Trading Card Part Sets: 1994

Conan All Chromium Series 2 (Comic Images)

88 Savage Sword #04Iron Shadows in the Moon, Boris Vallejo

DC Master Series (SkyBox)

This is a 90 card set by various artists with several chase card sets. Boris and Julie made one contibution each, Julie's to the base set and Boris' to the Double-Sided Spectra Cards set.

Base set Double-Sided Spectra set
20 Captain Atom (J)Captain Atom, Julie Bell DS4 FlashFlash (1994), Boris Vallejo

X-Men '95 Ultra (Fleer)

This series consists of a 150 card base set, incorporating several subsets, and 5 chase card sets. Boris was responsible for the whole X-Men Gold Team subset and, together with Julie Bell, the whole Sinister Observations chase card set. Eleven paintings were used for the latter because all ten cards had the same Boris painting on the reverse. Boris and Julie also made contributions to the rest of the base set.

Base set
005 AskaniAskani, Boris Vallejo 016 DazzlerDazzler, Boris Vallejo 017 Domino (J)Domino, Julie Bell
025 Jean Grey (J)Jean Grey (1994), Julie Bell 033 Mystique (J)Mystique (1994), Julie Bell 038 Psylocke (J)Psylocke (1994), Julie Bell
040 Rogue (J)Rogue Flying, Julie Bell 043 Shard (J)Shard, Julie Bell 044 Siena BlazeSiena Blaze, Boris Vallejo
047 Storm (J)Storm Thunder, Julie Bell   051 White Queen (J)White Queen (1994), Julie Bell
X-Men Gold Team subset
100 ArchangelArchangel (1994), Boris Vallejo 101 BishopBishop (1994), Boris Vallejo 102 Jean GreyJean Grey in Warp, Boris Vallejo
103 IcemanIceman (1994), Boris Vallejo 104 StormStorm (1994), Boris Vallejo 105 Professor XProfessor X, Boris Vallejo
Sinister Observations (Chromium) chase card set
01/10 Archangel (J)Archangel in Danger, Julie Bell 02/10 Bishop (J)Bishop in the Danger Room, Julie Bell 03/10 CyclopsCyclops (1994), Boris Vallejo
04/10 Gambit (J)Gambit (1994), Julie Bell 05/10 Iceman (J)Iceman, Julie Bell 06/10 Jean Grey (J)Jean Grey in the Danger Room (1994), Julie Bell
07/10 PsylockePsylocke (1994), Boris Vallejo 08/10 RogueRogue in the Danger Room, Boris Vallejo 09/10 StormStorm in the Danger Room, Boris Vallejo
10/10 Wolverine (J)Wolverine in the Danger Room, Julie Bell   Card back (all cards)Mr. Sinister, Boris Vallejo
Ultraprint cards (6½" x 10")
BishopBishop (1994), Boris Vallejo   Jean Grey (J)Jean Grey (1994), Julie Bell

Star Trek Master Series 2 (SkyBox)

The Crew Triptych chase card set consisted of three sets of, as you might guess from the name, three cards. Each subset, of three, assembles into a larger picture. Boris and Julie each provided one painting (three cards) The complete painting is shown rather than the individual cards.

Crew Triptych Cards
F4/F5/F6 The Next GenerationNext Generation, Boris Vallejo
F7/F8/F9 The Crew of Deep Space Nine (J)Deep Space Nine Crew, Julie Bell

Star Wars Galaxy Two (Topps)

This set is, at 275 cards, even larger than the previous year's set. Boris contributed one (specially painted?) artwork to the Illustrators of Star Wars subset. This painting was also used to advertise the set and on the cover of a book about the set.

166Droids, Boris Vallejo

WildC.A.T.s (Wildstorm)

A basic set of 96 cards, subdivided into five smaller sets. There were also four chase card sets and Boris and Julie each contibuted one card to the Painted Cards set.

Painted Cards
P02 ZealotZealot, Boris Vallejo P07 Void (J)Void, Julie Bell

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