The Borisography: T

T Rex (1992)
Tyrannosaurus Rex, Boris Vallejo B4.03 Painted for a German advertising campaign with the slogan "the big ones are back."
T-Rex and Spaceship (1987)
The Future is Here, Boris Vallejo BJ.76
Not evident at this scale is that the Tyrannosaurus rex is about to gobble up a spacecraft.
Tail End (1994)
Tail End, Boris Vallejo Sketch.064
Take no Prisoners (1981)
Take No Prisoners, Boris Vallejo B4.67
FAT 25
Record cover for Take no Prisoners (CBS, 1981) by the group Molly Hatchet.
Tales for the Fallen Magician (1998)
Might and Magic VII (2), Boris Vallejo 2000-Jan Magazine illustration for an article about the video game Might and Magic VII (which also features a Boris cover.) This painting was subsequently used in the 2000 Fantasy Calendar.
Tales of Fausseah (2008)
Tales of Fausseah, Boris Vallejo 2010-Jan One of the artworks used in the 2010 Fantasy Calendar.
Talisman (1983)
More Magic, Boris Vallejo B2.60
Cover of More Magic (edited) by Larry Niven (Berkely, 1984.) This is the third book in the Larry Niven 'Magic' series.
Talisman (1984)
Broken Stone, Boris Vallejo FAT 52 Cover art for Broken Stone by Richard Monaco (Ace Books, 1985) the second book in his two-part Leitus series. See Runes for the cover art for book #1.

The painting is undated but as the book was published in January 1985 I think it safe to assume that it was painted in 1984.

Talisman (1994)
Talisman, Boris Vallejo BoB.89 A fairy preserved in a piece of amber and used as a paperweight.

Cover art for Talisman (Penguin/Roc, 1994,) a collection of stories in the Earth Dawn series, edited by Sam Lewis.

Tamar's Vision (2004) (BJ)
Hechicera, Boris & Julie 2006-Feb
This painting was featured in the 2006 Fantasy Calendar. It was also used as the cover for Boris and Julie's book Imaginistix (as well appearing inside the book.)
Taming of the River Horse (2001) (BJ)
Taming of the River Horse, Boris & Julie 2003-Feb This painting was used for the month of February in the 2003 Fantasy Calendar. It was also used for the cover in some (foreign?) versions of the calendar.
Tara (1997)
Tara, Boris Vallejo 1998-Sep Painted for the 1998 Fantasy Calendar.
Tarnsman of Gor
Tarnsman of Gor, Boris Vallejo B1.18
Book cover for Tarnsman of Gor (Ballantine, 1976) by John Norman. This was the first book of a (then) seven book series for which Boris painted all the covers - it should be noted however that other artists painted the covers for earlier editions of the books.

Painted, per FABV, in 1976.

Tarr and Ferna: The Queen's Tale (1999)
Awaiting the Battle, Boris Vallejo 2000-Sep
Apparently painted for the 2000 Fantasy Calendar.
Tarzan (1977)
Tarzan Calendar painting, Boris Vallejo 1978-Front Painted as the cover for the 1978 Tarzan Calendar and was also used on the mailing box.

The painting is undated but it is known that it was painted together with seven (that's right - a total of eight) other Tarzan paintings in March 1977! If you think that's a lot of paintings for one month I should add that Boris also did one other painting in the same month.

Tarzan and La at the City of Opar (1977)
Tarzan and La at the City of Opar, Boris Vallejo 1978-Centre Painted as centrepiece for the 1978 Tarzan Calendar.

Although it is undated it is known that this was painted in 1977.

