The Borisography: R

R.Y.L Mutant Destroyer (2005) (BJ)
R Y L: Mutant Destroyer, Boris & Julie Imagi.167 Box art for the online game R.Y.L Path of the Emperor. The box is double-sided, with 'Human' and 'Mutant' sides and each of these sides having an outer and inner cover. This painting was used for the 'Mutant' outer cover.

For those that are interested, R Y L stands for 'Risk Your Life.'

R.Y.L Mutants vs Humans (2005) (BJ)
R Y L: Mutants vs Humans, Boris & Julie Imagix.164 Another of the four paintings for the online game R.Y.L Path of the Emperor, this one was used for the 'Mutant' inner cover and also on some of the game's promotional material.
R.Y.L Path of the Emperor (2005) (BJ)
R Y L: Human Warrior, Boris & Julie   One of several paintings produced by Boris and Julie for the online game R.Y.L Path of the Emperor. This painting was used for the box's 'Human' exterior cover.
R.Y.L Planet Wide (2005) (BJ)
R Y L: Planet Wide, Boris & Julie 2016-Nov A painting for the online video game R.Y.L Path of the Emperor, this was used for the box's 'Human' interior cover. In addition, the painting was also used in the 2016 Fantasy Calendar.
R2D2 and C3P0 (1994)
Droids, Boris Vallejo '94 This was Boris' only contribution to the 275 trading card set Star Wars Galaxy Two (Topps, 1994.)

As well as being used in the Illustrators of Star Wars subset it was also used as the box art, to advertise the set and on the cover of a book about the set.

Raging Hulk (1996)
Raging Hulk, Boris Vallejo MM96.97 As you might expect, this is another painting for the Fleer/Skybox Marvel Masterpieces 1996 trading card set.
Raiders of Gor
Raiders of Gor, Boris Vallejo Cover art for Raiders of Gor by John Norman (Ballantine Books, 1976.) Although the books were written several years earlier, Ballantine Books engaged Boris to paint the covers for their 1976 reissue of the first seven Gor books (this being book #6.)

Although it is undated this was probably painted in 1976.

Rainbow Ponies (2007) (BJ)
Ponies, Boris & Julie Dland.185 This was a promotional piece for Doritos tortilla chips.
Ralf Moeller and Gary Strydom (1988)
Ralf Moeller and Gary Strydom, Boris Vallejo This was another promotional piece for or about Mr Olympia XXIV using, this time, Ralf Moeller and Gary Strydom as models. I'm afraid that I don't have any information as to how it was used.
Ram Horns (2006)
Perra, Boris Vallejo Ult_Ill.015 One of several tattoo designs produced for a tattoo art company.
Rapture (1982)
Rapture, Boris Vallejo Mirage
One of the unnamed drawings from Mirage. Julie Bell says it is one of her favourites because the girl is wearing a dress rather fantasy clothing, even though it is clearly a fantasy subject.
Razorback, Boris Vallejo Promotional art for the Australian horror movie Razorback based on Peter Brennan's novel. The story concerns the hunt for a purported killer razorback boar of extraordinary size which, as you might expect in a film of this type, does exist.

For those that don't know, in Australia razorback refers specifically to feral pigs (since the continent has no indigenous species of pig.)

The film was released in 1984 in Australia and, later that year, in the US so I guess that was when the artwork was painted.

Reaching for the Stars I
Reaching for the Stars, Boris Vallejo 1980-Mar Painted as the cover for issue #3, for July 1978, of Future magazine. The issue also had an article about Boris featuring some artwork that I have not seen elsewhere.

This painting was also made available to readers as a wall poster.

The models appear to be Boris and Danielle Anjou (of Mirage fame.)

You may like to compare this painting to Together in the Cosmos, a reimagining of the subject for a 2021 commission.

Reaching for the Stars II (2021) (BJ)
Together in the Cosmos, Boris & Julie A reimagining of Reaching for the Stars painted, this time, by Boris and Julie as a private commission.

A version, edited for the sake of modesty, was used in the 2023 Fantasy Calendar under the title Cosmic Entanglement.

