The Borisography: M

Machu Picchu Dream (BJ)
Machu Picchu Dream, Boris & Julie 2017-Oct This painting featured in the 2017 Fantasy Calendar but I am fairly certain it was not intended for that purpose.

Peruvian history: in May 1536 Incan forces besieged the Spanish held city of Cuzco. The siege became a stand-off and in an attempt to break the deadlock the Spanish launched an attack against the Incan headquarters at Ollantaytambo, close to Machu Picchu. The Spanish failed in this attempt and the painting depicts the Incan victory. The siege of Cuzco remained unresolved until the arrival of Spanish reinforcements in April 1537 resulted in the ultimate defeat of the Incans three months later.

Mad Cuts the Baloney
Mad_Cuts_the_Baloney, Boris Vallejo Magazine Cover Painted for the December 1982 edition, issue #235, of Mad magazine. It was printed upside down on the back page with the Mad banner etc so that it looked like a front cover.
The Mad King
The Mad King, book cover As can be seen, this is the cover art for the Ace Books edition of Edgar Rice Burroughs' novel The Mad King.
Mad Mara (1998)
Monica's Axe, Boris Vallejo 1999-Dec Painted for the 1999 Fantasy Calendar.

A limited edition ⅙th scale 3D model, based on this painting, was issued by Yamato USA in 2009.

Mademoiselle, Boris Vallejo B2.35 Painting of Mademoiselle, one of the characters featured in the graphic novel Atlantis (Apache Comunications, 1983.)

The artwork is undated but was apparently painted in 1983.

Magic Cloak (2005) (BJ)
Magic_Cloak, Boris & Julie Drawn as cover for Full Cirkle II Sum of Parts #3 (Full Cirkle Press.)

See Sword of Fate and Victory Dance for the other two covers in the series.

Magic Crystal (1988)
Barbarian Queen II, Boris Vallejo B1.44 Painted as a poster for the movie Barbarian Queen II which bore the tagline The Empress Strikes Back.
The Magic Goes Away (1978)
The Magic Goes Away, Boris Vallejo B1.57
FAT 31
Cover of The Magic Goes Away by Larry Niven (Ace Books, 1979.)
The Magic Ring (1985)
Warrior Witch of Hel, Boris Vallejo B2.82
Cover art for Warrior Witch of Hel by Asa Drake (Questar, 1985) and is the first book in his Bloodsong saga.

Asa Drake is a pseudonym of C Dean Andersson under which name the book has since been republished.

The Magician (1999)
The Magician, Boris Vallejo 2000-Nov A modified version of the 1994 painting Noah's Ark used for the 2000 Fantasy Calendar.
The Magician (2009)
The Magician, Boris Vallejo Tarot One of the paintings from the Tarot series for Heavy Metal magazine, it was published in the September 2009 edition.

The model would appear to be one of Julie Bell's sons.

Magneto (1996)
Magneto, Boris Vallejo MM96.P3 This painting of the Marvel character is one of 54 paintings that Boris produced for the Marvel Masterpieces '96 trading card set.
The Magnificent
Conan the Magnificent, Boris Vallejo B1.02
FAT 75
Portfolio 2
This was the cover painting for the book Conan the Magnificent (Tor Books, 1984) by Robert Jordan. This is the only time I have ever bought a book for its cover. I found the story to be well worth reading, though, as it is told in a humorous fashion, with little gore.

Painted 1983.

Mahars of Pellucidar
Mahars of Pellucidar, Boris Vallejo Cover art for Mahars of Pellucidar (Ace Books, 1976) by John Eric Holmes, a novel set in Edgar Rice Burroughs' fictional world. This artwork was also published as a poster in 1976 under the title The Savage Primeval.
Mahr (1991)
Mahr, Boris Vallejo B4.87
Painted for the 1993 Mythology Calendar.

Eastern European Mythology: The Mahr were vampire moths that lived in the Carpathian Mountains. When they fed on humans, it was believed, they stole the soul. A wooden stake through the heart or exposure to daylight would kill the Mahr and return the soul to its owner.

