of Venus
Enchantress of Venus, Boris Vallejo B1.53
Book cover for The Best of Leigh Brackett by Leigh Brackett (Ballantine Books, 1978) which is, as you might suppose, a collection of short stories. The particular story illustrated here is Enchantress of Venus.

In addition to being an author, Leigh Bracket was also a well respected screenwriter, working on many well successful movies including, shortly before her death, The Empire Strikes Back.

Painted 1997.

The End of Restless Sleep (1994)
The End of Restless Sleep, Boris Vallejo BJ.M6
Painted for the 1994 Mythology Calendar.
Endithor's Daughter (1982)
Endithor's Daughter, Boris Vallejo B3.47
FAT 95
Cover for Red Sonja #4: Endithor's Daughter (Ace Books, 1982) by David C Smith & Richard L Tierney.

Boris' comments on this painting: "I wanted to portray an image of the female warrior contemplating in the distance … her thoughts, her dreams, and her ideas of what the future would bring." Quoted from the back of the trading card.

Enemy from Within (1994)
The Enemy from Within, Boris Vallejo BJ.75
Painted for the 1994 Mythology Calendar.
Energize (1996)
Energize, Boris Vallejo 1998-Apr Painted for the 1998 Fantasy Calendar.
Energy Beats Everything (BJ)
Lucozade: Energy Beats Everything, advertisement This spoof of the David and Goliath story was painted for a 2018 Energy Beats Everything advertising campaign for the Lucozade Energy range of drinks (in the UK and Ireland.)

Although it is not signed or dated I think it is safe to say that this was painted in 2017 because the advertisement ran from April 2018.

Energy Unlimited (1988)
Energy Unlimited, Boris Vallejo An advertisement for former body-bulder Joe Weider's range of fitness supplements, this was one of several such paintings by Boris.
Enterprise: The First Adventure
Enterprise: The First Adventure, cover Cover art for the Star Trek novel Enterprise: The First Adventure by Vonda N McIntyre (Pocket Books, 1986.) This was the first of the series' so called Giant novels, distinguished by their higher page count.

The right hand half of the painting provided the frontispiece of the book.

Equanimity (2022) (BJ)
Equanimity, Boris Vallejo & Julie Originally seen in the background of a photo of Boris at IX 2022, this painting was subsequently posted on Boris' and Julie's Instagram accounts about a week later. Apart from the size of the painting no other information was provided.

So far as the title is concerned, you might want to take a closer look at the moon above the dragon's head – it is a taijitu (yin-yang) symbol.

Equestrian (1986)
Equestrian, Boris Vallejo B2.45
One from the 1987 Fantasy Olympics Calendar, this painting shows a counterpart of an equestrian event mounted on dragonback.
Eric the Unready (1992)
Eric the Unready, Boris Vallejo B4.61
Portfolio (cover)
Cover art for the video game Eric the Unready (Legend, 1993.)
Erika (1992)
A Rock by Any Other Name, Boris Vallejo CD2 This is Boris' version of René Magritte's Le Chateau des Pyrenees. It was painted for his personal pleasure.
Erin (2000)
Fairy of the Dragon's Lair, Boris Vallejo 2001-Jan
A painting for the 2001 Fantasy Calendar.
Es and the Creation (1989)
Es and the Creation, Boris Vallejo B1.86
Painted for the 1990 Mythology calendar.

Sek (Syberian) mythology: Es, the sky god, created the world, and carved the people from the mountains. The newly-created people are clothed, which is presumably a sop to the prurient, but this strikes a jarring note in the image.

Escape, Boris Vallejo 2016-May This is a version of Murmurs modified, by the addition of clothing etc, for use in the 2016 Fantasy Calendar.
Escaping Armagedon (BJ)
Exodus, Boris & Julie 2014.Feb Cover art for the album Exodus by Alex Moulton (Expansion Team, 2008.) This was a wraparound cover with the left and right halves being the back and front covers respectively.

The right hand side was used for the month of February in the 2014 Fantasy Calendar.

The artwork is not signed or dated but was probably painted in 2007.

ESPN, Boris & Julie Promotional piece for Disney's ill-fated Mobile ESPN sports application that ran for 13 months till December 2006.

The ad appeared with the tagline Dominate Youe Draft whereby a lucky winner would receive a visit from ESPN frontman Chris Mortensen, the main figure in the painting, when dafting their fantasy (American) football teams.