Ready She Is (2015)
Ready She Is, Boris Vallejo This was a private commission by Boris which was, after being suitably modified, also used for the 2017 Fantasy Calendar under the title Medusa by the Sea.

The title used here is that given by but, curiously, a 2015 FaceBook post by Julie Bell gives the title as Medusa by the Sea

Realm of the Dolphin (1994)
Ecco: The Tides of Time, Boris Vallejo BJ.20 Cover for the video game Ecco: The Tides of Time (Sega, 1994,) the second game of the series.
Rebirth (2007)
Goddess Rising, Boris Vallejo 2009-Dec This painting was used in the 2009 Fantasy Calendar. In the absence of any information to the contrary I assume it was painted for that purpose.
Red Amazon (1982)
When Hell Laughs, Boris Vallejo B1.59
FAT 93
Book cover for Red Sonja #3: When Hell Laughs (Ace Books, 1982) by David C Smith & Richard L Tierney.
Red Daredevil (1996)
Red Daredevil, Boris Vallejo Titans.066
Painted for the Fleer/Skybox Marvel Masterpieces 1996 trading card set. Boris produced two paintings of Daredevil for this set and this one shows him in his usual outfit.
Red Sonja (2003)
Red Sonja, Boris Vallejo Ult_Ill.088 Although it is included in Ultimate Illustrations this source doesn't, unfortunately, give any additional information about the drawing.
Red Rider / Red Sonja (2008) (BJ)
Red Rider, Boris & Julie This is apparently a very popular drawing since it has been available from Boris' and Julie's web site from the old Imaginistx days. The title given is Red Rider but the figure is clearly based on Boris' Red Sonja 1980/1981 series of paintings.
Red Sonja (1980)
The Ring of Ikribu, Boris Vallejo 1982-Dec Book cover for Red Sonja #1: The Ring of Ikribu (Ace Books, 1981) by David C Smith & Richard L Tierney. The painting was also used for rhe cover, and month of December, of the 1982 Fantasy Calendar.
The Red Terrors
The Red Terrors, Boris Vallejo B2.10
FAT 36
Cover for the Doc Savage novel The Red Terrors by Kenneth Robeson (Bantam Books, 1976.)
Red_Warrior (2006)
Red Warrior, Boris Vallejo 06 This is one of a group of four apparently related paintings downloaded from Boris' and Julie's website. All the artwork was produced for the World of Warcraft trading card game (Upper Deck Entertainment, 2006) but I have been unable to ascertain how the artwork was used.

See the 2006 trading card page for details of all the paintings by Boris, and Julie, for this client.

Regent of the Night
Regent of the Night, Boris Vallejo 2018-Dec This image was apparently constructed for the 2018 Fantasy Calendar. I say 'constructed' because, as is becoming the norm where calendars are concerned, it is composed of the foreground figure (albeit a mirror image) from The Riders Are Coming superimposed on a different background.
Requiem for a Haunted Man
Requiem for a Haunted Man, Boris Vallejo Illustration for the story " Requiem for a Haunted Man used for the cover of the May 1975 edition of Savage Tales featuring Ka-Zar Lord of the Hidden Jungle.

Although it is undated this was probably painted in 1975.

Rescue (BJ)
Exodus, Boris & Julie 2014.Feb Cover art for the album Exodus by Alex Moulton (Expansion Team, 2008.) This was a wraparound cover with the left and right halves being the back and front covers respectively.

The right hand side was used for the month of February in the 2014 Fantasy Calendar.

The artwork is not signed or dated but was probably painted in 2007.