Tarzan and the Ant Men (1976)
Tarzan and the Ant Men, Boris Vallejo 1978-Aug Book cover for Tarzan and the Ant Men by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Ballantine Books, 1976.)
Tarzan and the Castaways (1977)
Tarzan and the Castaways, Boris Vallejo B1.11
Book cover for Tarzan and the Castaways by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Ballantine Books, 1977.)
Tarzan and the Forbidden City (1977)
Tarzan and the Forbidden City, Boris Vallejo 1978-Mar Book cover for Tarzan and the Forbidden City by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Ballantine Books, 1977.)
Tarzan and the Foreign Legion (1976)
Tarzan and the Foreign Legion, Boris Vallejo 1978-Nov Book cover for Tarzan and the Foreign Legion by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Ballantine Books, 1976.)
Tarzan and the Golden Lion (1977)
Tarzan and the Golden Lion, Boris Vallejo 1978-Dec Book cover for Tarzan and the Golden Lion by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Ballantine Books, 1977.)
Tarzan and the Lost Empire (1976)
Tarzan and the Lost Empire, Boris Vallejo 1978-Apr Book cover for Tarzan and the Lost Empire by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Ballantine Books, 1976.)
Tarzan and the Madman (1977)
Tarzan and the Madman, Boris Vallejo 1978-Jan Book cover for Tarzan and the Madman by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Ballantine Books, 1977.)
Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle (1976)
Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle, Boris Vallejo FABV
Book cover for Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Ballantine Books, 1976.)
Tarzan the Magnificent (1977)
Tarzan the Magnificent, Boris Vallejo 1978-May Book cover for Tarzan the Magnificent by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Ballantine Books, 1977.)
Tarzan the Terrible (1976)
Tarzan the Terrible, Boris Vallejo 1978-Oct Book cover for Tarzan the Terrible by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Ballantine Books, 1976.)
Tarzan, the Untamed (1976)
Tarzan the Untamed, Boris Vallejo FABV
Book cover for Tarzan, the Untamed by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Ballantine Books, 1976.)
Tarzan's Quest (1977)
Tarzan's Quest, Boris Vallejo 1978-Sep Book cover for Tarzan's Quest by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Ballantine Books, 1977.)
Tattoo (1981)
Tattoo, Boris Vallejo B1.34
FAT 14
Portfolio 9
This image was so much admired by a client that he requested a similar image to advertise his product. The result was Handful.

Tattoo - detail, Boris VallejoHere's a close-up of the tattoo to help you appreciate the amazing artistry involved.

Taurus (1987)
Ford Taurus, Boris Vallejo B4.64 Executed for Consumer Reports magazine.
Taurus, the Bull (1987)
Taurus, the Bull, Boris Vallejo B1.06
1988 Calendar
One of the pictures for the 1988 Zodiac Calendar.
The Tears of the Singers
Star Trek: Tears of the Singers, book cover One of a number of Star Trek novels for which Boris painted covers, this time The Tears of the Singers by Melinda Snodgrass (Pocket Books, 1984.)

No signature or date is visible – I suspect that they were lost due to cropping of the picture.

The Teasers (2011)
The Teasers, Boris Vallejo 2013-Jun This was Boris' demonstration piece for the Illustration Master Class of 2011 (which Julie also attended.) The painting was subsequently used for the month of June in the 2013 Fantasy Calendar.
Teefa and the Butterflies (1998)
See the Butterflies, Boris Vallejo 1999-Jul Painted for the 1999 Fantasy Calendar.
Teefa's Dream (1997)
Centaur and His Mate, Boris Vallejo 1999-Aug Painted for the 1999 Fantasy Calendar.
Tek Power (1994)
Tek Power, Boris Vallejo BJ.70 Cover for William Shatner's Tek Power.
Tek Secret (1993)
Tek Secret, Boris Vallejo B4.S1
This is the cover for William Shatner's Tek Secret (Ace/Putnam. 1993.)
Tek Vengeance (1992)
Tek Vengeance, Boris Vallejo B4.S1
This is the cover for William Shatner's Tek Vengeance (Ace/Putnam. 1993.)
TekLab (1991)
TekLab, Boris Vallejo B4.S3
Cover for TekLab by William Shatner, published by Berkely Books.
TekLords (1990)
TekLords, Boris Vallejo BJ.70 Cover for one of William Shatner's Tek books, in this case TekLords (Ace Books, 1991.)

Boris has done cover paintings for several of these books.

TekWar (1989)
TekWar, Boris Vallejo B4.S2
Cover of William Shatner's TekWar. The hardcover version has the full painting, the paperback has the left half only.
Telly Savalas
Telly Savalas, Boris Vallejo Boris1.05 I'm guessing that this drawing might have been part of Boris' portfolio when he arrived in the USA in 1964.
Temple (2007) (BJ)
Temple, Boris & Julie A private commission, this painting was the subject of a competiton, on Boris and Julie's old Paint & Brush blog, whereby people were invited to guess which parts were painted by each of the two artists.
Temptation (BJ)
Temptation (Nike), Boris & Julie Imagix.075 One of a number of advertising paintings done for Nike, the sports outfitters.

