The Borisography: G

Galactic Love (2008) (BJ)
Galactic Love, Boris & Julie 2014-Sep
This futuristic scene was originally used in the 2014 Fantasy Calendar but I do not know if it was painted for that purpose.

To me, this looks like it might have been intended for a CD cover which makes me wonder whether it might be an unused painting for Alex Moulton's album Exodus.

Galaxie Fighters (1979)
Buck Rogers, Boris Vallejo B3.37 This was a promotional poster for the Buck Rogers movie, which was never used.
Exiles to Glory, Boris Vallejo B2.50
Cover art for Exiles to Glory by Jerry Pournelle (Ace Books, 1978.) The painting was also used for a jigsaw puzzle under the title Galaxy.

Painting undated.

Galaxy Battle
Berserker, Boris Vallejo B1.52
Painted as a book cover for Berserker by Fred Saberhagen. Although originally published by Ballantine in 1967 this painting was used for a later Ace Books edition.

The painting is not dated but a jigsaw of the artwork gives the copyright year as 1979.

Galaxy Jane (1985)
Galaxy Jane, Boris Vallejo Cover art for Galaxy Jane, a tale of space piracy and smuggling by Ron Goulart (Berkley, 1986) which is set in his Barnum universe.

Goulart was a very prolific writer using his own name and a number of pseudonyms. He is also known to have ghost-written some of the Doc Savage stories (as Kenneth Robeson) and William Shatner's Tek novels.

Game of Dragons (2018)
Game of Dragons, Boris Vallejo A slightly modified version of this painting, under the title Trusted Companions, was used in the 2020 Fantasy Calendar.
Game Tap (2008) (BJ)
Galactic Love, Boris & Julie 2014-Sep
This futuristic scene was originally used in the 2014 Fantasy Calendar but I do not know if it was painted for that purpose.

To me, this looks like it might have been intended for a CD cover which makes me wonder whether it might be an unused painting for Alex Moulton's album Exodus.

Games (1984)
Games, Boris Vallejo FAT 55 A cover painted for Games World magazine.
Gary Strydom and Ralf Moeller (1988)
Ralf Moeller and Gary Strydom, Boris Vallejo This was another promotional piece for or about Mr Olympia XXIV using, this time, Ralf Moeller and Gary Strydom as models. I'm afraid that I don't have any information as to how it was used.
The Gates of Creation
The Gates of Creation, Boris Vallejo B2.84
The painting was a book cover for The Gates of Creation by Philip José Farmer (Ace Books, 1982,) part of his World of Tiers series.
Gateway, Boris Vallejo B3.34
Book cover for Gateway by Frederick Pohl (Ballantine Books, 1977.)
Gateways in the Sand
Gateways in the Sand, Boris Vallejo B2.06
This was painted as an ad for the Book of the Month Club.
The Gauntlet
The Gauntlet - preliminary art, Boris Vallejo B4.78
This was a finished sketch for the Clint Eastwood movie The Gauntlet (Warner Bros 1977.)

Dark Kingdom, Frank FrazettaEastwood had stipulated a design similar to Frank Frazetta's Dark Kingdom (right) but the final painting was never commissioned. Apparently none of the artwork received met with Eastwood's approval and in the end he commissioned a piece from Frazetta. In his book Icon, Frazetta says that Eastwood was charged considerably more than the going rate for the commission… he then told him that this sum was only for the reproduction rights and charged even more for the painting itself!

Gem of Bul'cug: Kala's Tale (1998)
Mutant Slayer, Boris Vallejo 2000-Aug Painted for the 2000 Fantasy Calendar where it was used for the cover and the month of August.
Gemini, The Twins (1987)
Gemini, the Twins, Boris Vallejo B1.50
Portfolio 18
1988 Calendar
Painted for the 1988 Mythology Calender.
The General Zapped an Angel
The General Zapped an Angel, Boris Vallejo B1.75
Cover for The General Zapped an Angel (Ace Books, 1978,) an anthology of short stories by Howard Fast.

Painting is undated but according to B1 it was painted in 1978.

Genesis (1996)
Genesis, Boris Vallejo MM96.57 One of Boris' paintings for the Marvel Masterpieces '96 trading card set.

Genesis first appeared in X-Force #1 in 1991. Like many superhero characters, his backstory is so complicated that I don't feel inclined to add any more information.

Conan the Wanderer, Boris Vallejo B1.27
FAT 48
This was a book cover for Conan the Wanderer (Ace,) by Robert E Howard, L Sprague de Camp & Lin Carter.