The Maiden of the Snow (2000)
The Maiden of the Snow, Boris Vallejo Imagix.184
Another inappropriately clad lady, given the climactic conditions, this was painted for the Franklin Mint series of Fantasy Collector's Knives.
Main Event (1992)
Main Event (1992), Boris Vallejo B4.09
Cover for Battletech: Main Event (Penguin/Roc, 1993) by James D Long.
Main Event (BJ)
Main Event (2006), Boris & Julie Dland.027 A portrait of basketball player Waliyy Dixon who also goes under the nickname Main Event. This is one of four paintings produced for Mountain Dew in connection with the 2006 And1 Mixtape Tour – see AO for more information.
The Maker of Universes (1977)
The Maker of Universes, Boris Vallejo B2.80
This was the cover painting for the Philip Jos&eacut; Farmer book of the same title (Ace Books, 1977,) the first volume of his World of Tiers series.

The painting is undated but several sources state that it was painted in 1977 which is consistent with Ace's republication of all (then) five World of Tiers novels with Boris covers.

The Maker of Universes (1979)
At the End of the World, Boris Vallejo CD1
FAT 43
Painted as the cover for World of Tiers Volume 1, an SFBC anthology of Philip Jos&eacut; Farmer's books in that series. The painting illustrates a scene from the first book: The Maker of Universes.
Man of Steel (1994)
Man_of_Steel, Boris Vallejo '95 One of three paintings for the Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (skybox, 1995) trading card set. They, together with three paintings from Julie Bell, formed the Holochip Etched Foils chase card set.
Manco Cápac and Mama Ocllo (1988)
Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo, Boris Vallejo B3.68
Painted for the 1989 Mythology Calendar and incorrectly titled Manco Cápac and Mama Ocuo on the trading card.

Based on Peruvian legend. Manco Cápac and Mama Ocllo, son and daughter of the Sun, emerged from Lake Titicaca. They journeyed to the Valley of Cuzco, which at that time was inhabited by barbarians. These savages, however, recognized the two deities as Gods and accepted the laws, the concepts of justice, and the skills they taught them. Thus the great empire of the Incas was founded.

The models are Boris and his sister Patricia.

The Man-Faced Manticore / Manticore (1992)
The Man-Faced Manticore, Boris Vallejo B4.20
Painted for the 1993 Mythology Calendar.

Indian legend (but which Indians is not stated): A monster with the body of a lion and the face of a man, and with razor-sharp teeth and jaws powerful enough to crush bone, he was hunted by a fearless tribe of Indian women, the Maruts, who would eat his flesh and make poisoned darts from his fangs.

Mariko Yashida (1996)
Mariko Yashida, Boris Vallejo '96 This is one of several paintings executed by Boris (and Julie) for the X-Men Fleer Ultra: Wolverine trading card set, all for the Japan subset.

Mariko Yashida was introduced in 1979 and provided a romantic interest for Wolverine.

Marooned, Boris Vallejo Boris 2 Although this appears in Boris 2 no caption or other information is given. The name was that used on the old Imaginistix web site.
Mars (2009) (BJ)
John Carter of Mars (painting), Boris & Julie 2014-Jun My original understanding was that this was promotional artwork for the movie John Carter of Mars but it transpires that it was actually a private commission.

The painting was used for the month of June in the 2014 Fantasy Calendar.

Martial Combat (1993)
More than Fire, Boris Vallejo BJ.31 This is the cover for More than Fire (Tor Books, 1993) by Philip Jos&eacut; Farmer, which is the latest book in the World of Tiers series.
Marvel vs DC Team-up / Marvel vs DC Teamup (1995)
JLA vs Avengers, Boris Vallejo Painted for the Fleer/Skybox 1995 trading card set DC versus Marvel. It was released as 9 separate cards which assembled into to the complete painting. The whole image was also available as an uncut sheet - see Trading Card Part Sets: 1995 for more information.
Masquerade / Mask (1995)
Things Better Unmet, Boris Vallejo BJ.M4
This was painted for the 1996 Fantasy Calendar.
Masked Fairie (2000)
Masked Fairie, Boris Vallejo 2002-Sep One of the paintings featured in the 2002 Fantasy Calendar, this was used for the month of September.
Masquerade (1984)
Masquerade, Boris Vallejo Ench.019
One of the untitlrd pen and ink drawings from Enchantment, this piece accompanied the story Flight.
Massacre in the 22nd Century (1980)
Massacre in the 22nd Century, Boris Vallejo B1.20
Cover of Massacre in the 22nd Century apparently by David Hagberg (Ace/Tempo Books, 1980,) which is book #1 in the Flash Gordon series. I say apparently by David Hagberg because he isn't credited as author anywhere in my copy of the book.
Master / Master of the Wolves (1983)
Shapechangers, Boris Vallejo B2.59
Cover art for Shapechangers by Jennifer Roberson (Daw Books, 1984.)
The Master and the Maiden
The Master and the Maiden, Boris Vallejo FABV Cover for Master and the Maiden by Alice Chetwynd Ley (Ballantine Books, 1977.)