According to Imaginistix this is a composite image with the figure of LeBron James actually being a photo.

Temptation (2005)
Temptation (2005), Boris Vallejo 2007-Nov This painting was used for the month of Novenber in the 2007 Fantasy Calendar.
julie, Boris Vallejo AC.1
This work was painted by Boris for his own pleasure, rather than as a commission. In the Artist's Choice set it is entitled Julie, and in Comic Images Supreme it is entitled 10+++, which is a touching evaluation by Boris of his wife.
Tenacious D (2006) (BJ)
Maxim, Boris & Julie Dland.176 An active, humourous, portrait of the comedy rock duo Tenacious D.

According to Julie Bell's Instagram account this was commissioned for an article about the group in the December 2006 edition of the magazine Maxim, thereby giving rise to one of its alternative titles.

Tender Loving Care (1996)
Love and Care, Boris Vallejo ABV.097 One of two paintings Boris produced for an exhibition of erotic art. The other artwork was Rings.
Teresa (1997)
Sweet Chastity, Boris Vallejo Illustration of Sweet Chastity for the September 1997 edition of Penthouse Comix.

Sweet Chastity is the innocent, pink-haired heroine of the eponymous strip-cartoon series in the magazine who, inevitably, ends up in a state of undress. For this particular edition, six artists (Boris, Julie Bell and four others) were each asked to paint a pin-up of her and this was Boris' interpretation of her.

Thanos (1996)
Thanos, Boris Vallejo MM96.48 Another of Boris' paintings for the Marvel Masterpieces 1996 trading card set.
They Came from the Stars (2007)
They Came from the Stars, Boris Vallejo 2009-Jan A painting from the 2009 Fantasy Calendar.
Thiassi Abducting Idun (1987)
Thiassi Abducting Idun, Boris Vallejo B3.71
This was painted for the 1989 Mythology Calendar.

Norse Mythology: Idun, Goddess of Youth, was carried off by Thiassi the Giant in the guise of an eagle. Thiassi had plotted this abduction with Loki in order to wrest the Golden Apples of Youth from Idum. But deprived of their precious fruit, the Gods began to wither and age. Therefore, they decreed that the traitorous but resourceful Loki (disguised as a falcon and under threat of painful death) rescue Idum and bring her back to the safety of Asgard, where she might again tend the tree on which the apples grew.

A jewellery company made a one-of-a-kind gold pendant based on this image and gave it to Boris as a gift. They had contemplated a line of pendants based on Boris' work, but the project was not completed.

Thief (2010)
Her Private Garden, Boris Vallejo 2012-Nov Painted for the MicroVisions charity auction.

MicroVisions is a charity run by the Society of Illustrators to provide scholarships for students. Every year 12 participating artists are each invited to produce, and donate, a 5" x 7" painting. The resulting artworks are ultimately sold at auction with all proceeds going to the charity.

Boris was one of the chosen few for 2010 and this was his contribution.

Thing (1995)
Thing, Boris Vallejo MM96.49
One of the paintings for the Marvel Masterpieces 1996 trading card set.
Things Better Unmet (1995)
Things Better Unmet, Boris Vallejo BJ.M4
This was painted for the 1996 Fantasy Calendar.
Thirst (1984)
Thirst, Boris Vallejo B2.29
Illustration for a story with the same title in Enchantment.

Detail is given of the little brown splodge: Thirst - detail, Boris Vallejo.

Thor / Thor's Hammer (1996)
Thor's Hammer, Boris Vallejo MM96.50
Another painting for the Marvel Masterpieces 1996 trading card set.
Thor and Krungnir (1988)
Krungnir Battling Thor, Boris Vallejo B3.45
A painting for the 1989 Mythology Calendar.

Norse Mythology: In a moment of drunkenness, Krungnir the Giant challenged Thor the Thunder God to a fight. Krungnir then decided to improve his chances of defeating Thor by having an even larger giant (nine miles and one furlong high) built out of clay. During the confrontation, Krungnir hurled a huge whetstone at Thor. But he had not counted on Thor's magic hammer, which collided with the whetstone, smashed it to bits, and went on to cleave Krungnir's skull in two. The clay man, seeing this, trembled so violently that he disintegrated into dust.