It appears in the first Boris trading card set as Genie and in Fantasy Art Techniques as Iron Warrior.

Painted 1977.

Genie (2001)
Genie, Boris Vallejo Sketch.006
A design sketch for an oil lamp. Regretably this idea never came to fruition.
The Gentle Path (2011) (BJ)
The Journey, Boris & Julie 2013-Nov This is a modified (ie censored) version of the painting The Trail used for the 2013 Fantasy Calendar.

Curiously, whilst in my copy of the calendar the painting is clearly signed and dated 2012, the image that I downloaded from the internet is clearly dated 2011! The original painting was dated 2007.

Ghost Rider (1995)
Ghost Rider, Boris Vallejo MM96.16 Another painting for the Marvel Masterpieces '96 trading card set.

Over the years there have been several characters bearing the name Ghost Rider. I guess that this painting is based on the second superhero character of the name as he was the current user of the title at the time of painting (though he has since been superseded.)

Gift of the Robot (2007)
Gift of the Robot, Boris Vallejo 2009-Feb
This was apparently painted for the 2009 Fantasy Calendar.
Gilkarth's Odyssey (1997)
Gilkarth's Odyssey, Boris Vallejo 1998-Jul Originally painted for use on a T-shirt by Crusade For Kids, this is a version of Axing the Nightmares modified for use in the 1998 Fantasy Calendar.

You may see the original version here.

The Ginger Star
The Ginger Star, Boris Vallejo B1.42
FAT 35
Book cover for The Ginger Star by Leigh Brackett (Ballantine, 1979,) volume one of her Book of Skaith trilogy, which was originally published in 1974.
The Girl from Hollywood
The Girl from Hollywood, Boris Vallejo Cover art for the 1976 Ace Books edition of Edgar Rice Burrough's 1922 story The Girl from Hollywood.

Contrary to appearances, the book is not a western but, at that time, a contemporary tale of love (of course,) the exploitation of women in Hollywood, drugs, and bootlegging – a combination I did not expect to find in a Burroughs book.

As with all the Ace Books/Ballantine Books reissues of the Burroughs' stories, the artwork is undated but it would have been produced in 1975 or 1976.

The Girl Who Owned a City
The Girl Who Owned a City, Boris Vallejo B4.73
Cover for the book The Girl Who Owned a City by O T Nelson (Dell Books, 1977.)

The models include Boris' own children Dorian and Maya (I'm guessing the lefthand figures of the standing and seated children respectively.)

Painted 1977.

Gladiator (2010)
Up and Away, Boris Vallejo 2012-Oct Apparently painted for the 2012 Fantasy Calendar and also featured on the cover.
Glass Mountain (1992)
Dragon Rigger, Boris Vallejo B4.41
BoB.minisheet 2
Cover art for Dragon Rigger by Jeffery A Carver (Tor Books, 1993.)
Glossomer Wings (1997)
Cindy in the Air, Boris Vallejo 1998-Centre This was a private commission that was used for the 1998 Fantasy Calendar centrepiece.
The Glow of Victory (2003) (BJ)
The Glow of Victory, Boris & Julie Imagix.185 The first of two promotional pieces produced for the Sony Online gaming site. I assume, in this context, that the designation of first is purely arbitrary! Similarly, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that our artistic duo painted more than two of these artworks.
The Glowing Candle
Eight Candles Glowing, Boris Vallejo B4.04
Book cover for Eight Candles Glowing by Patricia Muse (Ballantine Books, 1976.)

Painting is undated but FABV gives the year as 1976.

God Game (1985)
God Game, book cover Cover artwork for God Game by Andrew M Greeley (Warner Books, 1986.)

The painting's appearance as a medieval, illuminated, manuscript is derived from the book's story which is told as a first person narrative by an unnamed catholic priest. The author, in addition to being a noted academic and prolific writer. was also a catholic priest so the presumption is that he is the narrator of the story.

