The Borisography: H

Haesel the Slave
Haesel the Slave, Boris Vallejo B1.29
Portfolio 8
Cover for Haesel the Slave by Dael Forest (Ballantine Books, 1979,) book #2 in his Slaves of the Empire series.

The painting is undated but was apparently produced in 1978,.

Half Moon
The Goddess of the Moon, Boris Vallejo If this painting seems familiar it is because it is Ashtaroth modified, itself already having been modified once before, for use on one of the Franklin Mint series of Fantasy Collector's Knives. I am guessing that this was a digital modification because the image area exceeds the bounds of the original painting.
Hammer and Coop (2007) (BJ)
Hammer and Coop, Boris & Julie A promotional piece which was used in an advertising campaign for the MiniCooper under the tagline "Hammer & Coop."

The 2007 campaign was based around six online videos which parodied the TV series Knightrider. The painting was used to advertise the videos rather than the car itself.

Hammer Throw (1985)
Hammer Throw, Boris Vallejo B1.80
Painted for the 1987 Fantasy Olympics Calendar.
Handful (1985)
Handful, Boris Vallejo B4.18 This was painted for an ad campaign - possibly Chess King. The client had liked the Tattoo concept from Mirage so much that he specifically requested this image.
Hands (1981)
Hands, Boris Vallejo CD1
Painted for Mirage.
Hard Drive (1993)
The Shattered Sphere, Boris Vallejo BoB.60 This is the cover of the book The Shattered Sphere by Roger McBride Allen (Tor Books, 1994.)
Hardball, Boris Vallejo CD2 Cover art for the Sega Genesis version of the video game Hardball (Accolade, 1991.) A poster of the painting was also available to purchasers of the game.

This piece is listed by the old Imaginistix website as being by Julie Bell and images from there, and the CD, do indeed bear her signature but the game's box clearly proclaims that the artwork was by Boris, it carries his signature thereon and it advertises the optional poster "… By Boris Vallejo." Since the box and poster versions are signed in different places I surmise that the original artwork is probably unsigned. I had noticed that other artwork featured on the website also carried signatures where none had existed before so my conclusion is that the error originated with Imaginistix and has not subsequently been corrected.

The Julie Bell version is dated 1991 whilst the Boris one is undated. That year is consistent with the game's release.

Hares vs Magpies (BJ)
Hares vs Magpies, Boris & Julie Imagix.088 Presumably a promotional piece to do with English football (soccer, to any citizens of the USA,) if the reference to the FA Cup in the background is anything to go by.

Judging by the size of the stadium I would expect Magpies to refer to Newcastle United but I know of no team known as the Hares, so perhaps this is nothing to do with UK football at all.

Harmony, Boris Vallejo 2004-Dec This painting is from the 2004 Fantasy Calendar and incorporates one of Boris' favourite themes: youth together with experience.
Harmony (2003)
Stallions in the Sky, Boris Vallejo 2005-Dec Featured in the 2005 Fantasy Calendar.
Harnessed Power
Bird Mistress, Boris Vallejo 2020-Sep Although it appears in the 2020 Fantasy Calendar this was obviously painted for some other purpose – the calendar version has been stretched sideways to make it fit the required square format.
Blood of Heroes, Boris Vallejo B4.H6 Cover artwork for Battletech: Blood of Heroes by Andrew Keith (Penguin/Roc, 1993.) It was also used in a poster advertising the Battletech series of books.

Boris posed himself for the two male figures.

Hatchett, Boris Vallejo B1.64
FAT 125
Book cover for Hatchett by Lee McGraw (Ballantine Books, 1976.)
The Hatchling (1999)
The Hatchling, Boris Vallejo 2000-Feb
This was painted for the 2000 Fantasy Calendar.
Haunted (BJ)
Haunted, Boris & Julie Imagix.079 Another image of LeBron James in the Nike series, once again it is a composite – Boris and Julie painting the various elements seperately then digitally combining them for the final result.
The Haunters of Castle Crimson
The Haunters of Castle Crimson, Boris Vallejo Cover art for issue #12 of Savage Sword of Conan dated October 1976.

The painting is undated but was probably painted in 1976.

Haunting (BJ)
Haunting, Boris & Julie 2019-May It's not altogether clear from the thumbnail but this painting shows a spectral dragon (which, despite the title, looks quite benign) cautiously examining a prone girl. Is she OK? Is she unconscious? Or Asleep? We'll never know.

This artwork appears in the 2019 Fantasy Calendar and may have been painted for that purpose.

Hawaii 3-0 (1988)
Hawaii Three-0, Boris Vallejo B2.71 The trading card erroneously says this is a 1978 work but it is actually dated 1988!

