The Borisography: F

Facade, Boris Vallejo 2014-Mar This is the censored version of Soap Bubble used for the 2014 Fantasy Calendar.
Fairy and Dragon
Fairy and Dragon, Boris Vallejo I do not remember how, or from where, I obtained this image so cannot provide any additional information about the drawing.

Although it is signed "Boris ©" no year is shown. My file is dated 2017,

Fairy of the Dragon's Lair (2000)
Fairy of the Dragon's Lair, Boris Vallejo 2001-Jan
A painting for the 2001 Fantasy Calendar.
Fairy of the Park (BJ)
Fairy of the Park, Boris & Julie FW.102 One of several London themed advertisements promoting Coca-Cola's Oasis range of drinks.

From the proximity of the BT Tower in the background it is obvious that the park in question is Hyde Park.

Fairy of the Unicorn (BJ)
Fairy of the Unicorn, Boris & Julie FW.108 Another of Boris and Julie's London themed Oasis advertisements, this is a view across the River Thames towards the O2 Arena (the former Millenium Dome.) I assume the skyline is fictitious - I never thought to check the last few times I was there!

This is the only one of the ads that I actually saw/noticed - its derivation from Antecorn/Daydream is obvious with Danielle Anjou being replaced by Julie Bell.

Falcon Tamer (1997)
Falcon Tamer, Boris Vallejo 1999-Mar Painted for the 1999 Fantasy Calendar.
Far Country (1993)
Far Country, Boris Vallejo B4.05 Cover for Battletech: Far Country by Peter Rice (Penguin/Roc, 1993.)

This was painted entirely without a reference, which Boris does not like to do and rarely does.

Farona's Sacrifice (2001)
Farona's Sacrifice, Boris Vallejo 2003-Nov This is an untitled 1992 painting reworked (digitally?) for the 2003 Fantasy Calendar.
Fatal Damage (2002)
Fatal Damage, Boris Vallejo 2004-May A painting from the 2004 Fantasy Calendar.

The theme, the relationship between older and younger persons (maybe, parent and child?) is one that Boris has explored several times in the past.

Fausseah's Children (2008)
Tales of Fausseah, Boris Vallejo 2010-Jan One of the artworks used in the 2010 Fantasy Calendar.
Fawal and Gree the Unquotable (1997)
Broken Wing, Boris Vallejo 1999-Feb Painted for the 1999 Fantasy Calendar.
Fearless Rider
Fearless Rider, Boris Vallejo 2020-May Apparently painted for the 2020 Fantasy Calendar.

Workman Puzzles (that's the same Workman as produces the calendars) have brought out a 26⅜" x 18⅞" (W x H) puzzle utilising this painting. However, apart from cropping the top and bottom of the picture they have also stretched the left and right edges to produce the horizontal format.

Fearsome Guardian (2021)
Fearsome Guardian (2021), Boris Vallejo 2023-Jun This image was originally posted by Julie Bell on her Instagram account. Although no information was provided at the time it is now known that it features in the 2023 Fantasy Calendar for the month of June.
Feasting (with Bompas & Parr) (2012) (BJ)
Sam and Harry, Boris & Julie Illustration for the book Feasting with Bompas & Parr by Sam Bompas and Harry Parr (Bompas & Parr, 2012.)

This must be something of a first – a Boris painting for a cookbook! It appeared in the book's Introduction.

For those that don't know, Bompas & Parr made their name with gelatine based products, hence the profusion of jellies in the painting, before expanding into other culinary areas.

Felsa: Kala's Tale (1999)
Kala's Tale, Boris Vallejo 2000-Jun This a composite image of Parting of the Sea digitally combined with a painted overlay to produce this image for the 2000 Fantasy Calendar.
Female Wrestlers (1984)
Female_Wrestlers (8th anniversary), Boris Vallejo B3.28
There are three versions of this fainting showing either 15th or 8th anniversaries or no text at all. Fantasy Art Techniques makes it clear that the original finished painting said 'Happy 15th Anniversary.'

My understanding was that this was intended for National Lampoon whose 15th birthday was April 1985 but I can't see that it was used by them. It was however used as the cover for the April 1985 edition of Heavy Metal who were celebrating their 8th anniversary.

It is the second version, featured in B3 and CD1, that is shown here. It would appear that the colour of the '8' has faded since it was originally published. When published by Verkerke the text was removed entirely, since it would not have been of any relevance to most purchasers.