FABV says this was painted in 1977 but, since the book was published on 12 Jan 1977, I am fairly certain that the year should be 1976.

Masters of the Universe (2003) (BJ)
Crimson Mountain, Boris & Julie FW.085 Wrap-around cover art for the June 2003, issue #4, of the Image Comics incarnation of Masters of the Universe comic. This was, I believe, one of at least two covers for that edition but the only one with a Boris cover.
A Matter for Men (1982)
A Matter for Men, Boris Vallejo B1.68
Cover for A Matter for Men by David Gerrold (Pocket Books, 1983,) subtitled The War Against The Chtorr, Book 1.
Maxim (2006) (BJ)
Maxim, Boris & Julie Dland.176 An active, humourous, portrait of the comedy rock duo Tenacious D.

According to Julie Bell's Instagram account this was commissioned for an article about the group in the December 2006 edition of the magazine Maxim, thereby giving rise to one of its alternative titles.

Maya (1987)
Cancer, the Crab, Boris Vallejo B2.37
Painted for the 1988 Fantasy Zodiac Calendar.

The CD calls this Cancer, quite naturally. The card notes that Boris' daughter Maya, who is a Cancerian, posed for the painting, and presumably Boris entitled it Maya for this reason. While it is not stated, I believe that his son Dorian posed for the male figure.

Mayan Serpent (1983)
Clash of the Star-Kings, Boris Vallejo B1.67
Portfolio 24
This was commissioned for Clash of the Star-Kings by Avram Davidson (Berkeley Publishing, 1983.)

Clash of the Star-Kings - detail, Boris VallejoThe painting appears never to have had the finishing touches put to it - the top of the temple's roof shows through the leg of the figure, or perhaps the other way around (see the detail image.)

Medea - calendar (1990)
Medea (calendar version), Boris Vallejo B2.49
Painted for the 1991 Mythology Calendar.

Greek Mythology: Medea was the wife of Jason, the famous Greek hero who retrieved the Golden Fleece. When he was about to wed another woman for political reasons, she killed his wife-to-be, and then slew her sons by Jason. She was, it seems, a woman scorned.

Medea - Ladies (1990)
Medea (Ladies), Boris Vallejo B3.11
Greek Mythology: This one was painted for Ladies.
Medea (1991)
Medea (1991), Boris Vallejo Ladies.104
Yet another image of Medea, this drawing was produced for Ladies. It depicts her aggressively wielding a knife which she used to kill both her father, King Æertes and King Pelias.
Medea's Chariot
Medea - preliminary art, Boris Vallejo BJ.09 Greek Mythology: After the murder of her rival and her children, Medea pleaded with her grandfather, Helios the Sun god, to send his chariot for her. Helios despatched a chariot drawn by golden dragons.

This was a sketch for Ladies, but the concept changed (this part of the tale is not told in the book) and another painting took its place.

Sketched, probably, in 1989 or 1990.

Medieval Courtship (2003) (BJ)
The Hedge Knight, Boris & Julie FW.036 Cover art for the graphic novel The Hedge Knight by George R R Martin, a prequel to his Dunk and Egg series.
Medusa (1982)
Kneeling Medusa, Boris Vallejo Mirage
This very popular piece is one of the unnamed drawings from Mirage (in fact none of the drawings are named in any version of the book.)

The UK artist Oliver Tupton produced a small (approximately 22cm high) sculpture based on this design. Resin casts were available in at least three colours: Ivory (off-white with golden snakes,) overall pewter and overall bronze finishes.

Medusa (1984)
Medus (1984). Boris Vallejo CD1
Greek Mythology: Medusa was one of the three Gorgons. She was slain by Perseus, but her severed head retained its ability to turn those who looked upon her face to stone. The tale told in Enchantment is not the Greek myth, though.
Medusa (1990)
Gorgon (1990), Boris Vallejo B3.58
Story illustration for Ladies.

Greek Mythology: In this image, we see Perseus about to capture Medusa's head. Boris does not portray her shock of snakes which served her as hair.

Medusa by the Sea (2015)
Medusa by the Sea, Boris Vallejo 2017-Jul This is a version of Ready She Is digitally modified for use in the 2017 Fantasy Calendar.

It would appear that the name used here is/was the correct name for the original painting, copies of which are available from under the name given in the previous paragraph.