The Goddess of Temptation / Goddess of the Earth (1997)
The Goddess of Temptation, Boris Vallejo SG.071 This was painted for the Franklin Mint for Boris' first series of fantasy knives.
The Goddess of the Moon
The Goddess of the Moon, Boris Vallejo If this painting seems familiar it is because it is Ashtaroth modified, itself already having been modified once before, for use on one of the Franklin Mint series of Fantasy Collector's Knives. I am guessing that this was a digital modification because the image area exceeds the bounds of the original painting.
The Goddess of the Sun (1999)
The Goddess of the Sun, Boris Vallejo SG.053
Painted for the Franklin Mint series of Fantasy Collector's Knives.
Goddess of the Waves (1999)
The Sorceress of the Waves, Boris Vallejo SG
A painting for the Franklin Mint series of Fantasy Collector's Knives.
The Goddess of Thunder (2000)
The Spirit of the Storm, Boris Vallejo CD2
One of the 17 paintings produced for the Franklin Mint series of Fantasy Collector's Knives.
Goddess Rising (2007)
Goddess Rising, Boris Vallejo 2009-Dec This painting was used in the 2009 Fantasy Calendar. In the absence of any information to the contrary I assume it was painted for that purpose.
Godsfire, Boris Vallejo August 1980 Cover art for Godsfire by Cynthia Felice (Pocket Books, 1978.)
Golden Apple (1992)
Hesperides and Ladon the Dragon, Boris Vallejo B3.36
This painting of Hesperides and Ladon was produced for the 1994 Mythology Calendar and also used as cover for the September 1996 edition of Heavy Metal magazine.

Greek Mythology: Ladon was the hundred-headed serpent, one of the monstrous offspring of Typhon and Echidna; the Hesperides were the daughters of Atlas by Pleione or possibly Hesperis, or maybe it was Nix and Erebus (sorry, the legends are inconsistent.) Together they guarded the tree of the Golden Apples given by Gaia to Hera as a wedding present.

Golden Axe II (1991)
Golden Axe II, Boris Vallejo B3.60
Cover for the Golden Axe II video game (Sega, 1991.) It shows the male and female hero types and the dwarf warrior.
Golden Axe III (1993)
Golden Axe III, Boris Vallejo B4.83 Cover for the Golden Axe III video game (Sega, 1993.)

The female figure appears to have been modelled by Julie Bell.

Golden Wings
Golden Wings, Boris Vallejo B1.58
Painted for Portal Publications who produced it as a decorative wall poster.

Undated but apparently painted in 1978.

Golden Worlds (2005) (BJ)
Golden Worlds, Boris & Julie 2007-Jan
This painting appears in the 2007 Fantasy Calendar.
Good vs Evil (2003)
Day and Night, Boris Vallejo Ult_Ill.113 Drawn for a Franklin Mint project, this was Boris' second attempt at the same subject his earlier one, Light and Darkness, having been rejected.

The intention was to show Good and Evil fighting, something that is not really obvious from the drawing! I'm not familiar with any project using this artwork so perhaps it didn't proceed any further.

Gorgon (1990)
Gorgon (1990), Boris Vallejo B3.58
Story illustration for Ladies.

Greek Mythology: In this image, we see Perseus about to capture Medusa's head. Boris does not portray her shock of snakes which served her as hair.

The Gorgon - drawing (1991)
Gorgon (1991), Boris Vallejo BJ.26
Story illustration for Ladies.

The general format of Ladies. is that each story has one painting and two drawings - this is the first of those drawings. See above for the painting.

Gothic Nightmare (1991)
Gothic Nightmare, Boris Vallejo B4.25
This is the first of the two drawings that accompanied the story of Pandora in Ladies.
Gracus the Centurian (1978)
Gracus the Centurian, Boris Vallejo CD1 Painted as cover art for Gracus the Centurian by Dael Forest (Ballantine Books, 1979,) #4 in his Slaves of the Empire series.

Of the five paintings he did for this five book set, this is the only one that Boris actually dated.

Graham (2007)
Graham, Boris Vallejo This was a promotional piece for the UK TV channel, imaginatively named, Channel 4! The painting protrays the channel's major star, Graham Norton, so the assumption is that it was used to promote his show.

The image I have doesn't show the various elements clearly enough to discern exactly what is going on but, to my mind the, two rabbits on the right sum up the show pretty accurately…

Granite (2006)
Granite, Boris Vallejo 06 This is one of a group of four paintings which were posted on Boris' and Julie's website. In the absence of any information I surmised that they may have been intended for something like a trading card set so it is gratifying to learn that this was indeed the case. The set in question was the World of Warcraft trading card game (Upper Deck Entertainment, 2006) which is based upon the MMORPG operated by Blizzard Entertainment. Unusually, the painting was never used for the game but it did appear in the online game's gallery of other artwork.

See the 2006 trading card page for details of all the paintings by Boris, and Julie, for this client.

Grayson Boucher (BJ)
The Professor, Boris & Julie A promotional painting of Grayson Boucher for Mountain Dew which was used under his nickname The Professor. See AO for additional information.