Ferna's Escape: The Queen's Tale (1999)
The Void, Boris Vallejo 2000-Oct This is a composite digital image produced for the 2000 Fantasy Calendar. The background is an inverted copy of Empire Builders with the girl and landscape overlaid on the left.
Fetch (1970)
Fetch, Boris Vallejo TwinV.103 Cover art for the February 1971 edition of Nightmare magazine by Skywald Publishing. This was the first of three covers Boris provided for that publication.
Fiery Companion (BJ)
Fiery Companion, Boris & Julie 2017-Dec Painted for a quiz card game Wits & Wagers: Epic Geek Edition. The game used six 5" x 8" player boards the backs of which featured specially commisioned artwork from various artists including, of course, a joint piece from Boris & Julie. Unfortunately the project was cancelled in December 2015 after a Kickstarter campaign failed to raise sufficient funds. Despite this, the painting can still be seen in the 2017 Fantasy Calendar.

Although the calendar shows a signature my copy is unsigned. I understand that it was painted in 2015.

Fight for Power
Dragon's Fight, Boris Vallejo 2022.Jul This painting appears on under the title Dragon's Flight but the image file gives it as Dragon's Fight. Since the latter name seems more appropriate I have assumed this to be the correct title.

As expected, the artwork was used for the month of July in the 2022 Fantasy Calendar.

Fighting Back
Fighting Back, Boris Vallejo 2016-Aug The rather gruesome, alien, head on an otherwise human body transforms this apparent standard Tarzan type picture into something rather more unsettling.

The painting was used in the 2016 Fantasy Calendar.

Figure Study (2017)
Figure Study (2017), Boris Vallejo Originally produced for an exhibition this image was subsequently (digitally?) incorporated into the calendar painting Spiritual Seer.
Final Battle (1999)
Final Battle, Boris Vallejo 2000-Mar Painted for the 2000 Fantasy Calendar.
The Final Battle (2005) (BJ)
R Y L: Planet Wide, Boris & Julie 2016-Nov A painting for the online video game R.Y.L Path of the Emperor, this was used for the box's 'Human' interior cover. In addition, the painting was also used in the 2016 Fantasy Calendar.
Final Defeat (BJ)
Final Defeat, Boris & Julie 2015-Feb This is a version of Without Fear modified for use in the 2015 Fantasy Calendar

The painting started life as a promotional piece for Nike. Unlike most paintings that are altered for calendar use this one is unique in that it has been modified to reveal more, rather than hide parts, of the righthand figure.

The Final Planet (1986)
The Final Planet (1986), Boris Vallejo Boris' original artwork for the hardback edition of The Final Planet by Andrew M Greeley (Warner Books, 1987.)
The Final Planet (1987)
Final Planet pb, book cover Boris' second cover for Andrew M Greeley's The Final Planet, this time for the paperback version (Tor, 1988.)
The Final Reflection (1983)
Star Trek: The Final Reflection, book cover Another Star Trek book cover, this time for The Final Reflection by John M Ford (Pocket Pooks, 1984.)
Finding their Roots
Finding their Roots, Boris Vallejo Originally included in an exhibition of artwork painted for Boris' personal enjoyment.

The painting was later included in the 2018 Fantasy Calendar as Earth's Daughter (but only after the usual adjustments, to hide potential blushes, had been made.)

Fire (1980)
Birth, Boris Vallejo CD1
Painted for Mirage.

CD1 was the source of the title (because the book itself doesn't provide any.)

Fire Rider (2007) (BJ)
Fire Rider, Boris & Julie 2009-Aug
This was one of the several paintings produced specially for the 2009 Fantasy Calendfar.
A Fire Upon the Deep (1992)
A Fire upon the Deep, Boris Vallejo B4.75 Book cover for A Fire Upon the Deep by Vernor Vinge (Tor Books, 1992.)
Fire Witch (1980)
Fire Witch, Boris Vallejo Mirage Painted as an illustration for Mirage.
Firedance / Firewalker (1986)
Firedance, Boris Vallejo B2.58
Cover art for Firedance by Scott Baker (Tor Books, 1986.)
Firestorm (2013)
Indomitus Vivat, Boris Vallejo 2016-Apr
This lively painting is the cover art for Indomitus Vivat, a self-published fantasy tale by Robert W. Brady jr from, apparently, 2012. (I say apparently because the painting is dated 2013.)

