The Borisography: K

Kalevanpojat (1992)
Kalevanpojat, Boris Vallejo B3.05
Painted for the 1993 Mythology Calendar.

Finnish Mythology: The giant Kalevanpojat was created by the goddess Ailej from burned trees after a forest fire, and had the ability to turn fertile land into heaps of stones, or wasteland into marshy meadows, with his magic sickle.

It appears inverted in the Best of Boris set.

Kamal (1993)
Kamal, Boris Vallejo B4.H4
Painted for the 1994 Mythology Calendar.

In Icelandic mythology, an enormous spider named Cariden possessed an enchanted golden sword that would grant its owner any wish that was spoken out loud. Cariden would hang the sword in her web to lure winged fairies inside where they would be trapped and devoured. The brave and bewitching fairy Kamal tricked Cariden by entrancing her with fascinating stories. When she was close to the sword, Kamal touched it and it became hers. She then killed Cariden and became queen of the fairies.

Karate Kick (1986)
Karate Kick, Boris Vallejo BJ.56 One of the series of advertising images for the Chess King chain.
Keeper of History (2009)
From the Sea to the Cosmos, Boris Vallejo 2011-May
This is a painting that was featured in the 2011 Fantasy Calendar.
Keepers of the Gate
Keepers of the Gate, Boris Vallejo Cover art for the paperback version of Keepers of the Gate by Steven G Spruill (Dell Publishing, 1978.)
Keepers of the Light (1982)
Keepers of the Light, Boris Vallejo One of several ads that Boris did for Michelob Brewing Co - in this case, the product is Michelob Light Beer.
The Kick (1994)
Close Quarters, Boris Vallejo BJ.07 Cover for Battletech: Close Quarters (Penguin/Roc, 1994) by Victor Milan.

The kicker is modelled by Julie Bell, and the kickee by Cathy Thole, another great artist trained by Boris.

Killing Time
Star Trek: Killing Time, book cover As can be seen, cover art for Killing Time, another Star Trek novel, this time by Della van Hise (Pocket Books, 1985.)

Apparently the first edition had to be recalled for editorial changes, but not until over 100,000 had been sent to book stores etc, making it a bit of a collector's item.

King of Swords (2008)
King of Swords, Boris Vallejo Tarot This painting from the Tarot series was published in the January 2009 edition of Heavy Metal.
The King's Ship / King David's Spaceship (1980)
King David's Spaceship, Boris Vallejo B4.66 Painted as cover for King David's Spaceship by Jerry Pournelle (Timescape, 1981.)
The King's Daughter (1979)
The King's Daughter, Boris Vallejo B3.54
FAT 87
A cover piece for King's Daughter by Jane Gaskell (Pocket Books, 1979.) Originally published in 1958, it is a prequel to her Atlan series (all of which have also featured artwork by Boris.)
Kira (2001)
Shedding, Boris Vallejo 2003-Oct This painting was used for the month of October in the 2003 Fantasy Calendar.
Kiss My Hand
Kiss My Hand, Boris Vallejo 2003-Apr I am fairly confident that this was painted for the 2003 Fantasy Calendar.
Kiss of the Temptress (2017)
Kiss of the Temptress, Boris Vallejo Painted for an exhibition, this is Boris' version (inversion?) of the Temptation of Eve story.

You might want to look at the sculpture shown in the top-left corner of the painting – here's a close-up for those of you whose eyes are not up to the task.

Kneeling Medusa (1982)
Kneeling Medusa, Boris Vallejo Mirage
This very popular piece is one of the unnamed drawings from Mirage (in fact none of the drawings are named in any version of the book.)

The UK artist Oliver Tupton produced a small (approximately 22cm high) sculpture based on this design. Resin casts were available in at least three colours: Ivory (off-white with golden snakes,) overall pewter and overall bronze finishes.

Knight and the Dragon
The Dragon and the George 1, Boris Vallejo B2.15
This was the cover art for the original version of The Dragon & the George by Gordon R Dickson (Del Ray, 1976,) the first book in his Dragon Knight series. See the next painting for cover used when the book was reprinted for SFBC.

Boris has a picture of Boris posed for this painting: he's wearing a rented suit of armour and sitting on a rocking horse! Very undignified but, if the painting is anything to go by, it served its purpose well.

The painting is undated but FABV gives the year as 1976.

Knight on Wheels / Knightriders
Knightriders, Boris Vallejo B1.70
Portfolio 25
Movie poster for the film Knightriders (United Artists, 1981) starring Ed Harris.

Knightriders - poster detailCuriously, the painting appears to be unsigned whereas the poster definitely shows Boris' signature at bottom left.

Painted 1980.

Kodak (2002)
Kodak_2002, Boris Vallejo FW.115 A promotional piece for the Kodak company.

Boris did at least two other paintings for the company in 2001 and 2003 respectively. They were both for their Excel Sword range of thermal printing plates and therefore showed warrior types wielding swords. This painting shows a laser-equiped scorpion so presumably is for a different product range.

Kodak (2003)
Kodak_2003, Boris Vallejo Advertisement for Sword Excel™ thermal printing plates for the Kodak company.

This was the second painting for this same product. I don't have a copy of that artwork but see The Conqueror Comes for a modified version.

Knighted (1993)
Assumption of Risk, Boris Vallejo BJ.10 Cover for Battletech: Assumption of Risk (Penguin/Roc, 1993) by Michael Stackpole.
Krungnir Battling Thor (1988)
Krungnir Battling Thor, Boris Vallejo B3.45
A painting for the 1989 Mythology Calendar.

Norse Mythology: In a moment of drunkenness, Krungnir the Giant challenged Thor the Thunder God to a fight. Krungnir then decided to improve his chances of defeating Thor by having an even larger giant (nine miles and one furlong high) built out of clay. During the confrontation, Krungnir hurled a huge whetstone at Thor. But he had not counted on Thor's magic hammer, which collided with the whetstone, smashed it to bits, and went on to cleave Krungnir's skull in two. The clay man, seeing this, trembled so violently that he disintegrated into dust.

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