Medusa's Leap (1990)
Medusa's Leap, Boris Vallejo Ladies.032 One of the illustrations for the tale entitled Gorgon in Ladies.

Medusa was, together with her two sisters, one of the Gorgons. In Ladies the story is told of Medusa's early life and her dreams of flying. She thought she could learn to fly by progressively leaping greater distances and the drawing illustrates the stage where she could "…leap as far as a horse."

Megacon Girl (1999)
MegaCon Girl, Boris Vallejo Ult_Ill.020 Drawn for a fan at, as the name suggests, MegaCon 1999.
Memories (2000) (BJ)
Minage, Boris & Julie 2002-Dec Cover art for the Mónica Naranjo album Minage. The CD inlay opens out to provide a 36cm x 48cm poster of the artwork.

This was also used in the 2002 Fantasy Calender for both the cover and month of December under the title Memories.

The Mercenary (1979)
Mercenary, Boris Vallejo B1.30
FAT 98
Book cover for The Mercenary by Jerry Pournelle (Pocket Books, 1979.)
Mercenary (1980)
West of Honor, Boris Vallejo B4.60 Book cover for West of Honor by Jerry Pournelle (Pocket Books, 1980.)

Described on the back of the card as a cover for Pocket Books in 1979, although the painting itself is dated the following year. The card also claims that the picture was used in Fantasy Art Techniques, which is incorrect; the painting above was so used.

Mercenary's Star (1992)
Mercenary's Star, Boris Vallejo B4.17 This was painted as a cover for one of the Battletech books, Mercenary's Star (Penguin/Roc, 1992) by William H Keith.
The Merging (2005)
Temptation (2005), Boris Vallejo 2007-Nov This painting was used for the month of Novenber in the 2007 Fantasy Calendar.
Mermaid and Flower Fairy - preliminary (2017)
Mermaid and Flower_Fairy - preliminary art, Boris Vallejo This is the preliminary artwork for the painting of the same name. I think it amply demonstrates why Boris' colour roughs should be considered as works of art in their own right.
Mermaid and Flower Fairy
Mermaid and Flower Fairy, Boris Vallejo I have no information for this charming piece but a modified version, under the title The Siren's Whisper, was used in the 2019 Fantasy Calendar.

Although undated, the painting would have been completed in either 2017 or 2018: these are determined by the date shown on the preliminary artwork, and the time of publication of the 2019 calendar, respectively.

Mermaid Love / Mermaid's Love (BJ)
Mermaid Love, Boris & Julie FFW.091
One of (at least) three promotioal paintings for the Lynx range of toiletries. The others may be seen at I Love You So and My Love.

As with the other Lynx ads, the painting is unsigned but a signature was shown on the published version which, I believe, showed the year 2004.

Messenger of Hope (1998)
Messenger of Hope, Boris Vallejo Dreams.077
According to Boris' and Julie's Paint and Brush blog this was painted by Boris for his own enjoyment.
Messenger of Peace (2003)
Messenger of Peace, Boris Vallejo Ult_Ill.100 Preliminary artwork for a Franklin Mint project that failed to get any further.
Metal Angel (1993)
Metal Angel, Boris Vallejo BoB.70 This is the cover of Metal Angel (Roc, 1994) by Nancy Springer.
The Micronauts
The Micronauts, Boris Vallejo FAT 24 Used as the cover for The Micronauts (Bantam, 1977) by Gordon Williams.

In addition to the cover the book also contains 12 pen and ink drawings by Boris which you may see on the Micronauts book page.

Midnight Angel (1979)
Midnight Angel (1979), Boris Vallejo Drawn specifically for the Midnight Angels portfolio, this pen and ink drawing was used for the cover as well as Plate 2.
Midnight Angel (1982)
Midnight Angel (1982), Boris Vallejo Mirage Not to be confused with the series of 1979 drawings made for the Midnight Angels portfolio, this was drawn specifically for Boris & Doris Vallejo's book Mirage.

The name was applied to this drawing comparatively recently by Boris & Julie's website. My suspicion is that it was used by mistake due to the similarity to some of the earlier portfolio's drawings.