This is the second of three paintings produced for the first three of Brady's Fovean Chronicles.

A copy of the painting was also utilised in the 2016 Fantasy Calendar.

Firethorn, Boris Vallejo 2016-Jan Another of the paintings from the 2016 Fantasy Calendar.
First Love (1981)
First Love, Boris Vallejo B2.42
Painted as an illustration for Mirage.

The titles for First Love and Alone are interchanged on the CD.
Painted 1981.

The First Mother's Fire (2007) (BJ)
The First Mother's Fire, Boris & Julie Dland.142 Wraparound cover art for The First Mother's Fire, book one in W L Hoffman's The Soulstealer War series (Dog Ear Publishing, 2007).

You may want to check out The Splintering Realm for the cover of the second book in the series.

Fist of Anger (1996)
Genesis, Boris Vallejo MM96.57 One of Boris' paintings for the Marvel Masterpieces '96 trading card set.

Genesis first appeared in X-Force #1 in 1991. Like many superhero characters, his backstory is so complicated that I don't feel inclined to add any more information.

Fitness (2003) (BJ)
Fitness, Boris & Julie Ult_Ill.125 This was a t-shirt design for a bodybuilding contest.

Boris and Julie were commissioned for this piece but at the time Julie was unwell and was only able to draw the circular design in the background!

Fitness on the Beach (1988)
Hawaii Three-0, Boris Vallejo B2.71 The trading card erroneously says this is a 1978 work but it is actually dated 1988!

The trading card also gives the title as Hawaii 3-O. Assuming this to be a play on the name of the TV series Hawaii 5-0, I've assumed the last character to be zero rather than the capital letter O. (I'm aware that the name of the revived TV series did use a capital O but this wasn't until many years after (2010) both the painting and trading card were produced.)

Five of Wands (2009)
Five of Wands, Boris Vallejo Tarot Painted for the Tarot series in Heavy Metal magazine, this appeared in the edition of July 2009.
5000 Volts (1993)
D.R.T., Boris Vallejo BJ17 Cover for Battletech: D.R.T. by James Long (Penguin/Roc, 1994.)

The model for the main figure is Ron Coleman, once Mr Olympia, a personal trainer at Boris' gym and frequently a subject in his paintings.

Flag of Convenience (1996)
Flag of Convenience, Boris Vallejo MM96.45 One of four paintings of Spider-Man Boris produced for the Marvel Masterpieces '96 trading card set, this one shows him in a classic pose.
Flaming Hair (1997)
Sweet Chastity, Boris Vallejo Illustration of Sweet Chastity for the September 1997 edition of Penthouse Comix.

Sweet Chastity is the innocent, pink-haired heroine of the eponymous strip-cartoon series in the magazine who, inevitably, ends up in a state of undress. For this particular edition, six artists (Boris, Julie Bell and four others) were each asked to paint a pin-up of her and this was Boris' interpretation of her.

Flash (1994)
Flash (1994), Boris Vallejo '94 This painting of the classic DC superhero was executed for the DC Master Series trading card set. It was his only contribution to the set.
Flash Gordon (1980)
Flash Gordon, Boris Vallejo Drawn as the cover for volume #4 of a four volume set of Flash Gordon graphic novels. It was also used for the box art and advertising posters too.

The artwork is a black and white line drawing which has been 'colourised' - in fact the book, box cover and poster (the version shown here) all appear to have been individually colourised since none of them are quite identical.

Flight (1980)
Flight (1980), Boris Vallejo B2.07
Painted as an illustration for Mirage.

This was, apparently, a controversial painting - presumably, the objectors have a curious notion of the anatomy of horses. (But they may have point: this centaur has two extra pairs of limbs (wings and arms) an extra torso and most of an extra abdomen so who's to say what other, hidden, parts are also duplicated!).

Flight (1984)
Flight (1984), Boris Vallejo CD1
Painted as an illustration for Enchantment.
The Flight of the Horse
The Flight of the Horse, Boris Vallejo FABV
This is the cover of Larry Niven's book with the same title (Ballantine, 1973) but this was presumably painted for a later edition.
Flight of the Pegasus
Flight of the Pegasus, Boris Vallejo A painting which appeared on Boris and Julie's website so no additional information is available.

The painting was combined with Waiting for Pegasus to provide the composite image Pegasus at Dawn for the 2022 Fantasy Calendar.