The trading card also gives the title as Hawaii 3-O. Assuming this to be a play on the name of the TV series Hawaii 5-0, I've assumed the last character to be zero rather than the capital letter O. (I'm aware that the name of the revived TV series did use a capital O but this wasn't until many years after (2010) both the painting and trading card were produced.)

Hawkeye (1996)
Hawkeye, Boris Vallejo MM96.18 One more painting for the Marvel Masterpieces '96 trading card set.

This character first appeared in 1964 as a villain but quickly, eight months later, became a member of the Avengers.

He-Man (2003) (BJ)
Crimson Mountain, Boris & Julie FW.085 Wrap-around cover art for the June 2003, issue #4, of the Image Comics incarnation of Masters of the Universe comic. This was, I believe, one of at least two covers for that edition but the only one with a Boris cover.
He Lives Again
He Lives Again, Boris Vallejo Cover art for the September 1973 edition (issue #2) of Monsters Unleashed. The 'He' in question is of course Frankenstein's Monster.

The painting is undated but would have been done in 1973.

Head Ornament (1982)
Head Ornament, Boris Vallejo Mirage
Another drawing (there are twelve in total) from Mirage.

In The Ultimate Illustrations Boris explains that his model, Danielle Anjou, was not actually wearing the headdress – it existed solely in his mind.

Healer (2011) (BJ)
Healer, Boris & Julie 2013-Apr This painting, which seems to have taken inspiration from Androcles and the Lion was used for April in the 2013 Fantasy Calendar.
Heavy Metal (1985)
Heavy Metal, Boris Vallejo B1.63
FAT 110
Portfolio 22
This was painted as a cover for the November 1985 edition of Heavy Metal magazine, one of several Boris paintings to appear here.

FABV shows several stages of the designing and painting of this artwork.

Hebat (1990)
Hebat, Boris Vallejo B2.09
Painted for the 1991 Mythology Calendar.
Hechicera (2004) (BJ)
Hechicera, Boris & Julie 2006-Feb
This painting was featured in the 2006 Fantasy Calendar. It was also used as the cover for Boris and Julie's book Imaginistix (as well appearing inside the book.)
The Hedge Knight (2003) (BJ)
The Hedge Knight, Boris & Julie FW.036 Cover art for the graphic novel The Hedge Knight by George R R Martin, a prequel to his Dunk and Egg series.
Hell's Fury (1995)
Lady Demon, Boris Vallejo 1996 This illustration of Chaos! Comics' character Lady Demon was painted as the cover art for issue #2 (of a total of 3 editions) of the magazine Chaos! Quarterly from 1995. This magazine was an anthology of stories taken from the publisher's various titles.

Julie Bell painted the cover for issue #1.

This was also produced as a 24" x 36" poster.

Her Pilgrim Soul (1989)
Her Pilgrim Soul, Boris Vallejo B2.19
Cover art for Her Pilgrim Soul & Other Stories by Alan Brennert (Tor Books, 1990.) In fact, the cover is black with "Her Pilgrim Soul Alan Brenner" written in large font, one word per line, filling it from top to bottom. This painting occupies a small empty quadrant to the right of the words "Soul" and "Alan."
Her Private Garden (2010)
Her Private Garden, Boris Vallejo 2012-Nov Painted for the MicroVisions charity auction.

MicroVisions is a charity run by the Society of Illustrators to provide scholarships for students. Every year 12 participating artists are each invited to produce, and donate, a 5" x 7" painting. The resulting artworks are ultimately sold at auction with all proceeds going to the charity.

Boris was one of the chosen few for 2010 and this was his contribution.

Hercules / Hercules and the Wild Boar (1989)
Hercules and the Wild Boar, Boris Vallejo B2.19
Painted for the 1990 Mythology Calendar.

Greek mythology: Hercules defeats the Thracian boar.

Hercules (1991)
Hercules (1991), Boris Vallejo BJ.53
The second of the additional illustrations which accompanied the story of Deianeira in Ladies.
Hercules versus Cerberus (1988)
Hercules versus Cerberus, Boris Vallejo B3.21
Painted for the 1989 Mythology Calendar.

Greek Mythology: The twelfth labour of Hercules called for him to descend into Hades. There he was to abduct the fierce three-headed dog Cerberus, who guarded the entrance to the land of the dead, and bring him back to King Eurystheus. The king had set Hercules this task in order to be rid of the man for good. But Hercules, the strongest of men, subdued the terrible Cerberus with his bare hands.

