Update History

The current schedule is:

2022 October 29

Apart from the usual minor updates I've added a new painting Equanimity from Boris & Julie.
I have now received my 2023 Fantasy Calendar and updated the page with the centrepiece details but I have yet to include the correct painting.

2022 October 01

Only a few, minor, updates this week. I hope to post more extensive updates next month.

2022 September 23

Sorry to those, if any, who have been checking weekly for the next update – I have been busy with other projects. This week's changes are:
1. I have finally got full details of the Verkerke 1980 Boris's Heroes calendar – thanks Geoneasha.
2. I have added two more images to the provisional 2023 Fantasy Calendar – I just need the centrepiece details now. For some reason the calendar has been published much later than usual and although it is now available in USA it is not due to be published in UK for another month.
2. I've done the usual website housekeeping, updating a few thumbnails and amending some index pages as more information becomes available.

2022 July 30

Only a few changes since last time: apart from updating a few thumbnails I've also added the preliminary artwork for The High Couch of Silistra to the preliminary artwork page.

2022 July 16

Added two new images to the Untitled page: an undated figure study and an untitled junglescape. I've also moved Beacon's Call to the main index now that I have a title for it.

2022 July 02

Although not yet resolved my technical problems have been considerably eased so that I am now able to resume updating the site.
As well as the usual minor corrections and a few updated thumbnails I have now got a title for the previously untitled Axeman painting and also added the paintings Cosmic Entanglement and The Great Escape, all three of which will be appearing in next year's calendar.

2022 June 11

My technical problems have not yet been resolved so I have not been able to make the usual update. I have therefore been concentrating on other projects but have nevertheless managed to make some changes:
1. Added a page showing Boris' record/album covers (see .)
2. Added some new artworks:
The Legend of Captain Atlantis, Sunset Confrontation and the untitled To Bob
3. The usual minor updates and corrections.

2022 April 09

My continuing apologies for the lack of updates caused by a combination of circumstances, some of which are ongoing so I don't expect to do another update before the end of the month.
Apart from the usual minor updates and corrections I've:
1. Added the Colophon page.
2. Updated the Preliminary Artwork page to include Of Men and Monsters.
3. Added Boris' and Julie's, as yet untitled, latest artwork to the index as Looking for trouble (my working title!)

2022 February 26

My apologies for the lack of updates recently due to illness and the subsequent need to deal with other outstanding work.
Apart from the usual minor updates and corrections I've added the untitled 1978 warrior woman painting to the index and updated the Preliminary Art page to include the artwork for The Ginger Star.

2022 January 22

Finally got round to adding the final three Nike images into the index and also added the 2012 Conan and Girl drawing.
I've managed to find images of a few more Hyborian Gates cards and have updated the page accordingly.

2022 January 15

I have added a page in the Miscellaneous section for the Chess King paintings.
Updated the Marvel Masterpieces page regarding the identity of a previously unidentified painting.

2022 January 04

I have made a couple of cosmetic changes to the site:
1. I have removed the 'Under New Management' banner.
2. I have made the background image slightly less obtrusive. It is also based on an actual Boris signature rather than the stylised version that appears in several books.
3. I changed the homepage masthead. I wasn't able to clean up the original so determined to reconstruct it. I couldn't match the font used by Hercules but found several that were not too dissimilar and finally chose BorisBlackBloxx because of its name.

2021 December 23

Sorry about the disruption of my original update schedule - I hope to resume this early in the new year.
In the interim I have added two new Boris & Julie artworks to the index – Together in the Cosmos and Unstoppable – as well as updating a few thumbnails etc.

As this is the last update of the year may I, in these troubled times, take this opportunity to wish you all Happy Christmas and a Prosperous, Healthy New Year.

2021 November 13

My apologies for the lack of updates recently – I originally decided to take a break but ongoing health issues since then make it difficult to do additional work. I will resume updates as soon as I can but in the meantime I have managed to add in a few outstanding updates which include three new paintings: Crystal Oasis, Demonic Train and the untitled 'Axeman'.