Floating Island (1989)
TekWar, Boris Vallejo B4.S2
Cover of William Shatner's TekWar. The hardcover version has the full painting, the paperback only has the left half.
Flower Princess (2003)
Flower Princess, Boris Vallejo 2005-Nov This painting is from the 2005 Fantasy Calendar.

It would appear that Boris drew inspiration for the design from his Day and Night and Light and Darkness pair of drawings.

Flower Touch (2015)
Flower Touch, Boris Vallejo Originally featuring in an exhibition of paintings produced for Boris' enjoyment'

A modified version was used for the centrepiece of the 2017 Fantasy Calendar under the title Passion Flower.

Flowering Nest (1994)
Flowering Nest, Boris Vallejo BJ.74
Painted for the 1995 Fantasy Calendar.
Flowing Friendship
Flowing Friendship, Boris Vallejo 2021-Jul Painting featured in the 2021 Fantasy Calendar.

This painting is unsigned nor does the calendar give any indication as to who the artist was. However, I feel confident in saying that this must be a Boris, or maybe a Boris & Julie, artwork.

Flying Centaur
Flight (1980), Boris Vallejo B2.07
Painted as an illustration for Mirage.

This was, apparently, a controversial painting - presumably, the objectors have a curious notion of the anatomy of horses. (But they may have point: this centaur has two extra pairs of limbs (wings and arms) an extra torso and most of an extra abdomen so who's to say what other, hidden, parts are also duplicated!).

Flying Menace (1978)
The Web of Wizardry, Boris Vallejo B3.39
FAT 100
Book cover for The Web of Wizardry (Del Rey, 1978) by Jaunita Coulson.
The Flying Sorcerers
The Flying Sorcerers, Boris Vallejo B3.63
Cover art for The Flying Sorcerers by Larry Niven (Ballantine/Del Ray, 1977,) I am told (and I thought I had all Niven's books.)
The Flying Sorcerers (rear)
The Flying Sorcerers (back), Boris Vallejo B3.63
Cover art for the back cover of The Flying Sorcerers by Larry Niven (Ballantine/Del Ray, 1977.)

See above for the front cover.

Food for a Cold Night
Penguin, Boris Vallejo A cartoon used to illustrate a Julie Bell blog post, on 30 January 2010, under the title Food for a Cold Night. This related to an exremely cold day when it was 14°F (-10°C) and nobody felt like going shopping. The article gave the recipe for their meal made using available ingredients.

I assume this was drawn in 2010, immediately before Julie's post.

Football Hero (1984)
American Football, Boris Vallejo B1.73
FAT 51
Painted for an article about professional football in the August 1984 edition of Playboy. The article and painting referenced Super Bowl XVIII so it is no surprise that Boris painted Lyle Alzado, of Los Angeles Raiders, holding up a shredded Washington Redskins shirt. Raiders won 38-9 setting Super Bowl records for most points and highest winning margin.

Footbal Hero - lefthand detail, Boris VallejoThe painting was subsequently acquired from Hugh Hefner by one of his Bunnies who was responsible for having the lefthand side overpainted like this:

Forbidden Land (2000)
Forbidden Land, Boris Vallejo 2002-Feb This was apparently painted for the 2002 Fantasy Calendar.

You may like to compare this with Tarzan, the cover painting for the 1978 calendar, with which this one bears a distinct similarity.

Forces from the Federation (1980)
Forces from the Federation, Boris Vallejo FAT 99 Book cover for Ace books: Flash Gordon 4: Forces from the Federation, by David Hagberg.
Ford Motor Co (2004) (BJ)
The Evil Twin, Boris & Julie Imagstx.090 This was painted for the Ford Motor Co to advertise their Ka model. The name derives from the tagline used in the ads.

Although the painting is unsigned it did have a signature on the advertising hoarding where I first saw it.

The painting was digitally modified to produce Strife in the Sky for the 2005 Fantasy Calendar.

Forest Rancor (BJ) (2009)
Forest Rancor, Boris & Julie This painting appears in Star Wars Art: Visions (Abrams Books, 2010) which features, as its name indicates, the Star Wars art by 100 respected artists. I believe, but am not sure, that this was painted for the book.

According to Wookieepedia the Forest Rancor is a subspecies of rancor found on the planet Felucia. It does not explain how a species of wild animal managed to migrate to a new planet in the first place!