Thor vs the Silver Surfer (2015)
Thor vs the Silver Surfer, Boris Vallejo A private commission, this painting is based on the cover art for the February 1969 edition of Silver Surfer. The artist responsible for that cover was Boris' friend John Buscema.
Thorma (1994)
Labyrinth, Boris Vallejo BJ.45
A painting for the 1996 Fantasy Calendar.

Also used as promotional card for the Boris With Julie card set.

Three Furies (1997)
Three Furies, Boris Vallejo 1998-Feb Painted for the 1998 Fantsay Calendar.
Three Kittens
Hebat, Boris Vallejo B2.09
Painted for the 1991 Mythology Calendar.
The Three Musketeers (1993)
The Three Musketeers, Boris Vallejo B4.59 Modelled by Boris' son Dorian.
Three of Pentacles (2010)
Three of Pentacles, Boris Vallejo Tarot One more painting from the Tarot series which was published in the January 2011 edition of Heavy Metal magazine.

This is as close to a family protrait as we're likely to get, the models being Julie Bell, Boris (violin) and Julie's two sons Anthony and David Palumbo. They are also the four artists responsible for the Tarot series of paintings. Although Boris, his first wife Doris and their two children, Maya and Dorian, often featured in his paintings I not aware of them ever appearing together in a family group.

Three-Headed Hydra
Fearless Rider, Boris Vallejo 2020-May Apparently painted for the 2020 Fantasy Calendar.

Workman Puzzles (that's the same Workman as produces the calendars) have brought out a 26⅜" x 18⅞" (W x H) puzzle utilising this painting. However, apart from cropping the top and bottom of the picture they have also stretched the left and right edges to produce the horizontal format.

Through the Reality Warp
Through the Reality Warp, Boris Vallejo Boris
Cover for Through the Reality Warp by Donald J Pfell, published by Ballantine Books.

The illustration in FABV seems to exhibit some damage to the sky area. This is now of academic importance since recent images show that the top of painting has been removed leaving it with an approximate 3:4 aspect ratio.

The female model was Boris' first wife, Doris.

Painted 1976.

Thytonese (1991)
The Pythoness, Boris Vallejo B3.C1
Painted for the 1992 Mythology Calendar wherein it is entitled The Pythoness but the name Thytonese is used on the trading card - this strikes me as being not so much a typing error but more a case of somebody not being able to read someone else's writing.
Thuu of Glamit (1998)
The Vortex, Boris Vallejo 1999-Jan Painted for the 1999 Fantasy Calendar.
The Tides of Time (1994)
Ecco: The Tides of Time, Boris Vallejo BJ.20 Cover for the video game Ecco: The Tides of Time (Sega, 1994,) the second game of the series.
Time for Yesterday
Star Trek: Time for Yesterday, book cover The cover art for Time for Yesterday by A C Crispin (Pocket Books, 1988,) being another Star Trek novel. The book is the sequel to Yesterday's Son, the cover of which appears here.
Time is a Dream (1993)
Time is a Dream, Boris Vallejo BJ.39
Painting for the 1995 Fantasy Calendar.
The Time Warp (1986)
The Time Warp, Boris Vallejo B4.81 Advertising campaign painting for Chess King Clothing.
Tinirau (1992)
Tinirau, Boris Vallejo B3.27
Painted for the 1993 Mythology Calendar.

Polynesian Mythology: Tinirau was a god of the ocean and fish, also known as "the swallower". He had a love affair with the golden Sun Goddess, Hina.

To Fly Away
To Fly Away - preliminary art, Boris Vallejo B4.84 Preliminary sketch for a European project which was never completed.
To Sail Beyond the Sunset (1987)
To Sail Beyond the Sunset, Boris Vallejo B2.31
This picture is the cover art for Robert Heinlein's To Sail Beyond The Sunset (Ace/Putnam, 1987.) The painting is inspired by roman mythology whereby Venus, the counterpart of the Greek Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, was born in the ocean and borne to land on a seashell.
To the End (2007)
To the End, Boris Vallejo 2008-May A painting from the 2008 Fantasy Calendar.
To Walk the Night
To Walk the Night, Boris Vallejo B4.57
Cover art for To Walk the Night by Jane Land (Ballantine, 1976.)

