Trading Card Part Sets: 1996

Lady Death Chromium Card Set III (Krome Productions)

A basic 90 card set with six chase cards seems simple enough but with the additional complication of six parallel sets (same cards but different finishes.) There was also a promotional 3-card panel which also featured the single Boris artwork in the set.

Chase Card Set / Promo
C-2 Hell's FuryLady Demon, Boris Vallejo

Supreme (Comic Images)

This card set was printed on metallic stock with Comic Images' MagnaChrome process, which involves outlining the edges of objects with a non-reflective white substance. The result is a three-dimensional effect when viewed correctly, but not as much so as obtained with the chromium printing process.

The cards feature the work of ten artists, with nine paintings by each artist, one being a self-portrait. The insert cards consist of one image by each artist repeated on chromium stock. One of the featured artists, quite obviously, is Boris, else I wouldn't mention the set here. The cards for each artist are numbered 1 to 9, rather than the entire set being numbered continuously. Much as I dislike it, I have retained the American spelling on the grounds that that's the title Boris gave it (we must forgive him his misguided spelling: he's originally Peruvian and has been subjected to bad influences.)

The Checklist and Autograph cards show the same photo of Boris but can be distinguished by their differing holographic backgrounds.

Boris Vallejo: Base subset
B-1: Showing Her the WayShowing Her the Way, Boris Vallejo B-2: The Ax-ManAxing the Nightmares, Boris Vallejo B-3: WildkatWildcat, Boris Vallejo
B-4: Combat ManeuversCombat Manoeuvres, Boris Vallejo B-5: ArchieToast, Boris Vallejo B-6: And Then There Were NoneAnd then there were None, Boris Vallejo
B-7: At the End of the DayAt the End of the Day, Boris Vallejo B-8: 10+++julie, Boris Vallejo B-9: Self-Portrait (1992)Self-Portrait (1992), Boris Vallejo
  B-10: ChecklistComic Images Supreme: Boris, index card  
Boris Vallejo: Chase Cards
B-A: AutographComic Images Supreme: Boris, autograph card   B-C: At the End of the DayAt the End of the Day, Boris Vallejo

Vampirella MasterVisions (Topps)

A set of 36 oversized (6.5 ins x 10.2 ins) cards. They were sold as a boxed set and feature artwork from Topps' previous two Vampirella series.

New Visions subset
02 (J)Vampirella (1994), Julie Bell 36Vampirella, Boris Vallejo

X-Men Fleer Ultra: Wolverine (Fleer/SkyBox)

A 100 card base set, which is subdivided into 11 nine-card subsets, plus two chase-card sets. Boris and Julie painted the Japan subset.

X-Men Fleer Ultra is printed in gold foil at the bottom left of each card with the title printed in large letters to the right of this, also in gold foil. Below the title is a coloured flash overprinted with the subset name (in this case Japan.)

Japan subset
28 Wolverine (J)Wolverine (1996), Julie Bell 29 Mariko YashidaMariko Yashida, Boris Vallejo 30 Silver SamuraiSilver Samurai, Boris Vallejo
31 OgunOgun, Boris Vallejo 32 Wolverine vs Lord Shingen (J)Wolverine vs Lord Shingen, Julie Bell 33 Lady Deathstrike (J)Lady Deathstrike, Julie Bell
34 YukioYukio, Boris Vallejo 35 Madame Hydra (J)Madame Hydra, Julie Bell 36 Wolverine & ShadowcatWolverine and Shadowcat, Boris Vallejo