Forever Castle (2011)
Forever Castle, Boris Vallejo 2012-Dec This classic fantasy scene was included in the 2012 Fantasy Calendar.
Forever Moments (1979)
Forever Moments, Boris Vallejo CD1
Painted as an illustration for Mirage where it where it was coupled with the poem Forever Moments.
Forsake the Sky (1985)
Forsake the Sky, Boris Vallejo B2.89 Cover art for Forsake the Sky (Tor Books, 1986) by Tim Powers.

I presume from the alternative title (Dorian) that the model is Boris' son Dorian.

Forward, Boris Vallejo 2013-May
This painting first appeared in the 2013 Fantasy Calendar.

The painting is neither signed nor dated but Dreamland tells us that the artist was Boris.

The Four Elements / The Four Elementals (2011)
The Four Elements, Boris Vallejo 2016-Mar Although this painting was used in the 2016 Fantasy Calendar I'm fairly sure it was not painted for that purpose.
The Four Elements: Air (2002)
Air, Boris Vallejo Ult_Ill.105 One of four drawings, two by Boris and the other two by Julie, illustrating the four traditional elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Boris and Julie intended the drawings as designs for a set of sculptures produced by themselve rather than through a third party. Ultimately they experienced too many hurdles and did not proceed with the project.

See Water for Boris' other drawing in the set. Julie's drawings can be seen in the The Ultimate Illustrations book page.

The Four Elements: Water (2002)
Water, Boris Vallejo Ult_Ill.102 The second of Boris' two drawings for the traditional four elements set.

As detailed at Air the project behind the drawings, sadly, never reached completion.

The Four Horsemen / The Four Riders (1987)
Four Horsemen, Boris Vallejo B3.43
Apparently painted for Verkerke in The Netherlands and produced by them as a 62 x 93 cm Maxi Poster.

The four horsemen/riders in question are, from left to right, Pestilence, War, Famine and Death and are better nown as the biblical Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. They are all correctly depicted on their correctly coloured horses (white, red, black and green) and, where specified, with their correct weaponry and accoutrements.

Four of Pentacles (2007)
Four of Pentacles, Boris Vallejo Tarot One of the Tarot series of paintings, this was featured in the March 2008 edition of Heavy Metal magazine.
The Four Wishes (1983)
Four Wishes, Boris Vallejo CD1
FAT 73
Cover art for The Four Wishes: Cheon of Weltanland #1 by Charlotte Stone (Daw, 1983.)
Frankenstein (1971)
Frankenstein (1971), Boris Vallejo TwinV.102 Cover art for the May 1971 edition of Psycho magazine which featured part II of the serialised Frankenstein story.
Frankenstein (1993)
Frankenstein (1993), Boris Vallejo B4.82 Cover for Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (Tor Books, 1994.)

Quite obviously, this is the monster, not the surgeon. Also used as a promotional card for the Boris 4 set.

The Frankenstein Monster Runs Amok
The Frankenstein Monster Runs Amok, Boris Vallejo Cover art for the June 1974 edition (issue #6) of Monsters Unleashed.

The different interpretation of the monster, when compared to the previous painting, would have been dictated by the magazine's previous charactisations of him.

Franklin Richards (1996)
Psi Lord, Boris Vallejo MM96.34 Another Marvel character painted for the Marvel Masterpieces 1996 (Fleer/Skybox, 1996) trading card set. This is a depiction of Franklin Richards in his teenage guise of Psi-Lord.
Free (2000)
Free!, Boris Vallejo SG.065
In The Ultimate Illustrations in the text accompanying this drawing Boris says that "…a woman and a reptile" is a frequent request (and he has done many such artworks over the years.) This would imply, and is indeed the case, that this was a commissioned drawing.
Free! (2002)
Angel's Freedom, Boris Vallejo 2006,centre Featured as the centrepiece of the 2006 Fantasy Calendar. Given that the painting is dated 3 years before the calendar was issued, I assume it was painted for some other purpose.
Conan the Freebooter, Boris Vallejo B3.57
Cover for Conan the Freebooter by Robert E Howard & L Sprague de Camp.

This is one of several Boris paintings which are Conan book cover illustrations but which do not include "Conan" in the title, presumably for copyright reasons. However, I've also listed them under Conan the… anyway so head to Conan of Aquilonia onwards if you want to see them in one place.

Possibly the best of these (see In Search of the Great Horned Beast) I have seen only as an autographed poster, for which I am not prepared to pay $100!