Might and Magic VII (1) (1998)
Might and Magic VII (1), Boris Vallejo Cover art for the video game Might and Magic VII (3DO, 1999.) See below for another painting illustrating this game.
Might and Magic VII (2) (1998)
Might and Magic VII (2), Boris Vallejo 2000-Jan Magazine illustration for an article about the video game Might and Magic VII (which also features a Boris cover.) This painting was subsequently used in the 2000 Fantasy Calendar.
Mike Ditka Football
Mike Ditka Football, Boris Vallejo Cover art for the 1991 video game named either Mike Ditka Power Football or Mike Ditka Ultimate Football, depending on platform, by Accolade. Buyers of the game were also entitled to purchase a poster of the cover art (from which my scan was obtained.)
Milkquarium (2005) (BJ)
Milkquarium, Boris & Julie Another image (which is, unfortunately, no longer available) gleaned from Boris and Julie's website. It is a promotional piece which either advertised a short promotional film of the same name or the two were part of the same advertising campaign.
Mimir (1991)
Mimir, Boris Vallejo B4.74
Painted for the 1993 Mythology Calendar.

Norse Mythology: A giant of superhuman strength, he stood knee-deep in the Waters of Ultimate Wisdom, holding the Kjolen Mountains on his shoulders and watching over the oracles who drank the water to learn the secrets of the world.

Minage (2000) (BJ)
Minage, Boris & Julie 2002-Dec Cover art for the Mónica Naranjo album Minage. The CD inlay opens out to provide a 36cm x 48cm poster of the artwork.

This was also used in the 2002 Fantasy Calender for both the cover and month of December under the title Memories.

Mindshadow (1985)
Star Trek: Mindshadow, book cover One more Star Trek novel, this time it is Mindshadow by J M Dillard (Pocket Books, 1986.)

Apparently the story is partially biographical insofar as one of the characters is drawn from the author's own experiences.

Minerva (1989)
Minerva, Boris Vallejo CD1
Roman Mythology: The Goddess of Wisdom. This was the centrepiece of the 1990 calendar.
Mini Cooper (2007) (BJ)
Hammer and Coop, Boris & Julie A promotional piece which was used in an advertising campaign for the MiniCooper under the tagline "Hammer & Coop."

The 2007 campaign was based around six online videos which parodied the TV series Knightrider. The painting was used to advertise the videos rather than the car itself.

The Minotaur (1991)
Minotaur, Boris Vallejo B3.26
Greek Mythology: Because of his failure to sacrifice a promised bull, King Minos angered Poseidon, God of the Sea, who sent a bull to him and caused his wife, Pasiphae, to fall in love with the bull. From her unnatural union with this bull was born the Minotaur, with the body of a man and the head of a bull. The Minotaur was kept in a labyrinth and was, ultimately, killed by Theseus.
Misfits (2009)
Sylphids, Boris Vallejo 2010-May This painting was featured in the 2010 Fantasy Calendar.
Mr O / Mr Olympia (1988)
Mr. Olympia, Boris Vallejo BJ.05 This was a promotional piece using Mr Olympia as a model. It was the cover for the video of the Mr Olympia XXIV (1988) contest so may have been painted for this purpose but this is pure conjecture on my part.
Mr Olympia ad (1988)
Ralf Moeller and Gary Strydom, Boris Vallejo This was another promotional piece for or about Mr Olympia XXIV using, this time, Ralf Moeller and Gary Strydom as models. I'm afraid that I don't have any information as to how it was used.
Mr Sinister (1984)
Mr. Sinister, Boris Vallejo '95 This was one of several paintings produced for the X-Men '95 Ultra trading card set (Fleer, 1994.) Unusually, this one wasn't used for the front of the card but was instead featured on the backs of the ten card Sinister Observations chase set. The white panel was replaced by a portrait of the character depicted on the front and Mr Sinister's observations about the character were written below.
Mistress of Fire (1996)
The Mistress of Fire, Boris Vallejo Dreams
This is one of 17 paintings produced by Boris specifically for the Franklin Mint's first series of fantasy pocket knives.
Mistress of Fire
Cobra, Boris Vallejo SG.067 Commissioned by Frankin Mint for use on a decorative, diecast, model car – you may not be surprised to learn that the car was a Shelby Cobra 427SC.

The left-hand snake appeared along the length of each side of the car whilst the rest of the artwork adorned the bonnet (or hood, if you're American.) The boot (or trunk for the Americans) was a uniform orange with Boris' signature in black across it.

The Mistress of Rain - preliminary sketch (1998)
Mistress of Rain - preliminary art, Boris Vallejo Preliminary sketch for the Franklin Mint series of Fantasy Collector's Knives.

As stated below, two verions of the painting have been published – this sketch enables us to see which is the original version.

The Mistress of Rain (original) (1998)
The Mistress of Rain, Boris Vallejo This is the original painting as completed for the Franklin Mint series of Fantasy Collector's Knives.

