The Borisography: Z

Z for Zachariah
Z for Zachariah, Boris Vallejo B4.29 Book cover for the novel of the same name (Dell, 1977) by Robert o'Brien.

Painted 1976.

Zealot (1994)
Zealot, Boris Vallejo '94 Boris' only contribution to the WildC.A.T.s '94 trading card set (Wildstorm, 1994) where it was used for card P2 of the Painted Cards subset.

WildC.A.T.s, the creation of the artist Jim Lee, was originally published by Image Comics which has since been absorbed into the DC Comics conglomerate.

Zeria (2000)
In Victory, Boris Vallejo 2002-Jan
This was painted for the 2002 Fantasy Calendar. In addition, it also graced the front cover of Boris and Julie's book Imaginistix.
Znugs and Atawi (1996)
Energize, Boris Vallejo 1998-Apr Painted for the 1998 Fantasy Calendar.

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