This is an early piece of a genre Boris is not fond of (because of the excess of clothing.) Book cover for Ballantine Books.

Painted 1976.

To Wonder If (2009)
To Wonder If (original), Boris Vallejo I have no information for this painting which originally appeared on Boris' and Julie's website.

A modified version was used in the 2010 Fantasy Calendar under the title The Sirens of Sarumea.

Toast, Boris Vallejo CIS.5 Painted for a Michelob beer ad. Ultimately, this proved to be a controversial artwork and was not used: examination of the character's left hand shows the crushed can of a competitor's product! Toast - detail, Boris Vallejo

The painting is signed but not dated.

The Toast of the Town
The Toast of the Town, Boris Vallejo FABV Cover for Ballantine Books: Toast of the Town by Alice Chetwynd Ley.

Painted 1976.

Together in the Cosmos (2021) (BJ)
Together in the Cosmos, Boris & Julie A reimagining of Reaching for the Stars painted, this time, by Boris and Julie as a private commission.

A version, edited for the sake of modesty, was used in the 2023 Fantasy Calendar under the title Cosmic Entanglement.

The Toll (2012) (BJ)
The Toll, Boris & Julie 2014-May This painting was used in the 2014 Fantasy Calendar. I think the title says all you need to know about the artwork.
Tono the Invincible (2005) (BJ)
R Y L: Human Warrior, Boris & Julie One of several paintings produced by Boris and Julie for the online game R.Y.L Path of the Emperor. This painting was used for the box's 'Human' exterior cover.
Toolbox (2003) (BJ)
Toolbox, Boris & Julie FW.112 Toolbox - trademarkThis is presumably a promotional piece but I am unable to ascertain exactly who it was for.

Currently, a slightly modified, monochrome, version is the registered trademark for the Texan company Kirkland Audio LLC, under their brandname Probox. Though the company was created in 2013 it is possible that their predecessor was Boris and Julie's original client but I have been unable to establish whether this is actually the case.

Tooth and Nail (2015)
Tooth and Nail, Boris Vallejo 2017-Jan The classic Beauty and the Beast theme gets a new treatment in this painting from the 2017 Fantasy Calendar.
The Torchbearers (1985)
The Torchbearers, Boris Vallejo B1.01
Portfolio 1
Painted for the 1987 Fantasy Olympics Calendar.
Torches in the Woods (1993)
Poisoned Memories, Boris Vallejo B4.15 Boris himself posed for this painting which was used as the cover for Poisoned Memories (Penguin/Roc, 1994) by Christopher Kubasik.
Tori (2005) (BJ)
Tori, Boris & Julie Imagix.175 Neither the book Imaginistix or web site give any information about this painting.
The Tormentors (2011)
The Teasers, Boris Vallejo 2013-Jun This was Boris' demonstration piece for the Illustration Master Class of 2011 (which Julie also attended.) The painting was subsequently used for the month of June in the 2013 Fantasy Calendar.
Torso, Boris Vallejo B1.46
After the success of Mirage it was suggested that Boris undertake a similar project based on the male, as opposed to the female, body. This drawing was the first artwork for the new project but it foundered because he found that his "…heart wasn't in it."
Totem Pole (1981)
Totem Pole, Boris Vallejo CD1
Mirage, as originally published, contained 29 colour plates but was intended to have 30: this is the missing painting. It was omitted from the final book because the publishers thought it too risqué but clearly the editors of the French version had no such reservations.
Touch of Freedom (2008)
Touch of Freedom, Boris Vallejo 2009-Centre This painting was used for the centrepiece of the 2009 Fantasy Calendar.
Tower (1985)
The Alien Within, Boris Vallejo B1.25
Cover for Voyagers II: The Alien Within (Tor Books, 1988) by Ben Bova.

The Alien Within - detail, Boris VallejoThe sources for this image show a curious white object, at the start of the road leading to the tower, which is missing from the book cover. Closer examination reveals what appears to be a piece of (self adhesive?) paper that had become attached to the painting!