The title above is that shown on the original Certificate of Authenticity but see the entry under The Mistress of the Rain, the title used in a brochure for the set, for the updated painting published elsewhere under that title.

Mistress of the Apes
Mistress of the Apes, Boris Vallejo B2.30
Advertising artwork for the 1979 Larry Buchanan film Mistress of the Apes starring Jenny Neumann as the titular character.

The model for the painting appears to be Danielle Anjou, who featured in many of Boris' paintings from the late 70s to early 80s.

Mistress of the Dawn (2000)
The Diva of the Dawn, Boris Vallejo CD2
One of the 17 paintings produced for the Franklin Mint series of Fantasy Collector's Knives.
Mistress of the Earth (1997)
The Goddess of Temptation, Boris Vallejo SG.071 This was painted for the Franklin Mint for Boris' first series of fantasy knives.
Mistress of the Felines (1987)
Mistress of the Felines, Boris Vallejo B2.30
Painted for Verkerke who published it as a wall poster.
Mistress of the Moon (1999)
The Mistress of the Moon, Boris Vallejo SG.015
I have no information regarding this painting.
The Mistress of the Rain (revised) (1998)
The Mistress of the Rain (original), Boris Vallejo Dreams.065 The original version of this painting can be seen here. I assume the changes were made to improve the marketability of the picture.
Mistress of the Sea (1998)
The Siren of Rapture (revised), Boris Vallejo Dreams.107 Originally painted for the Siren of Rapture fantasy knife by Franklin Mint/Knightstone Collections. On the knife the image was laterally reversed (probably due to the shape of the handle.)

The painting has since been modified to give the figure much larger fins and it is this version that is illustrated here.

Mistress of the Skies - prelim (1999)
Mistress of the Skies - preliminary art, Boris Vallejo SG.59
This appears to be a complete drawing but is in fact the preliminary artwork for Mistress of the Skies. The final painting was intended for a decorative tankard and, according to The Ultimate Illustrations, the drawing had to be completed to a higher than normal standard for the benefit of the various craftsmen involved in the project.
Mistress of the Skies (2002)
Mistress of the Skies, Boris Vallejo 2004-Aug This was the wraparound design for a tankard issued by The Franklin Mint. It, or at least the right-hand portion, was also used for the 2004 Fantasy Calendar.

The preliminary artwork is dated 1999 whereas this painting is dated 2002 so clearly this was a rather protracted project.

Mistress of the Thunder (2000)
The Spirit of the Storm, Boris Vallejo CD2
One of the 17 paintings produced for the Franklin Mint series of Fantasy Collector's Knives.
Mistress of the Volcano (1998)
Mistress of the Volcano, Boris Vallejo SG.A2
This looks like it should have been one of the Franklin Mint fantasy knives but I cannot see that it was ever used for that purpose.
Mlenfee (1997)
Debbie in Brooklyn, Boris Vallejo 1998-May Painted for the 1998 Fantasy Calendar.
Molly Hatchet (1981)
Take No Prisoners, Boris Vallejo B4.67
FAT 25
Record cover for Take no Prisoners (CBS, 1981) by the group Molly Hatchet.
Mónica / Mónica Naranjo (2000) (BJ)
Minage, Boris & Julie 2002-Dec Cover art for the Mónica Naranjo album Minage. The CD inlay opens out to provide a 36cm x 48cm poster of the artwork.

This was also used in the 2002 Fantasy Calender for both the cover and month of December under the title Memories.

Monica's Axe (1998)
Monica's Axe, Boris Vallejo 1999-Dec Painted for the 1999 Fantasy Calendar.

A limited edition ⅙th scale 3D model, based on this painting, was issued by Yamato USA in 2009.

Monster (1971)
Frankenstein (1971), Boris Vallejo TwinV.102 Cover art for the May 1971 edition of Psycho magazine which featured part II of the serialised Frankenstein story.
The Monster Men
The Monster Men, Boris Vallejo Book cover Book cover for The Monster Men by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Ace Books, 1979.)
The Monsters of Star Trek
The Monsters of Star Trek, book cover As can be seen, this is the cover art for The Monsters of Star Trek by Daniel Cohen (Pocket Books, 1980,) being a younger reader's guide to the alien life found in the TV series. The book had a different cover when originally published but I do no know when it was replaced by Boris' artwork – every single US source I've found says 1980 regardless of which edition it is. This is apparently based on Amazon showing a publiction date of 1 Jan 1980 which might be a correct date or it may be a place-holder because they too don't know the actual date. A few non-US sources give years from 1986 to 1989.
The Moon and the Sun (1987)
The Moon and the Sun, Boris Vallejo B4.01
1988 Calendar
Centrepiece for the 1988 Zodiac calendar.
Moonlight Howl (2004) (BJ)
Vampi, Boris & Julie Ult_Ill.029 I would guess that this was a commissioned drawing but the book doesn't say. The only information it gives is that Boris drew the background moon whilst Julie drew the figure of Vampirella.
Moonlight Hulk (1996)
Moonlight Hulk, Boris Vallejo MM96.99 Painted for the Marvel Masterpieces '96 trading card set.