Probably painted in 2005 or 2006.

The Great Escape (2021)
The Great Escape, Boris Vallejo (2021) 2023-Feb The featured painting for the month of February in the 2023 Fantasy Calendar.
The Great Race (1999)
The Great Race, Boris Vallejo 2000-May This was originally painted in 1996, under the title Wings of Valor, as a potential design for a plate. In the end the project did not come to fruition so Boris modified the painting to create this image for the 2000 Fantasy Calendar.
The Greatest Weapon: Experience (1994)
The Greatest Weapon, Experience, Boris Vallejo BJ.02
Painting for the 1995 Fantasy Calendar.
Green Dragon
Green Dragon, Boris Vallejo FAT This painting was used on the contents page of Fantasy Art Techbigues and was apparently painted specifically for the purpose.
The Green Princess (1976)
The Green Princess, Boris Vallejo Published by The Mylos Press as a limited edition of 2000 posters. The first 100 copies were also signed by Boris.

The painting is undated but the poster gives the copyright year as 1976.

The Grief of Victory (BJ)
Eldin of Yashor, Boris & Julie 2014.Dec
Cover art for Eldin of Yashor by C Tyler Storm (Langdon Street Press, 2009.)
Griffin's Flight (1999)
Griffin's Flight, Boris Vallejo My notes indicate that this was originally paimted for MicroSpectrum 1999 (I'm guessing that this was an exhibition as I've no idea what MicroSpectrum is/was) but it was quite definitely included in MicroVisions 2006 too (see Her Private Garden for a bit more information about MicroVisions.) Unfortunately my copy of the painting lacks the resolution to be clear but it look like the original date of '99 has been changed to '06
Gryphon (1991)
Gryphon (1991), Boris Vallejo B3.33
Painted for the 1993 Mythology Calendar.
Gryphon (1998)
Gryphon (1998), Boris Vallejo Sketch.050 Although it appears in Sketchbook no additional information is provided for this drawing. My understanding is that this was a private commission.
Gryphon and the Maiden (2006)
Gryphon and the Maiden, Boris Vallejo 2008-Oct This painting is taken from the 2008 Fantasy Calendar. I think it might be a rule that every fantasy calendar should include a maiden being threatened by a ravening beast. The question is: "Will the 7th Cavalry, or similar, get there in time to save her?"

You might like to compare this with the similar painting Condor-Chuqui from 1992.

Gryphon Keeper (1989)
Gryphon Keeper, Boris Vallejo B4.72
This painting was also used on the promotional mini-sheet and the cover of the July 2001 edition of Heavy Metal.
Gryphon's Eerie / Gryphon's Eyrie (1984)
Gryphon's Eyrie, Boris Vallejo B1.04
FAT 57
I presume the spelling to be a subtle pun which one would understand if one knew what book was being illustrated (perhaps Gryphon's Eyrie by Andre Norton & A C Crispin?*.) The title in the Best of Boris set is given as Gryphon's Aire, which I presume to be an error.

* Since confirmed as being the case.

The Guardian (1998)
The Guardian, Boris Vallejo SG.033
Cover art for The Guardian (Bantam Books, 1998) by Angus Wells.
Guardian of the City (1998)
Guardian of the City, Boris Vallejo 2000-Apr Painted for the 2000 Fantasy Calendar.
Guarding the Temple (2020)
Guarding the Temple, Boris Vallejo I hold no information for this drawing.
The Guide (2000)
Discovery, Boris Vallejo 2001-Sep
A painting from the 2001 Fantasy Calendar.
A Guide To Barsoom
A Guide To Barsoom, Boris Vallejo FABV Book cover for A Guide To Barsoom by John Flint Roy (Ballantine Books, 1976.)

Painted 1976.

The Guy's Guide to Baltimore (2004) (BJ)
The Guy's Guide to Baltimore, Boris & Julie Cover art for… I don't know what - I have no information other than that it was cover art!
Gymnastics (1986)
Gymnastics, Boris Vallejo B3.01
Painted for the 1987 Fantasy Olympics Calendar.
Gypsy / Gypsy King
Gypsy King, book cover BJ.69 Cover art for Gypsy King by Charles Runyon jr (Jove, 1979.)

The trading card displays a mirror image of the lower half of the cover. It explains that the upper half is lost and that this is a wrap-around cover. In fact, if it wraps around at all, it is only as far as the spine because the back shows a duplicate of the front, lower image.

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