Though it is unsigned it was probably painted in 2006 since the advertisement would have appeared in late summer of that year.

Etched in Moonlight (1980)
Wolfman, Boris Vallejo Mirage A painting from Mirage.
Eternal (2005)
Power of the Flower, Boris Vallejo 2006-Dec This painting was used in the 2006 Fantasy Calendar.
Eternal Champion (1979)
The Eternal Champion, Boris Vallejo B3.46
FAT 97
Cover art for The Eternal Champion by Michael Moorcock (Dell, 1979.)

The model in this case is Boris himself.

Ether Ore (1987)
Ether Ore, book cover CD2
As can be seen, cover art for Ether Ore by H C Turk (Tor Books, 1987) a science fiction story set in an alternate reality intended, I think, for the pre-adult reader.
Ethereal Sculptress
Ethereal Sculptress, Boris Vallejo 2018-Jul This is version of Carving a Future edited, to hide any nudity, for the 2018 Fantasy Calendar

Unlike the original painting this one is signed but I suspect this has been added digitally.

Etruscans (1999)
Etruscans, Boris Vallejo SG.051
Cover art for the novel Etruscans by Morgan Llywelyn and Michael Scott (Tor Fantasy, 2001.)
Eurydice, Boris Vallejo BJ.83
Greek mythology: The wife of Orpheus, Eurydice was stolen by the god of the underworld. With his enchanting music, Orpheus charmed the god into giving him permission to take her back, on condition that he did not look back at her until they were back on Earth. He fell prey to temptation, and lost her again.
Painted 1991.
Evil Secrets
Evil Secrets, Boris Vallejo 2003-Sep This is a modified version of Indomitus Est produced for the 2003 Fantasy Calendar.
The Evil Twin / Evil vs Good (2004) (BJ)
The Evil Twin, Boris & Julie Imagstx.090 This was painted for the Ford Motor Co to advertise their Ka model. The name derives from the tagline used in the ads.

Although the painting is unsigned it did have a signature on the advertising hoarding where I first saw it.

The painting was digitally modified to produce Strife in the Sky for the 2005 Fantasy Calendar.

Evil vs Good (2003)
Light and Darkness, Boris Vallejo Ult_Ill.114 Drawn for a Franklin Mint project, the brief was to show Evil battling Good. Unfortunately it was thought to be too violent so the Art Director requested a milder version. This resulted in the new drawing Day and Night in its stead.
Excalibur (1983)
Excalibur, Boris Vallejo B2.22 This was a magazine illustration for an article about the Marion Zimmer Bradley book The Mists of Avalon.
The Exchange (2007)
Gift of the Robot, Boris Vallejo 2009-Feb
This was apparently painted for the 2009 Fantasy Calendar.
The Executioner (1983)
Four Wishes, Boris Vallejo CD1
FAT 73
Cover art for The Four Wishes: Cheon of Weltanland #1 by Charlotte Stone (Daw, 1983.)
Exiles to Glory
Exiles to Glory, Boris Vallejo B2.50
Cover art for Exiles to Glory by Jerry Pournelle (Ace Books, 1978.) The painting was also used for a jigsaw puzzle under the title Galaxy.

Painting undated.

Exodus / Expansion Records (BJ)
Exodus, Boris & Julie 2014.Feb Cover art for the album Exodus by Alex Moulton (Expansion Team, 2008.) This was a wraparound cover with the left and right halves being the back and front covers respectively.

The right hand side was used for the month of February in the 2014 Fantasy Calendar.

The artwork is not signed or dated but was probably painted in 2007.

Exorcism (1984)
Exorcism, Boris Vallejo Enchantment Illustration for the story of the same name in Enchantment.
The Exterminator (1982)
A Matter for Men, Boris Vallejo B1.68
Cover for A Matter for Men by David Gerrold (Pocket Books, 1983,) subtitled The War Against The Chtorr, Book 1.
Eye of the Serpent
Eye of the Serpent, Boris Vallejo 2021-Oct Cover art for Eye of the Serpent by Joseph W Colomban (Joseph Colomban, 2019) being book one of his Beasts Beneath the Flesh pentology.

My original thought was that was a composite image because the book's back cover features the same artwork without the two figures. I now know this to be incorrect so assume that it is the back cover that is the composite image!

Although it is not dated this was probably painted in 2019.

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