Toyota 1 (BJ)
Toyota #1, Boris & Julie Promotional artwork for the Toyota motor company. This is actually a composite image, the two motocross riders being digitally overlaid onto the image. As Toyota don't make motorycles I assume the advertisement relates to their sponsorship of the AMA Motocross Championship

The car illustrated, a Toyota Tacoma, was in production from late 2004 whilst the AMA Motocross sponsorship began in 2005. This would suggest that the undated painting was produced in one of those two years. My image is dated 2008 which gives the latest possible year for the artwork.

Toyota 2 (BJ)
Toyota #2, Boris & Julie A second promotional piece for Toyota. The painting only shows five motorcycle riders but, since the company does not produce motorbikes, I assume this relates to their sponsorship of the AMA Motocross Championship. However, some of the other works in the series feature overlaid images so I think it reasonable to suppose that the large space at the top is for the insertion of an overlaid image.

Like the other images in the series, this one is undated.

Toyota 3 (BJ)
Toyota #3, Boris & Julie Like the other works in the series, this image seems to relate to the company's motorcross sponsorship, this time the AMA Motocross amateur championship and, possibly their TMX Toyota Athlete Program.

I'm sure that the faces are those of real riders but I cannot say who they are. I also assume the cobras are also of some significance but, again, I cannot say what it is.

Toyota 4 (BJ)
Toyota #4, advertisement A fourth artwork in the Toyota series, this one was apparently published in 2007. My original image is not of sufficient quality to allow the ad to be read but, like the others, it appears to be motocross related. This is, once again, a composite image, the two foreground figures being painted separately and digitally combined with the background image.
Trading (2005)
Trading, Boris Vallejo 2007-Oct A painting from the 2007 Fantasy Calendar.
Tragedy Falls (2005) (BJ)
Tragedy Falls, Boris & Julie 2007-Apr This is a modified version of My Love used in the 2007 Fantasy Calendar.

Curiously, the Boris & Julie website has this listed as being by Julie Bell whilst the original artwork is listed as a joint production (and was signed to this effect in the original advertisements.) I have since discovered that when used on the cover of the Spring 2009 edition of Heavy Metal it was also accredited to the two artists so I am confident that the artwork should appear in this index.

The Trail (2007) (BJ)
The Trail, Boris & Julie I have no information concerning the purpose of this painting but a version of it, suitably censored, was used for the 2013 Fantasy Calendar under the title The Journey.
The Trail of Mama Ocllo (2011)
The Trail of Mama Ocllo, Boris Vallejo 2015-Aug
I don't know the purpose for the painting, it definitely wasn't painted for the 2015 Fantasy Calendar which it predates by four years.

According to Peruvian legend, Mama Ocllo and her consort Manco Cápac were the founders of the Inca empire. Boris' painting depicts an entirely non-legendry meeting between the couple and a dragon, taking place at Machu Picchu.

See Manco Cápac and Mama Ocllo for Boris' 1988 calendar painting of the duo.

The Trash Collector (2004)
The Junk Collector, Boris Vallejo 2006-May A painting from the 2006 Fantasy Calendar. The placement of the signature (not readily discerned in my thumbnail) near the lower middle suggests it might have been intended for the calendar.

The painting also appears in the book Fantasy Art Now edited by Martin McKenna (I L E X, 2007) for which Boris wrote the foreward.

The Junk Collector - detail, Boris VallejoVarious illustrations of the painting have been stretched at the top (and, I suspect, at the bottom) to change an almost square painting into a vertical format. Not only that, the point at which the stretching commences varies from one source to another – two examples are shown together with the original (on the left.)

Tree of Death
Tree of Death, Boris Vallejo Cover art for ussue #5 of The Savage Sword of Conan (April 1975.)

The commission for this cover was originally given to Boris' friend John Buscema who was responsible for drawing Conan on the cross. He did not however feel comfortable with the painting so Marvel asked Boris to complete the design and paint it.

The painting is undated but would have been completed either at the end of 1974 or early in 1975.

