Trading Card Part Sets: 1995

DC versus Marvel (Fleer/Skybox)

This consists of a basic set of 100 cards by various artists and a number of chase card subsets. Here we are interested in one subset of 18 cards which is further subdivided into two sets, JLA vs Avengers (cards 1-9) by Boris and X-Men vs Teen Titans (cards 10-18) by Julie Bell. These two sets each comprise nine segments of a larger painting which can either be assembled from the individual cards or seen in the two uncut sheets. The uncut sheets were available as case inserts (one per box) and as promotional items.

Impact Cards: JLA vs Avengers (Boris)
1/18 ThorJLA vs Avengers: 01 Thor, Boris Vallejo 2/18 MetamorphoJLA vs Avengers: 02 Metamorpho, Boris Vallejo 3/18 Iron ManJLA vs Avengers: 03 Iron Man, Boris Vallejo
4/18 Crimson FoxJLA vs Avengers: 04 Crimson Fox, Boris Vallejo 5/18 Wonder Woman/Black WidowJLA vs Avengers: 05 Wonder Woman & Black Widow, Boris Vallejo 6/18 HawkmanJLA vs Avengers: 06 Hawkman, Boris Vallejo
7/18 QuicksilverJLA vs Avengers: 07 Quicksilver, Boris Vallejo 8/18 FlashJLA vs Avengers: 08 Flash, Boris Vallejo 9/18 HawkeyeJLA vs Avengers: 09 Hawkeye, Boris Vallejo
Impact Cards: X-Men vs Teen Titans (Julie Bell)
10/18 Gambit (J)JLA vs Avengers: 10 Gambit, Julie Bell 11/18 Supergirl (J)JLA vs Avengers: 11 Supergirl, Julie Bell 12/18 Beast (J)JLA vs Avengers: 12 Beast, Julie Bell
13/18 Split (J)JLA vs Avengers: 13 Split, Julie Bell 14/18 Cyclops/Nightwing (J)JLA vs Avengers: 14 Cyclops & Nightwing, Julie Bell 15/18 The Atom (J)JLA vs Avengers: 15 The Atom, Julie Bell
16/18 Rogue (J)JLA vs Avengers: 16 Rogue, Julie Bell 17/18 Impulse (J)JLA vs Avengers: 17 Impulse, Julie Bell 18/18 Wolverine (J)JLA vs Avengers: 18 Wolverine, Julie Bell
Uncut Sheets (case insert)
JLA vs AvengersJLA vs Avengers, Boris Vallejo   X-Men vs Teen Titans (J)X-Men vs Teen Titans, Julie Bell

Fleer Ultra Spider-Man (Fleer)

A 150 card set plus 5 chase sets. Boris and Julie artwork was used for two of the nine Golden Web chase cards. The same artwork was also used for two of the ten Ultraprint oversized case-insert cards.

Golden Web & Ultraprint cards (6½" x 10")
1/9 Black CatBlack_Cat (1994), Boris Vallejo 3/9 Hobgoblin (J)Hobgoblin, Julie Bell

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (Skybox)

A basic set of 90 cards based around the TV series starring Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher. The set is mainly photographs of the couple but Boris and Julie provided artwork for the Holochip Etched Foils chase card set (which is printed on a holographic background.) The same six card set was also available as an uncut sheet but I have no information regarding the issue of this item.

Holochip Etched Foils & Uncut Sheet
BJ1 Romantic Triangle (J)Romantic Triangle, Julie Bell BJ2 Hot Couple of Reporters (J)Hot Couple of Reporters, Julie Bell BJ3 Belle Curve (J)Belle Curve, Julie Bell
BJ4 Man of SteelMan_of_Steel, Boris Vallejo BJ5 Date with an AngelDate with an Angel, Boris Vallejo BJ6 Opposites AttractOpposites Attract, Boris Vallejo

Star Wars Galaxy 3 (Topps)

There is only one Boris card in this set which, sadly, is only half the normal size since it was used on the reverse of the card. My apologies for the poor quality thumbnail - I couldn't find a better image.

291 (back)(untitled)Star Wars (1993) - preliminary art, Boris Vallejo

Star Wars MasterVisions (Topps)

This set is made up of 36 previous images from Topps earlier Star Wars series but this time in a larger format of 6.5 x 10.1875 inches. Needless to say Boris' sole contribution was represented in this set.

13Droids, Boris Vallejo

Visions of Vampirella (Topps)

The base set is comprised of several subsets totalling 90 cards. Boris and Jule each made a single contribution to the New Visions subset. Apparently, Boris' artwork was also used to advertise the series too.

New Visions subset
77 (J)Vampirella (1994), Julie Bell 89Vampirella, Boris Vallejo

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