2021 September 18

Apart from the usual amendments I've added a number of images from other pages not already in the index.
A count of the images in the index and Prelims pages comes to 1,400 paintings and drawings. On top of that there are 37 interior illustrations (see Achilles' Choice, Fight the Enemy and Micronauts) and a larger number of minor sketches and drawings from the other books which brings the total to close to 1,500 Boris artworks.

2021 September 11

I've made a few amendments/corrections to the index pages and added a number of new entries, some from other pages but also about ten completely new images.
I'm continuing to review my collections to find other missing images for inclusion in the index etc.

2021 September 04

There were no updates last week because I was away from home (and also suffered a computer failure.)
The background changes have been completed and I have also added a few new images – Butterflies, Commandos, Spirit of Nature and the untitled drawing Girl with Dragon.

2021 August 21

I'm still working on background improvements which have also brought to light a couple of errors which I corrected
I've also managed to add a few more images to the index pages - mainly ones that appeared on othe pages though a couple are completely new to the site.

2021 August 14

Sorry for the apparent lack of updates – blame the Olympics (though I have been continuing the background updates too.)
Over the last few days I have added about 15 new images to the indices although some of them already appeared on other pages beforehand.

2021 July 24

Over the last few weeks I have been making some background changes to the website. Some of you may have noticed changes to the layout of a few pages but apart from this there would (probably) be no visible changes to the site.
Incidental to the changes, I have corrected a couple of errors resulting in four new entries in the indices but no new images have been added.
I have updated the Best of Boris trading cards page to include the Uncut Six-Card Strip and also uploaded new images for the Spike: Heart & Soul subset (I used a scan of the uncut sheet so the images are now all of a consistent colour.)

2021 July 03

Once again, the usual amendments and a few additions to the index.
You may want to look at Futuristic NYC View which, it appears. may not be a painting by Boris. I'm still looking into this but it does currently appear that it is by another artist.

2021 July 01

No major update this month but I have, at last, completed the page for Sketchbook. Since many of the images therein do not appear anywhere else on the site, putting this page up did involve a lot of work. As a side-effect of the delay, I have also included 21 images that I didn't originally intend to post.

2021 June 26

Updated the Preliminary Artwork page with a few more artworks and…
Added a few more new entries to the indices.

2021 June 19

Added the remaining Star Trek covers and a couple of new images
Made a few alterations and corrections to the index pages.

2021 June 12

I've continued adding more artworks to the indices which now total 1,200 different images. This, together with the drawings and sketches included on the Preliminary Artwork page amounts to over 1,300 separate artworks. For those that are interested, that's more than 200 new images since 1 January.

2021 June 01

No major updates this month - with the current relaxations of some of the Covid-19 restrictions I have been rather busy over the last month. Less major changes are:
Obtained the remaining 2022 calendar image so added the 2022 Fantasy Calendar page and
I've started adding the Star Trek paintings - most of these are cover images, unfortunately, rather than the actual paintings.
The usual amendments and a couple of other additions to the indices.

2021 May 22

As usual, Iv'e made a number of amendments to the indices.
I have also added a number of new entries, most of which already appeared on the other non-index pages but also several new ones from the 2022 Fantasy Calendar. I will include the calendar page once I know what all the paintings are (I have all bar one!)

2021 May 08

No major changes, just a few corrections and additional entries for artworks that are already in the indices.
I am currently checking which artworks are missing from the index and when this is done I will start adding them.

2021 May 01

Despite the lack of postings on this page I have continued to make updates to the index pages.
I have now added the Miscellaneous page. I should add that as well as expanding some of the pages I will also be adding new ones too over the next few months.

2021 April 10

Since I April I've been making a concerted effort to add in the, so far, undocumented images and work on this is continuing.
I have also updated a number of images and continued to make corrections/alterations where deemed necessary.

2021 April 03

Continued to add more images to the indices.
You may also care to note that the Preliminary Artwork page contains about 100 additional images which do not appear in the indices. I have no plans to add them though most do appear elsewhere within the Borisography.

2021 April 01

Monthly update: added the Preliminary Artwork page.
Although I have not been posting details here I have nevertheless been working in the background amending, correcting and updating the indices.

2021 March 06

A few adjustments made to the indices but no new images added.
I forgot to mention, last week, that I added a page for the 1980 Boris's Heroes calendar by Verkerke Reprodukties of The Netherlands.

