The Borisography: Y

Yellow Daredevil (1996)
Yellow Daredevil, Boris Vallejo CD2,052
Painted for the Fleer/Skybox Marvel Masterpieces 1996 trading card set. This is one of two paintings of Daredevil that Boris produced for the set and shows the character in alternative garb which seems to be a cross between his original and current outfits.
Yellowjacket (1996)
Yellowjacket, Boris Vallejo MM96.89
Painted for the Fleer/Skybox Marvel Masterpieces 1996 trading card set.
Yesterday and Tomorrow (1985)
Steppe, Boris Vallejo B1.60
Cover art for Steppe by Piers Anthony.
Yesterday's Son (1983)
Star Trek: Yesterday's Son, book cover Cover for the Star Trek novel Yesterday's Son by A C Crispin (Pocket Books, 1983.) The sequel to this story, also by A C Crispin, also has a Boris cover which may be seen at Time for Yesterday.
Yeti, Boris Vallejo Unused movie poster: I would guess that this was for the 1977 film Yeti: The Giant of the 20th Century.
Yhtac (1993)
Yhtac, Boris Vallejo B4.47
1994 Calendar
Painted for the 1994 Mythology Calendar.

In Patagonian mythology, Yhtac was a mermaid who was considered to be the most beautiful and elusive of all creatures. Her tail was made of gold and her skin was of pearl. A powerful sorcerer, Arasmin, created two flying beasts to carry his castle around the world until they could find her. The beasts were created with only one wing apiece so they could not fly alone. Once Arasmin found Yhtac, he presented each of the beasts with a second wing and set them free. Arasmin then transformed himself into a sea creature so that he could join the lovely Yhtac.

The model is identified as Cathy (and Yhtac backwards is…?,) an artist whom Boris encourages. I presume this to be Cathleen Thole, whose work is excellent and whom I have seen identified elsewhere as a protegé of Boris.

You and What Army? (2007)
You and What Army? (2007), Boris Vallejo 2008-Jan Although this appears in the 2008 Fantasy Calendar I suspect that it may not have been painted specifically for that purpose.
You're Not Alone (BJ)
You're Not Alone, Boris & Julie Cover art for the album You're Not Alone by Andrew W.K. (Sony Music, 2018.)

The cover is unsigned but it is known that it was complete in 2017 so presumably it was painted in that year.

Young Girl
Young Girl, Boris Vallejo Boris1.11 This sketch appears in Boris where it is shown without any additional information.
Your Antennae (1986)
Antennae, Boris Vallejo B4.06 One of a series of paintings for an advertising campaign for Chess King the (now defunct?) american clothing chain. Boris was involved from 1985 to 1988.
Your Highness (BJ)
Your Highness, Boris & Julie Promotional art for the stoner comedy fantasy movie Your Highness of 2011, starring Danny McBride, James Franco, Natalie Portman and Zooey Deschanel. I quite enjoyed the film but it was actually a flop (but I'm weird in other ways too!)

I have a note that the artwork was painted in 2011 but I do not know where I came by this information since is is not signed or dated.

Yukio (1996)
Yukio, Boris Vallejo '96 One more painting for the X-Men Fleer Ultra: Wolverine trading card set.

Yukio is a Ronin (masterless Samurai) and not a mutant, possessing no superpowers. She is an ally of the X-Men, specifically Wolverine and Storm. She is part of Professor X's secret network of humans and mutants known as the Mutant Underground.

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