Hero (BJ)
Hero album cover, Tyce Green Cover art for Hero, the debut album of actor/singer Tyce Green (Warner Bros/Rhino Records, 2017.)

It is probable that the painting was completed in 2016 because the album was first released in mid-February of the following year.

Heroes and Villains (1979)
Heroes and Villains, Boris Vallejo B3.25
Cover painting for Heroes and Villains by Angela Carter (Pocket Books, 1979.)

The models were Boris and Danielle Anjou.

The Heroine's Sister
The Heroine's Sister, book cover As can be seen, cover art for The Heroine's Sister by Rosemary Frances Booth, under her psuedonym Frances Murray, (Ballantine, 1976.)

The book was originally published in 1975 with a different cover, probably a UK edition since the author was a Scot.

I assume the artwork was painted in 1975.

Hesperides and Ladon (1992)
Hesperides and Ladon the Dragon, Boris Vallejo B3.36
Painted for the 1994 Mythology Calendar and also used as cover for the September 1996 edition of Heavy Metal magazine.

Greek Mythology: Ladon was the hundred-headed serpent, one of the monstrous offspring of Typhon and Echidna; the Hesperides were the daughters of Atlas by Pleione or possibly Hesperis, or maybe it was Nix and Erebus (sorry, the legends are inconsistent.) Together they guarded the tree of the Golden Apples given by Gaia to Hera as a wedding present.

The Hidden Falls (2009)
The Hidden Falls, Boris Vallejo 2010-Dec This is the modified version of Content used for the 2010 Fantasy Calendar. The painting shows the year as 2009 whereas the original is dated 2008.
Hidden Foes
Forward, Boris Vallejo 2013-May
This painting first appeared in the 2013 Fantasy Calendar.

The painting is neither signed nor dated but Dreamland tells us that the artist was Boris.

The Hieroglyphic Egg (1993)
Hieroglyphic Egg, Boris Vallejo BJ.68
Painted for the 1995 Fantasy Calendar.
High and Wild (2013)
High and Wild, Boris Vallejo According to a FaceBook post by Julie Bell, this painting was offered for sale on the old Imaginistix (now web site. I got the impression it was painted on spec purely for that purpose.
The High Couch of Silistra
The High Couch of Silistra, Boris Vallejo B1.19
Cover for High Couch of Silistra (Bantam, 1977) Janet E Morris' debut novel and thereby the first book in her Silistra quartet.

I bought a copy of this book in the early '90s and although I have read it I cannot recall much of the tale or, indeed, my reaction to it. Having read several synopses of the story prior to writing this, I found that I recognised very little of the plot too. This may however be because, as I read elsewhere, it is apparently intended for younger, female readers.

High Greetings (2008)
High Greetings, Boris Vallejo 2010-Sep
This intriguing painting was used in the 2010 Fantasy Calendar.
A Higher Realm (2011)
Forever Castle, Boris Vallejo 2012-Dec This classic fantasy scene was included in the 2012 Fantasy Calendar.
Hil and Bill / Bill and Hil (1996)
Hil and Bill, Boris Vallejo Cover art for Penthouse Max Election '96 Special.

For those that don't know, the donkey and elephant are the symbols of the american Democrat and Republican political parties respectively. If you haven't worked it out: Bill Clinton is a Democrat hence the unconscious/dead elephant.

Hindsight (1996)
julie, Boris Vallejo AC.1
This work was painted by Boris for his own pleasure, rather than as a commission. In the Artist's Choice set it is entiltled Julie, and in Comic Images Supreme it is entitled 10+++, which is a touching evaluation by Boris of his wife.
Hippocampus (1991)
Hippocampus, Boris Vallejo B3.06
Painted for the 1992 Mythology Calendar.

In Greek mythology, the Hippocampus (more correctly Hippocampoi) was a marine, fish-tailed horse. Boris' version illustrated here is no doubt based upon the belief that they were the adult form of seahorses.

The female figure was modelled by Julie Bell.

Holding Back (1995)
Mormak, Boris Vallejo BJ.34
Painted for the 1996 Fantasy Calendar.
Lost in LA, Boris Vallejo BJ.67 Cover art for the video game Les Manley: Lost in LA (Accolade, 1991.)
Holocaust (1996)
Holocaust, Boris Vallejo MM96.19 Another painting for the Marvel Masterpieces '96 trading card set.

The character was originally called Nemesis but after almost being killed he was fitted with near-indestructible armour and assumed the current name.

Hologram (1988)
Cyberbooks, Boris Vallejo B4.39 Cover for Cyberbooks by Ben Bova (Tor Books, 1989.)