This second painting of The Hulk shows the character in an unusually relaxed mood.

Moore & Price Design Group (1993)
Moore & Price Design Group, Boris Vallejo BJ.73 A logo design for Moore & Price, a San Francisco agency dealing with video games.
More Magic (1983)
More Magic, Boris Vallejo B2.60
Cover of More Magic (edited) by Larry Niven (Berkely, 1984.) This is the third book in the Larry Niven 'Magic' series.
More than Fire (1992)
A Fire upon the Deep, Boris Vallejo B4.75 Book cover for A Fire Upon the Deep by Vernor Vinge (Tor Books, 1992.)
More than Fire (1993)
More than Fire, Boris Vallejo BJ.31 This is the cover for More than Fire (Tor Books, 1993) by Philip Jos&eacut; Farmer, which is book the seventh, and final, book in his World of Tiers series.
Mormak (1995)
Mormak, Boris Vallejo BJ.34
Painted for the 1996 Fantasy Calendar.
Morning (1998)
The Guardian, Boris Vallejo SG.033
Cover art for The Guardian (Bantam Books, 1998) by Angus Wells.
Mortal Gods
Mortal Gods, Boris Vallejo June 1980 Cover for Mortal Gods (Signet, 1978) by Jonathan Fast.
Moses (1994)
Moses, Boris Vallejo BoB.30 Christian Biblical story: Moses led the Israelites from their slavery in Egypt to the promised land of Canaan. Along the way he had delivered to him the stone tablets inscribed with the Ten Commandments.

I have no information about this painting's purpose but the background (is this a composite image?) was used, in conjunction with a painted overlay, to create the image Next Dimension.

Mother and Daughter (1985)
Death Riders of Hel, Boris Vallejo B1.48
Portfolio 16
Cover art for Death Riders of Hel by Asa Drake (Quester, 1985) being the second book in his Bloodsong Saga.

The book was subsequently republished under the author's real name of C. Dean Andersson and a new title of Warrior Rebel of Hel.

Mother and Daughter (1989)
Mother and Daughter, Boris Vallejo Dreams.026 A personal painting, Boris was inspired by one of Julie's drawings. By his own admission, his painting lacked the power of Julie's original.
Mother Earth (2013)
New Born, Boris Vallejo 2015-Jan This painting first appeared in the 2015 Fantasy Calendar where it was used for the month of January.

Since 2000 Boris and Julie have reverted to reusing paintings for their calendars so in many cases it is not possible to say whether an artwork was produced for that purpose. However the date, and the fact that it is a square format, suggest that this one was originally intended for the calendar.

Mother's Child (1992)
Eric the Unready, Boris Vallejo B4.61
Portfolio (cover)
Cover art for the video game Eric the Unready (Legend, 1993.)
The Mountain (1992)
Dragon Rigger, Boris Vallejo B4.41
BoB.minisheet 2
Cover art for Dragon Rigger by Jeffery A Carver (Tor Books, 1993.)
Mountain Blue (1994)
Space and Time, Boris Vallejo BJ.49
Painted for the 1996 Fantasy Calendar.

September '96 image. Offered for sale on the official Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell Web site under the title Dannie.

The Mountain Beast / The Mountain Monster
The Mountain Monster, Boris Vallejo CD1
FAT 36
A book cover for The Mountain Monster, a Doc Savage book – originally published in 1938, this was used for the 1976 Bantam Books reissue.

Although undated it was probably painted in 1976.

Mountain Song / Mountain
Mountain Song, Boris Vallejo CD2
It is unusual for Boris to paint landscapes but none of the sources indicate why this one was painted. My quess is that it was done for his personal enjoyment.
Mountain Sorceress (2008) (BJ)
Mountain Sorceress, Boris & Julie Ult_Ill.048 Yet another private commission, the client requested "…a woman, powerful and strong."
MTV; Boris Vallejo,Julie Bell & David Palumbo A promotional piece for MTV advertising their Revolver Golden Gods awards for 2010 this was unusual because it was a collaboration between Boris, Julie and Julie's son David Palumbo. Although this painting is a horizontal format the only copy of the poster that I've seen used a small portion, from the centre, in a vertical format.

