The Borisography: V

National Lampoon's European Vacation, Boris Vallejo B4.45
FAT 85
Movie poster for National Lampoon's European Vacation (Warner Bros, 1985.)

The producers of the movie wanted Chevy Chase to look like a superhero, so Boris put his (Chase's) head on another body.

The Valkyrie (2001) (BJ)
Taming of the River Horse, Boris & Julie 2003-Feb This painting was used for the month of February in the 2003 Fantasy Calendar. It was also used for the cover in some (foreign?) versions of the calendar.
The Valkyries (1987)
The Valkyries, Boris Vallejo B3.65
Painted for the 1989 Mythology Calendar.

Norse Mythology: The Valkyries, also known as the "Choosers of the Slain," were the beautiful, fearless and immortal woman warriors who rode across the skies above battlefields. They carried out the will of Odin in determining the victors and in gathering the souls of dying warriors found deserving of afterlife in Valhalla. The best known of the Valkyries is Brynhild, who forfeited her immortality by saving the life of Agnar, a young hero who had been fated to die.
1988 calendar cover picture.

Valiant Victory
Valiant Victory, Boris Vallejo 2021-Jan One of the paintings from the 2021 Fantasy Calendar. I do not have any information as to the original purpose for the painting.
Vamp & Zomb / Vampires (BJ)
Vamp_and_Zomb, Boris & Julie FFW.085 This joint Boris/Julie piece is unsigned and, therefore, undated. I have no information as to why it was painted.
Vampi / Vampirella (2004) (BJ)
Vampi, Boris & Julie Ult_Ill.029 I would guess that this was a commissioned drawing but the book doesn't say. The only information it gives is that Boris drew the background moon whilst Julie drew the figure of Vampirella.
Vampire (1983)
She Vampire, Boris Vallejo B1.61
FAT 17
The face is realistic, everything else is flat.

She Vampire - detail, Boris VallejoI include detail which I find to be of interest.

Vampire Robot (1990)
Vampire Robot, Boris Vallejo B4.46 The piece was originally painted without the vampire robot in the background and in this form was used as the cover for the paperback version of Orion in the Dying Time by Ben Bova.

The robot was added in the hope of making it more saleable to another prospective client, who didn't buy it. The vampire robot, it must be said, is not pretty, as Boris himself acknowledges.

Vampire's Kiss (1979)
Vampire's Kiss, Boris Vallejo B2.12
Another painting for Mirage.

This exact scene was, apparently, copied in a European movie entitled The Church.

Vampirella / Vampy (1994)
Vampirella, Boris Vallejo '95
A number of artists were invited to paint their interpretation of Vampirella for Topps' 1995 Visions of Vampirella trading card set, and this was Boris' sole submission. Julie Bell was another participating artist. Both artworks were reused in the following year's Vampirella MasterVisions set.
Vengeance of Orion (1987)
The Vengeance of Orion, Boris Vallejo B3.49
Cover for Vengeance of Orion, by Ben Bova (Tor Books, 1988.)
Venom (1995)
Venom, Boris Vallejo MM96.51 Painted for the Marvel Masterpieces 1996 trading card set.
Venus On The Half Shell (1987)
To Sail Beyond the Sunset, Boris Vallejo B2.31
This picture is the cover art for Robert Heinlein's To Sail Beyond The Sunset (Ace/Putnam, 1987.) The painting is inspired by roman mythology whereby Venus, the counterpart of the Greek Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, was born in the ocean and borne to land on a seashell.
Verga the Vengeful (1997)
Wolf Fangs, Boris Vallejo 1999-Jun Painted for the 1999 Fantasy Calendar.
Vesuvius (1986)
Warrior Queen, Boris Vallejo B4.89 Poster for the sexploitation movie Warrior Queen which was released in January 1987.
The Victorious (1984)
Conan the Victorious, Boris Vallejo B1.79
FAT 61
Portfolio 26
Cover for Conan The Victorious published by Tor Books.
Victory (2000)
In Victory, Boris Vallejo 2002-Jan
This was painted for the 2002 Fantasy Calendar. In addution, it also graced the front cover of Boris and Julie's book Imaginistix.
The Victory (BJ)
The Victory, Boris Vallejo One of a series of fantasy (American) football related paintings that appeared on Boris's and Julie's old Imaginistix web site.