Freedom (1992)
Freedom (1992), Boris Vallejo BoB.40 Painted as a movie poster. The movie was cancelled so the painting was never used.
Freedom (1999) (BJ)
Freedom (1999), Boris & Julie 2001-Dec This painting doesn't exist, it being a digital composite produced for the 2001 Fantasy Calendar. It is made up of three separate paintings, each apparently painted for the purpose: the 1999 painting Pyramids (Boris & Julie,) the male figure (Boris) and the female figure (Julie.)
Freedom (2006)
Freedom (2006), Boris Vallejo 2008-Aug
Originally painted as a live demo piece for a Society of Illustrators event in 2006, this painting was subsequently featured in the 2008 Fantasy Calendar for the month of August.
Freedom (2008)
Touch of Freedom, Boris Vallejo 2009-Centre This painting was used for the centrepiece of the 2009 Fantasy Calendar.
Freya (1992)
Freya, Boris Vallejo B4.31
German mythology: One of the wives of Odin, the lovely Valkyrie Freya was the German goddess of love. With her great strength, each day she pulled away the darkness that covered the sun and made way for the brilliance of daylight. Her magic golden necklace, a gift that Odin had forged for her in the sun, helped Freya subdue the darkness.
Friend or Foe? (1997)
Friend or Foe, Boris Vallejo 1999-May Painted for the 1999 Fantasy Calendar.
Friends (2006)
Friends, Boris Vallejo Dland.110 This painting was used to create the 2012 image What Next? used in the 2014 Fantasy Calendar. Apart from this I have no information as to the purpose of the painting.
From Infinity to Eternity (1995)
From Infinity to Eternity, Boris Vallejo BJ.89
Painted as the centrepiece for the 1996 calendar.
From the Ashes
From the Ashes, Boris Vallejo 2022.Apr Produced for the 2022 Fantasy Calendar, this version of the phoenix legend is a (digitally?) modified version of Queen of Wands from the Tarot series of paintings.

The calendar image is signed 'Boris ©' in the bottom right. My thumbnail was made from the version which shows slightly more of the work but is unsigned.

From the Sea to the Cosmos (2009)
From the Sea to the Cosmos, Boris Vallejo 2011-May
This is a painting that was featured in the 2011 Fantasy Calendar.
Full Moon (1984)
Full Moon (1984), Boris Vallejo B3.30
FAT 26
Story illustration for Full Moon.
Full Moon (1996)
Full Moon (1996), Boris Vallejo MM96.93 This portrait of Wolverine is another painting for the Marvel Masterpieces 1996 trading card set.
Full Moon (1999)
Buffy and Angel, Boris Vallejo Issued as a 22" x 29" lithograph by in 2000. Some sources state that this was a limited edition print but the print doesn't indicate this nor is it signed. My suspicion is that it is a print that sold in limited quantities rather than being a limited edition.
The Furies (1991)
The Furies, Boris Vallejo B3.03
Painted for the 1992 Mythology Calendar.

Greek mythology: The Furies visited vengeance on mortals who had offended the gods.

Julie Bell posed for the main figure in this painting.

The Future is Here (1987)
The Future is Here, Boris Vallejo BJ.76
Not evident at this scale is that the Tyrannosaurus rex is about to gobble up a spacecraft.
The Future is Now (2013)
High and Wild, Boris Vallejo According to a FaceBook post by Julie Bell, this painting was offered for sale on the old Imaginistix (now web site. I got the impression it was painted on spec purely for that purpose.
Futuristic NYC View
Futuristic NYC View, unknown artist I would guess that this is a magazine illustration but it is only a guess as I have absolutely no information regarding this unsigned artwork.

This painting was included here because it was sold by a major auction company as being by Boris. Doubts have been cast upon this attribution and further research shows that some four years later the same company sold the painting again, this time as a work by John Berkey. I found the painting on a John Berkey site where they are aware of its previous history. They opine that it isn't by Berkey nor do they think it is by Boris either suggesting instead that it may be the work of Cecil Kim. I think this new attribution unlikely since he has only been active since 1996 whereas Charles Martignette, the original collector of the painting, specialised in illustration and pin-up art from from a much earlier period. The jury is still out on this piece but I am inclining to the view that it is not by Boris.

Future Trouble (1990)
TekLords, Boris Vallejo BJ.70 Cover for one of William Shatner's Tek books, in this case TekLords (Ace Books, 1991.)

Boris has done cover paintings for several of these books.

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