Resting (2001)
Resting, Boris Vallejo Ult_Ill.032 The book tells us that the (unnamed) model is a fan of Boris and Julie who offered to model for them. She has since appeared in severa paintings.
A Reunion (1999)
A Reunion, Boris Vallejo 2001-May This is a modified version of Underwater used for the 2001 Fantasy Calendar.
Reunited (2007)
Leading, Boris Vallejo 2008-Dec Although it features in the 2008 Fantasy Calendar I am by no means certain that it was painted for that purpose.
A Revelation (2000)
Let 'Em Come, Boris Vallejo 2001-Jul Apparently painted for the 2001 Fantasy Calendar wherein it was used for the month of July.
Revenge of the River Gods
Revenge of the River Gods, Boris Vallejo Boris1.20 Cover art for the November 1974 edition of Savage Tales featuring Ka-Zar Lord of the Hidden Jungle which is based upon the internal story Revenge of the River Gods.

Savage Tales #07As my thumbnail is monochrome, I show here a colour image of the magazine cover.

Reversal (2007) (BJ)
Fire Rider, Boris & Julie 2009-Aug
This was one of the several paintings produced specially for the 2009 Fantasy Calendfar.
The Revival of the Demon
The Demon Released - modified version, Boris Vallejo This is the final version of The Demon Released which has been modified by the addition of another demon (or it could be a dragon.) Presumably it was done after 1978 because the year has been overpainted leaving the signature as Boris ©.
Ride the Golden Tiger
Ride the Golden Tiger, Boris Vallejo Boris2 Cover for Ride the Golden Tiger by Jonathon Black (Bantam, 1976.)
Rider (1999)
Rider, Boris Vallejo SG.063
A private commission, this drawing features the client's wife engaged in one of her favourite activites.
Rider (2003)
Red Sonja, Boris Vallejo Ult_Ill.088 Although it is included in Ultimate Illustrations this source doesn't, unfortunately, give any additional information about the drawing.
The Riders Are Coming (2016)
The Riders Are Coming, Boris Vallejo This painting was featured in an exhibition of Boris' artwork but apart from this I have no other information.

The riders in question appear to be the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

You may like to compare the painting with Regent of the Night, from the 2018 calendar, which was made up of the foreground figure on a new background.

Riders from the Past
A Hostage for the Hinterland, Boris Vallejo FABV
Cover for A Hostage for the Hinterland by Arsen Darnay (Ballantine Books, 1976.)
Rift (1999)
Rift, Boris Vallejo TwinV.084 Cover art for Rift by Kay Kenyon (Bantam Books, 1999.)
The Ring of Ikribu (1980)
The Ring of Ikribu, Boris Vallejo 1982-Dec Book cover for Red Sonja #1: The Ring of Ikribu (Ace Books, 1981) by David C Smith & Richard L Tierney. The painting was also used for rhe cover, and month of December, of the 1982 Fantasy Calendar.
Rings (1996)
Rings, Boris Vallejo Mirage2 One of two paintings Boris produced for an exhibition of erotic art. The other artwork was Love and Care.
The Rivals (2004) (BJ)
The Rivals, Boris & Julie Imagstx.190 Regretably none of the sources give any information about this painting but I guess it was painted for Sony Online because the two figures appear in Combat too.
Road Warrior (2007)
Road Warrior, Boris Vallejo Ult_Ill.141 Whilst attending the 2007 World Fantasy Convention in Saratoga Springs, a group of artists including, of course, Boris and Julie were all left sitting round a big table .They began drawing for fun and this, you won't be surprised to learn, is Boris' drawing.
The Roar Devil
Doc Savage: The Roar Devil, book cover Boris2.42 Book cover for The Roar Devil, a Doc Savage story from 1935, by Kenneth Robeson (Bantam Books, 1977.)

Kenneth Robeson is the house name for the various authors who wrote the Doc Savage stories.

Probably painted in 1977 or late 1976.

Robo Stripper (1992)
Tek Vengeance, Boris Vallejo B4.S1
This is the cover for William Shatner's Tek Vengeance (Ace/Putnam. 1993.)
Robobug (1978)
Star Probe, Boris Vallejo B2.79
Cover art for Star Probe by Joseph Green (Ace Books, 1978.)
Robot Duel (1992)
An Ideal War, Boris Vallejo B4.48
Cover for Battletech: Ideal War (Penguin/Roc, 1993) by Christopher Kubasik.
Robot Slayer (1997)
Robot Slayer, Boris Vallejo 1999-Sep This painting is from the 1999 Fantasy Calendar where it was featured for the month of September. So far as I kow, it was painted for the calendar.
Robot's Axe (1992)
Blood of Heroes, Boris Vallejo B4.H6 Cover artwork for Battletech: Blood of Heroes by Andrew Keith (Penguin/Roc, 1993.) It was also used in a poster advertising the Battletech series of books.