When returned by the publisher, this painting was not properly packed and was folded in half, damage which is clearly visible on the trading card version - the version illustrated here was taken from the book cover so doesn't exhibit the damage.

Homecoming (2012)
Winged Messenger, Boris Vallejo 2014-Oct
This was painted by Boris for his personal pleasure saying it contains the three things he enjoys painting most: mountains, a figure and feathers. He omitted a fourth. item: his wife Julie!
Hookah (1981)
Opium Dream, Boris Vallejo BJ.16
Painted for Mirage.
The Horror was Revealed! (2000)
The Horror Was Revealed, Boris Vallejo 2002-Centre This is a version of Come What Will digitally modified for the 2002 Fantasy Calendar.
A Hostage for the Hinterland
A Hostage for the Hinterland, Boris Vallejo FABV
Cover for A Hostage for the Hinterland by Arsen Darnay (Ballantine Books, 1976.)
Hot Sauce (BJ)
Hot Sauce, Boris & Julie One of the promotional paintings produced for a Mountain DewAO gives more information.

The player illustrated here is Philip Campion who also uses the moniker Hot Sauce.

Hot Sun (1995)
Hot Sun, Boris Vallejo BJ.U3
Painted for the 1996 Fantasy Calendar.
Hoth (1980)
Hoth, Boris Vallejo This painting was produced as the second of three 18" x 24" promotional posters for the Coca-Cola company. The poster, showing Han Solo and Luke on the snow-planet Hoth, was distributed to purchasers of the company's products at certain fast-food outlets.
The Howling (1995)
Lady Demon, Boris Vallejo 1996 This illustration of Chaos! Comics' character Lady Demon was painted as the cover art for issue #2 (of a total of 3 editions) of the magazine Chaos! Quarterly from 1995. This magazine was an anthology of stories taken from the publisher's various titles.

Julie Bell painted the cover for issue #1.

This was also produced as a 24" x 36" poster.

The Hulk (1995)
Hulk, Boris Vallejo MM96.P2 The first of two paintings of The Hulk produced by Boris for the Marvel Masterpieces '96 trading card set.
The Hulk (1996)
Moonlight Hulk, Boris Vallejo MM96.99 Painted for the Marvel Masterpieces '96 trading card set.

This second painting of The Hulk shows the character in an unusually relaxed mood.

Human Torch (1995)
Human Torch, Boris Vallejo MM96.21 Painted for the Marvel Masterpieces '96 trading card set'

The Human Torch first appeared in 1939 in Marvel Comics #1. The original character was misnamed in so far as he was an android but, after a hiatus of many years, he was reinvented as a human mutant in 1961.

Human Warrior (2005) (BJ)
R Y L: Human Warrior, Boris & Julie One of several paintings produced by Boris and Julie for the online game R.Y.L Path of the Emperor. This painting was used for the box's 'Human' exterior cover.
Humans vs Mutants (2005) (BJ)
R Y L: Planet Wide, Boris & Julie 2016-Nov A painting for the online video game R.Y.L Path of the Emperor, this was used for the box's 'Human' interior cover. In addition, the painting was also used in the 2016 Fantasy Calendar.
Hummingbird (1989)
Hummingbird, Boris Vallejo CD2 Originally featured on Boris and Julie's old Imaginistix website (now,) this painting was done for Boris' personal enjoyment.
The Hunted (2015)
Song of the Lizard, Boris Vallejo 2017-May Used for the month of May in the 2017 Fantasy Calendar. I have no information as to why it was painted but it is possible that it was done specifically for the calendar.
Hunter (2001)
Spear Maiden, Boris Vallejo SG.F3
Design drawing for a Franklin Mint sculpture which was to feature the woman with a dragon. Apparently, unauthorised changes were made to the dragon which Boris was not happy with. I'm not familiar with any sculpure featuring this woman so perhaps the sculpture was never produced.
Hunting Party (2009)
Hunting Party, Boris Vallejo 2011-Jan
An attractive girl in charge of two fearsome beasts - what more could one ask for? This painting was used in the 2011 Fantasy Calendar.
Hydra, Boris Vallejo B3.23
Painted for the 1992 Mythology Calendar.

Greek Mythology: One of the monstrous offspring of the Titan Typhon and Echidna, this was a water-serpent with the body of a hound and heads numbering five to a hundred in various tales. Killing it was the second of Herakles' Twelve Tasks.
Painted 1991.

Hydrogeno (2007)
Hydrogeno, Boris Vallejo Dland.013 I first encountered this painting on Boris' and Julie's web site under the title Hydrogeno. It reappeared in Dreamland under the title Carbone but I am unable to explain either title or the painting's purpose.

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