Books: Atlantis

Illustrator: Boris Vallejo
Size: 11 x 8.375 ins
Pages: 100 (excl. covers)
Publisher: Apache Communications International
Published: 1983
  Atlantis - front coverCover: Chakra II   Atlantis - back coverRear Cover: Mademoiselle

Although it only contains three Boris paintings this book is included because it is the only source for two of them. Having said that, obtaining a copy of this rare publication is another matter!

This graphic novel is the result of eccentric (according to Wikipedia) businessman/media-magnate Geoff Stirling's attempt to create the first Canadian comic superhero. This character, Captain Newfoundland, debuted in 1979 in the Stirling owned Newfoundland Herald. Stirling was unsuccessful insofar as there were already existing Canadian superheroes but his new character was nevertheless a success in Newfoundland (the character's, and Stirling's, home province.) The basis of the stories is that Newfoundland is all that remains of Atlantis and that Captain Newfoundland, who also goes by the name of Captain Atlantis, is a surviving Atlantian.

An amalgam of the original comic strips was published in an earlier graphic novel in 1981. This later volume repeats one of those stories but also contains some newer material. Stirling was a great believer in eastern mysticism and this features strongly in the storylines. A side effect of this is that the story chapters are called Chakras. The paintings have been listed in the index as Chakra II to Chakra IV.

It was intended that this be a two-part issue and research suggested that the second volume was never released. I have since found a scan of the (exceedingly rare) book, or at least one utilising its title (The Legend of Captain Atlantis) which was published in 1989. I do not have access to the book so only the cover appears in the Borisography.

Chakra II, Boris Vallejo50 Chakra II Mademoiselle, Boris Vallejo51 Mademoiselle Chakra IV, Boris VallejoInside back cover Chakra IV

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