The Tree of Death (1979)
Tree of Death (1979), Boris Vallejo B3.02
FAT 33
Painted as the cover for World of Tiers Volume 2, an SFBC anthology of Philip José Farmer's books in that series. The painting illustrates a scene from The Lavalite World.
Triangle (1982)
Triangle, Boris Vallejo Cover art for the Star Trek novel Triangle, co-authored by Sondra Marshak and Myrna Culbreath (Pocket Books, 1983.)
The Triton and the Mermaid (1981)
Triton and the Mermaid, Boris Vallejo B2.04
Painted for Mirage.
The Troll (1977)
The Broken Sword, Boris Vallejo B2.69
FAT 89
Book cover for Broken Sword by Poul Anderson (Del Rey Books, 1977.) The subtitle The Troll is given along with the quoted title in the Boris II card set.

The painting is, atypically, not dated, but the card set gives the year 1971 whilst the 1981 calendar says 1977. The latter date is in keeping with the publication of the book so I have assumed it to be correct.

Trouser Snake (1979)
Trouser Snake, Boris Vallejo Boris enjoys cartooning and is always doing so in idle moments, on whatever pieces of paper are available, but the results ultimately get discarded. In 1979 he made a concerted effort to produce a book of nasty sketches and this is one of the results. Sadly the project never got completed.
Trusted Companions (2018)
Trusted Companions, Boris Vallejo 2020-Aug This is a version of Game of Dragons modified for use in the 2020 calendar.
A Tumultuous Sea
A Tumultuous Sea, Boris Vallejo 2021-May One of the paintings from the 2021 Fantasy Calendar. The calendar says: A glowing peak lights the way for siren sisters, but what dangers do those creatures portend?
Turnabout (1980)
Turnabout, Boris Vallejo Cover art for the February 1980 edition of Questar magazine which, unusually for Boris, is a coloured sketch rather than the usual painting.

The title is evident from the scene depicted: a maiden on a dragon rescuing a helpless he-man from the fearsome monster.

Turning Point (2005)
Damsel in Distress, Boris Vallejo 2006-Sep Taken from the 2006 Fantasy Calendar, I would guess this was not painted for that purpose.
Turrican (1991)) (BJ)
Turrican, Boris Vallejo Cover art for the Sega Genesis version of the video game of the same name (Accolade, 1991.)

Turrican - detail, Boris VallejoThis painting appeared on the old Imaginistix website as a Julie painting, complete with signature and dated 1991, but the game's box clearly shows Boris' signature. My understanding is that Julie Bell was commissioned to paint the artwork but before it was complete some alterations were requested so, with Boris' collaboration, this painting was produced. Apparently all signatures were added digitally because the completed artwork appears to be unsigned. Several years later, Julie finished her first painting as Soldier of Tomorrow.

Twenty-Fifth Anniversary (2008) (BJ)
Twenty-Fifth Anniversary, Boris Vallejo Dland.183 This was painted as an illustration for Maxim magazine. It commemorates the 25th anniversary of the movie National Lampoon's Vacation: Boris painted the original poster artwork which may be seen here.
Two Hawks from Earth (1978)
Two Hawks from Earth, Boris Vallejo B2.44
Cover for Two Hawks from Earth (Ace Books, 1979) by Philip José Farmer, one of the books in his World of Tiers series.
Painted 1978.
Two of Cups (2010)
Two of Cups, Boris Vallejo Tarot This classic painting, reminiscent of some of Boris' Alice Chetwynd Ley book covers from the 1970's, is one of the Tarot series produced for Heavy Metal Magazine. It was published in the July 2010 edition.
Two Travelers (2009)
At_the_Summit, Boris Vallejo 2011-Mar Another calendar painting, this time from the 2011 Fantasy Calendar
Two Travelers (2010)
Two Travelers, Boris Vallejo 2012-Jan A painting from the 2012 Fantasy Calendar.
The Two-Headed Beast (1984)
Old Style Beer (revised), Boris Vallejo B1.62
Portfolio 21
This painting was conceived as an advertisement featuring a crate of beer which stood right where that rock in front of her left foot appears. Thanks to Bernard Rogers for drawing my attention to the sketch in Fantasy Art Techniques which reveals this. You can see a copy of the original artwork at Old Style Beer.
Ty Rex (1987)
The Future is Here, Boris Vallejo BJ.76
Not evident at this scale is that the Tyrannosaurus rex is about to gobble up a spacecraft.
Tyrannosaurus Rex (1992)
Tyrannosaurus Rex, Boris Vallejo B4.03 Painted for a German advertising campaign with the slogan "the big ones are back."

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