Limited Edition Prints


Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1999)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1999), Boris Vallejo Published in 2000 by as a 22" x 29" lithograph. My poster is unsigned but it was also available as a signed edition. Obviously there would have been a limited quantity of the latter but none of the posters I've seen are numbered.

The poster doesn't give a title simply stating that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a trademark of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. I have used that title to distinguish it from the altered version available from

Dagobah (1996)
Dagobah (1996), Boris Vallejo Issued by Gifted Images Publishing Ltd as a 26" x 36" poster this print had a 21" x 30" image size. There were two print runs:
  1. a proof edition of 50 copies (shared equally by LucasFilm and the publisher,) plus
  2. a regular edition of 500 copies.
The two versions each came with a Certificate of Authenticity and had their own range of consecutive numbers.

As it is not contemporary with the relevant Star Wars film I presume the painting was produced especially for this edition.

The Green Princess (1976)
The Green Princess, Boris Vallejo A limited edition of 2000 17" x 22" posters, issued by The Mylos Press, with the first 100 being signed by Boris.

The artwork appears to have been painted specifically for this poster.

Myrddin (1995)
Myrddin, Boris Vallejo This 18" x 24" limited edition of 1500 prints apparently came with a letter of authenticity (which I have not seen.) It was painted especially for the Hyborian Gates collectible card game. The print was, I believe, only available to finders of a special Hyborian Gates redemption card.
Search for the Horned Beast (1986)
Conan the Fearless, Boris Vallejo This is the cover painting for Conan the Fearless by Steve Perry (Tor Books, 1986.)

It was issued by First Team Press in an edition of 1500 prints. The overall size is 16.5" x 25" and it came in a large sealed envelope. Curiously, the print carries the title Search for the Horned Beast whereas the envelope proclaims the title as In Search of the Great Horned Beast!

There are also unsigned/unnumbered versions of this print available too (my copy is one of these.)

Spike (2004)
Spike (2004), Boris Vallejo Painted for Inkworks' 2005 trading card set Spike: The Complete Story where it was issued as a nine card (jigsaw) puzzle chase card set. In addition, the set was also issued as an Uncut Mini-Press Sheet, limited to 299 numbered copies. The sheet was apparently 8.3 x 11.3 ins (21 x 29 cms approx.) overall with an image size of 7½ x 10½ inches (19 x 27 cms approx.)
Warrior Witch of Hel (1985)
Warrior Witch of Hel, Boris Vallejo Originally published as the cover art for Warrior Witch of Hel by Asa Drake (Questar, 1985) the painting was published in 1986 as a 14" x 20" print, limited to 500 signed copies.
Warrior Women (1985)
Barbarian Queen (1985), Boris Vallejo This poster, of the 1985 version of Barbarian Queen, was produced by Blackthorne Publishing in a limited edition of 250 prints. Its overall size is 23½ x 19½ ins with an image area of 19¼ x 15¾ ins. It is signed and numbered in pencil in the lower border.
Workout (1986)
Workout, Boris Vallejo A 22" x 29" lithographic print sent to finders of the Boris with Julie: Strokes of Genius redemption card. Although signed, the prints are not numbered. Some sources say that only 150 redemption cards were issued but I think this figure is suspect because other sources say there was one redemption card per case.

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