2021 March 01

No weekly updates made for the last month due to my being busy on other projects. I have however made a couple of minor changes.
For the monthly update I had added the Portfolios and limited editions etc pages.

2021 February 01

Added the pages for the two picture CDs,
Added the page for the Future #3 magazine,
Made a few additions to the index pages as well as a few more amendments.

2021 January 30

Only a few minor amendments made, no new images added.

2021 January 23

Making good progress adding the additional artwork to the indices.
Also added a new artwork: Butterfly and Dragon

2021 January 16

A number of amendments made and I've continued to update the index with some of the artwork from other pages. In addition, I've also added the following three new artworks: Indomitus Oriens, Kiss of the Temptress and Milkquarium.

2021 January 09

Apart from a few amendments I've continued to add more images to the index. I've also added a few brand new artworks but, unfortunately, I omitted to keep a record of their titles.

2021 January 01

Happy New Year to one and all!

I'm afraid that I'm still behind schedule with the book pages but these will definitely be completed for I February.
Apart from the additional book pages I have made numerous adjustments & amendments to the index pages as well as adding in more previously unindexed images. Currently, I need to index another 50 artworks that appear elsewhere in the site - this figure will increase as more and more pages are added to the site.

2020 December 26

I've managed to make the following updates:
Made a number of amendments to the index pages and added some more of the artworks from the site's other pages that had not previously been included in the index.
Also added in four new paintings: Dragon's Fight, Upside Down and Waiting for Pegasus from Boris' and Julie's website (at borisjulie.com) plus The Splintering Realm.
I'm pleased to report that there are now over 1550 entries in the indices detailing more than 1100 individual artworks. The good news is that I still have several hundred more to add.

2020 December 19

Updated the index with a few more images already shown on other pages.
Also added three new artworks: Diablo III, Diablo IV and Razorback.

2020 December 12

Once again a few corrections made plus one addition to the index.

2020 December 05

I'm not up to full speed yet so only a few minor updates made.

2020 December 01

Managed to do most of the Boris & Julie books with the exception of Sketchbook – I will endeavour to get it done by the 1 January update (if I don't get it done before then.)

2020 November 28

Due to circumstances beyond my control I have been unable to work on the Borisography for several weeks. I have managed a number of updates to the index pages and hope to add the next lot of book pages shortly.

2020 October 17

I have been busy preparing the next tranch of updates for the book pages but did manage to add 10 new paintings to the indices.

2020 October 10

More entries added to the index pages. This task should be complete by the end of the month but, of course, the next majot update will require more additions!

2020 October 03

I got lazy so no updates made (including this one, which was posted on 10 October!)

2020 October 01

The first part of the book pages added.

2020 September 26

Added more entries to the index pages and started adding additional images for the new book pages.

2020 September 19

Made a few corrections/alterations to the index pages and also added a few more entries.
I will do better next week.

2020 September 12

Another lazy week, very little done:
Added a few additional entries to the index pages but no new images.
A small change made to all pages to improve the appearance on some Android devices.

2020 September 05

Not much done over the last week, made a few corrections and updated the index with a few of the missing images (from calendars and trading cards.)

2020 September 01

Trading card pages are now live.
No additional images added to the index.

2020 August 29

Had a lazy week, only added a couple of images to the index.

2020 August 24

Added the Tarot Card pages (following a request.)

2020 August 22

More calendar thumbnails added to the index pages.
Added Murmurs because it relates to one of the added calendar paintings.
There are now about 1400 entries in the index pages covering more than 1000 artworks.

2020 August 15

Minor updates:
Added some more calendar thumbnails to the index pages.
Added Day and Night, Finding their Roots, Flower Touch, I Love You So, Light and Darkness and What You Know May Hurt You which have connections with some of the calendar artwork.

2020 August 08

Minor update:
Added this page.
Added some calendar thumbnails to the index pages.
Added Come What Will (original) and Come What Will (2nd version) which had a connection with one of the calendar images.

2020 August 01

A new home and a major update including larger thumbnails, redesign of all pages and reorganisation of the website.

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