Boris posed himself for the two male figures.

Robotic Combat (1992)
Main Event (1992), Boris Vallejo B4.09
Cover for Battletech: Main Event (Penguin/Roc, 1993) by James D Long.
A Rock by Any Other Name (1992)
A Rock by Any Other Name, Boris Vallejo CD2 This is Boris' version of René Magritte's Le Chateau des Pyrenees. It was painted for his personal pleasure.
Rogue / Rogue Floating (1995)
Rogue Floating, Boris Vallejo MM96.DI3 Boris' second painting of Rogue, this time for the Fleer/Skybox Marvel Masterpieces 1996 trading card set.
Rogue / Rogue in the Danger Room (1994)
Rogue in the Danger Room, Boris Vallejo '94 This painting of the Marvel superhero (shouldn't that be superheroine?) was painted for the X-Men '95 Ultra (Fleer, 1994) trading card set.
Rolind of Meru
Rolind of Meru, Boris Vallejo B2.18
Cover art for Rolind of Meru by Peter Lyle (Avon, 1977.)

I received an email from August, who I presume to be female, who says (in part): '… my brother's name is Steve. My mother used to teach Boris' wife horse-back riding lessons… and thus, the year I was born, Boris created this painting of him. However, he does not have a twin as the picture portrays.".

Painted 1976.

The Courting of Joanna, Boris Vallejo B2.64 Cover art for The Courting of Joanna by Alice Chetwynd Ley.

Painting undated.

Romance 2
The Clandestine Betrothal, Boris Vallejo BJ.19 Cover art for The Clandestine Betrothal by Alice Chetwynd Ley.

Painting undated.

The Rose (2023)
The Rose, Boris Vallejo According to the Julie Bell Instagram post, where this painting first appeared, signed copies will be available from the artists' website though at the time of writing (early April 2023) it has not so far been included there.

No indication has been given as to the purpose behind the painting but its square format makes it a good candidate for the next (2025) calendar.

Rowing (1985)
Rowing, Boris Vallejo 1987-Jul
Painted for the 1987 Fantasy Olympics calendar where it appered for the month of July.
Rubber (BJ)
Rubber, Boris & Julie Promotional piece for the 2010, satirical, horror film Rubber written and directed by Quentin Dupieux. It's about a tyre, named Robert, that comes to life and uses psychokinetic powers to kill people!

Although it is undated this was apparently painted in 2011. This is after the original French movie release so I would guess that the painting relates to the US release.

Rules of the Game (2011)
Last Grasp, Boris Vallejo 2013-Jan
This painting was used for the month of January in the 2013 Fantasy Calendar.

By making this a battle between a human and a robot Boris has avoided this being a gory scene (but I know a computer or two that might disagree with this assessment!)

Runes (1983)
Runes, book cover CD2 Cover art for Runes by Richard Monaco (Ace Books, 1984) this is the first book in his two-part Leitus series. See Broken Stone for Boris' cover art for book #2 in the series.
Runners (1990)
Achilles' Choice, Boris Vallejo B1.08
Cover for the novel Achilles' Choice (Tor Books, 1991) by Larry Niven & Steven Barnes. The dragon is a bit of artistic licence by Boris - there are no dragons featured in the book.

The book also has 14 pen and ink illustrations by Boris – go to the Achilles' Choice book page to see them.

The Running Back (BJ)
The Running Back, Boris & Julie One of a series of fantasy (American) football related paintings that appeared on Boris's and Julie's old Imaginistix web site.

See The Colisseum for a list of the other paintings.

Running Partners (1985)
Running Partners, Boris Vallejo B4.50 Clothing advertisement for Chess King.

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