I would guess that this was painted in 2010.

Murmurs, Boris Vallejo This is one of a number of pieces featured in a 2017 exhibition of paintings produced for Boris' personal enjoyment.

A modified version of the painting appeared in the 2016 Fantasy Calendar under the title Escape.

Music Lesson (2000)
Music Lesson, Boris Vallejo FFW.047 I have no information concerning this charming painting but since the model is Julie Bell I assume it is a personal artwork.
Mutant Destroyer / Mutant Warrior (2005) (BJ)
R Y L: Mutant Destroyer, Boris & Julie Imagi.167 Box art for the online game R.Y.L Path of the Emperor. The box is double-sided, with 'Human' and 'Mutant' sides and each of these sides having an outer and inner cover. This painting was used for the 'Mutant' outer cover.

For those that are interested, R Y L stands for 'Risk Your Life.'

Mutant Slayer (1998)
Mutant Slayer, Boris Vallejo 2000-Aug Painted for the 2000 Fantasy Calendar where it was used for the cover and the month of August.
Mutants (1992)
Ultra Warrior, Boris Vallejo BJ.41 This was used to promote the movie Ultra Warrior. The film was released in March 1990 and the video release was December 1992: since the artwork is also dated 1992 I assume it was painted to advertise the latter event.
Mutants vs Humans (2005) (BJ)
R Y L: Mutants vs Humans, Boris & Julie Imagix.164 Another of the four paintings for the online game R.Y.L Path of the Emperor, this one was used for the 'Mutant' inner cover and also on some of the game's promotional material.
Mutiny on the Enterprise (1983)
Mutiny on the Enterprise, Boris Vallejo Cover art for the Star Trek novel Mutiny on the Enterprise by Robert E Vardeman (Pocket Books, 1983.)
My Enemy, My Ally (1984)
My Enemy, My Ally; Boris Vallejo Cover art for the book My Enemy, My Ally by Diane Duane (Pocket Books, 1984) a novel in the Star Trek series.
My Lord Barbarian
My Lord Barbarian, Boris Vallejo Cover of the book My Lord Barbarian by Andrew J Offutt, published 1977 by Del Rey Books.
My Julie
My_Julie, Boris Vallejo Dland.117 I assume this is a personal piece given that the subject is Boris' favourite model, his wife Julie Bell.
My Love (2004) (BJ)
My Love, Boris & Julie One of several paintings produced for an advertising campaign for Lynx, the well know toiletries company.

A modified version under the title Tragedy Falls was used in the 2007 Fantasy Calendar.

The other paintings may be seen at I Love You So and Mermaid Love.

Myrddin (1995)
Myrddin, Boris Vallejo HG This was apparently painted for the Hyborian Gates collectable card came. It was also featured on one of the several promotional cards issued at GEN CON Game Fair in August 1995. It was also available as a limited edition poster: I'm guessing that this was the print sent to finders of the Ancient Gate Redemption Card in that series.

In folklore, Myrddin was a legendary, medieval, Welsh prophet who was regarded as a madman. He was subsequently incorporated into Arthurian legend and is better known as Merlin the Magician.

Mysterious Rider
Mysterious Rider, Boris Vallejo Boris2
This was designed to advertise the 1979 reopening, after refurbishment, of St Marks Baths, New York. The New St Marks Baths, as it was renamed, became an exclusively gay bathhouse in the 1960s and flourished until it was closed by New York City's Department of Health, on health grounds, in December 1985.

The painting is undated but was apparently painted in 1978 (if the copyright year on an advertising postcard is to be believed.)

The Mystery Shift
The Mystery Shift - poster Boris2.073 A promotional piece from Boris' commercial artist days. It appears in Boris Book Two but no other informayion is provided.
Myth (2009) (BJ)
Beastmaster: Myth, book cover As can be seen, this is the cover art for Beastmaster: Myth by Richard A knaak and Sylvio Tebet (Pocket Books, 2009.)

An edited version of the painting was used in the 2015 2015 Fantasy Calendar under the title The Standoff

Myths of Raltarnee
Black Unicorn, Boris Vallejo BJ.U1
Painted for the 1996 Fantasy Calendar.

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