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U.S. Agent (1996)
U.S. Agent, Boris Vallejo MM96.75 Painted for the Fleer/Skybox Marvel Masterpieces 1996 trading card set.
Uhura's Song (1984)
Star Trek: Uhura's Song, book cover A Star Trek cover painting for Uhura's Song by Janet Kagan (Pocket Pooks, 1985.) As can be seen, my image is taken from the German version of the book.
The Ultimate Client (1986)
The Ultimate Client, Boris Vallejo Cover for the June 1986 edition of National Lampoon. The cover of this edition was featured in the National Lampoon trading card set (21st Century Archives, 1993.)
The Ultimate Decision (2003)
Flower Princess, Boris Vallejo 2005-Nov This painting is from the 2005 Fantasy Calendar.

It would appear that Boris drew inspiration for the design from his Day and Night and Light and Darkness pair of drawings.

The Ultimate Sin (1985)
The Ultimate Sin, album cover Record/CD cover Artwork for Ozzy Osbourne's album The Ultimate Sin (CBS/Epic 1986.)
Ultra Warrior (1992)
Ultra Warrior, Boris Vallejo BJ.41 This was used to promote the movie Ultra Warrior. The film was released in March 1990 and the video release was December 1992: since the artwork is also dated 1992 I assume it was painted to advertise the latter event.
Unbridled Adventure (BJ)
Crystal Oasis, Boris & Julie 2023-Aug A private commission, this painting was posted on Julie Bell's Instagram account with the title Crystal Oasis. It has since been used for the month of August in the 2023 Fantasy Calendar but with the title Unbridled Adventure.

Although it is undated the artwork was completed in 2021.

Uncaged Beauty (2020)
Uncaged Beauty, Boris Vallejo 2022.Jan A painting from the 2022 Fantasy Calendar wherein it was used fro the month of January. In the absence of any information to the contrary I assume it was painted for this purpose.
Unconstrained (2012)
Unconstrained, Boris Vallejo 2014-Cen Boris began painting this for his personal enjoyment (he loves to paint.) Julie Bell posted it on Facebook and periodically showed it at various stages of completion from which it could be seen that it was originally a nude.

What I thought was the finished version appeared in Dreamland as I Dream of Flying, the assumption being that the opaque clothing and wind-blown hair had been added digitally, as is the case with many other calendar illustrations, for the sake of modesty. However, neither the original or calendar versions are signed whereas the version shown here is. This leads me to believe that all amendments are real and that this is indeed the final version of the painting.

Underberg (1990)
Underberg, Boris Vallejo BJ.81 Commissioned by a German company which flew Boris to Germany to discuss the concept over dinner.

The product itself is a herbal, digestif bitter made by the swiss company Underberg AG.

Underwater (1999)
Underwater, Boris Vallejo Imagix.056 I have no information regarding this painting but a modified version was used in the 2001 Fantasy Calendar under the title A Reunion.
Underworld Gig (2006) (BJ)
Maxim, Boris & Julie Dland.176 An active, humourous, portrait of the comedy rock duo Tenacious D.

According to Julie Bell's Instagram account this was commissioned for an article about the group in the December 2006 edition of the magazine Maxim, thereby giving rise to one of its alternative titles.

Unfurled Freedom (2021)
Butterflies, Boris Vallejo 2023-Jan Published on in August 2021 without an additional information ptovided, this painting was used for the month of January in the 2023 Fantasy Calendar.
The Flight of the Horse, Boris Vallejo FABV
This is the cover of Larry Niven's book with the same title (Ballantine, 1973) but this was presumably painted for a later edition.
Unicorn (1979)
E Pluribus Unicorn, Boris Vallejo B1.31
Cover art for E Pluribus Unicorn, (a grisly little book) by Theodore Sturgeon.

The CD also includes a file named "demon.tif" which is a duplicate of this image.

Unicorn (Calendar)(1991)
Unicorn (calendar), Boris Vallejo 1992 calendar Painted for the 1991 Mythology Calendar.

A mythological beast resembling a horse with a single golden horn, the Unicorn symbolised purity and innocence. According to legend, it could only be captured by a virgin girl; according to the same legend, no Unicorn was ever captured….

Unicorn (Ladies)(1991)
Unicorn (Ladies), Boris Vallejo Ladies Illustration for the tale of Arachne in Ladies.
The Unicorn of Central Park (1986)
Stalking the Unicorn, Boris Vallejo B4.86 Cover art for Stalking the Unicorn: A Fable of Tonight by Mike Resnick (Tor Books, 1987.)
Unseeing (1994)
Unseeing, Boris Vallejo BJ.61
Painting for the 1995 Fantasy Calendar.

Compare this with Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Unstoppable (2021) (BJ)
Unstoppable (2021), Boris & Julie 2023-May Originally an untitled piece which was posted jointly on both Boris' and Julie's Instagram accounts before appearing on their website with the title shown above.

No information was given about the purpose of the painting but, as anticipated, it was subesquently used in the 2023 Fantasy Calendar.

Untameable Life (2013)
Indomitus Vivat, Boris Vallejo 2016-Apr
This lively painting is the cover art for Indomitus Vivat, a self-published fantasy tale by Robert W. Brady jr from 2012. This is the second of three paintings produced for the first three of Brady's Fovean Chronicles.

A copy of the painting was also utilised in the 2016 Fantasy Calendar.

Unwillingly to Earth (1992)
Unwillingly to Earth, Boris Vallejo B4.16 Cover art for Unwillingly to Earth by Pauline Ashwell (Tor Books, 1992.)
Up and Away (2010)
Up and Away, Boris Vallejo 2012-Oct Apparently painted for the 2012 Fantasy Calendar and also featured on the cover.
Upside Down
Upside Down, Boris Vallejo 2022.Centre Originally appearing on Boris and Julie's website under the title Upside Down I surmised that it might be intended for the 2022 Fantasy Calendar. This has since proved to be correct when it was used for the centrepiece under the new title Step into the Unknown.
Us Gals Ain't Goin' Down No More (1996)
Us Gals Ain't'Goin' Down No More, Boris Vallejo Cover art for the December 1985 edition of National Lampoon. The cover of this edition was included in the National Lampoon trading card set (21st Century Archives, 1993.)

The male figure looks a lot like Sylvester Stallone so the painting may be a parody of the Rocky movies.

USA Hero (1996)
U.S. Agent, Boris Vallejo MM96.75 Painted for the Fleer/Skybox Marvel Masterpieces 1996 trading card set.

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