See The Colisseum for a list of the other paintings.

Victory Dance (2005) (BJ)
Victory Dance, Boris & Julie Ult_Ill.021 Drawn as a cover for Full Cirkle II Sum of Parts #2 (Full Cirkle Press.) This was a variant cover, the other being by Simon Bisley.

See Magic Cloak and Sword of Fate for the other two covers in the series.

Vigil (2010)
Conan, Boris Vallejo 2012-Aug
A Conan painting produced for a private commission, this painting was featured in the 2012 Fantasy Calendar.
Virgo, the Virgin
Virgo, the Virgin, Boris Vallejo B2.21
Painted for the 1988 Zodiac calendar.

Of the 13 paintings executed for this calender, 12 are signed and dated 1987: this one is neither signed nor dated.

Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality - preliminary art, Boris Vallejo BJ.14 A preliminary sketch for an ad promoting virtual reality. I can find no record of the completed artwork so possibly things didn't progress beyond the design stage.
The Void (1999)
The Void, Boris Vallejo 2000-Oct This is a composite digital image produced for the 2000 Fantasy Calendar. The background is an inverted copy of Empire Builders with the girl and landscape overlaid on the left.
The Void overlay
The Void overlay, Boris Vallejo TwinV.094 Wrongly entitled Parting of the Seas in Twin Visions, this painting was used to digitally convert the existing painting Empire Builders into Ferna's Escape: The Queen's Tale for the 2000 Fantasy Calendar.

Obviously the painting is undated but presumably the year 1999 applied to the final result relates to this artwork.

Volcano (1999)
Rift, Boris Vallejo TwinV.084 Cover art for Rift by Kay Kenyon (Bantam Books, 1999.)
Volcano (BJ & DP)
MTV; Boris Vallejo,Julie Bell & David Palumbo A promotional piece for MTV advertising their Revolver Golden Gods awards for 2010 this was unusual because it was a collaboration between Boris, Julie and Julie's son David Palumbo. Although this painting is a horizontal format the only copy of the poster that I've seen used a small portion, from the centre, in a vertical format.

I would guess that this was painted in 2010.

Volcano Dance / Volcano's Fire(1998)
Mistress of the Volcano, Boris Vallejo SG.A2
This looks like it should have been one of the Franklin Mint fantasy knives but I cannot see that it was ever used for that purpose.
Voodoo Island
Tales of the Zombie #02, Oct 1973 cover Cover art for issue #2 (October 1973) of Tales of the Zombie, this was Boris' second painting for the magazine. As with other unnamed covers, the title used here is that of the story illustrated.

The painting was most probably completed in 1973.

The Vortex (1998)
The Vortex, Boris Vallejo 1999-Jan Painted for the 1999 Fantasy Calendar.
The Voyage of Charinea (2008)
High Greetings, Boris Vallejo 2010-Sep
This intriguing painting was used in the 2010 Fantasy Calendar.
Voyage to Battle (BJ)
Voyage to Battle, Boris & Julie 2017-Sep One of the paintings from the 2017 Fantasy Calendar, this energetic painting was used for both the month of September and the cover.
Voyagers II: The Alien Within (1985)
The Alien Within, Boris Vallejo B1.25
Cover for Voyagers II: The Alien Within (Tor Books, 1988) by Ben Bova.

The Alien Within - detail, Boris VallejoThe sources for this image show a curious white object, at the start of the road leading to the tower, which is missing from the book cover. Closer examination reveals what appears to be a piece of (self adhesive?) paper that had become attached to the painting!

Voyeur (1984)
Voyeur, Boris Vallejo Enchantment
Illustration for the story of the same name in Enchantment.
The Vulcan Academy Murders (1984)
Star Trek: The Vulcan Academy Murders, Boris Vallejo Cover art for the Star Trek novel The Vulcan Academy Murders by Jean Lorrah (Pocket Books, 1984.)

As might be surmised from the title, the book is a murder mystery, set on Vulcan (of course,) but is apparently not too difficult to solve.

Vulcanus (1991)
Vulcanus, Boris Vallejo B4.56
This is the second supplementary illustration for the story of Persephone in Ladies.

Roman Mythology: The smith to the Gods - lame, but very skilled with his hands.

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