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This section is reserved for other products that don't fit into any other category and I will be adding to it as and when I get round to collating the different items.

Postage Stamps: One product that you won't find here, or anywhere else on the Borisography, are the postage stamps apparently issued by various obscure countries. I know that some countries do issue stamps as a means of getting extra revenue but the reality is that the ones featuring Boris, or Julie, artwork are all forgeries and as such I do not propose to enlarge the forger's coffers by advertising their products. Suffice to say that a search on eBay will find hundreds of similar "stamp" sets for all sorts of themes, many of them so frivolous that it us hard to conceive how any country could ever consider issuing them. Some of the countries have gone as far as issuing statememts to the effect that such stamps will not be accepted for postal purposes and this has been echoed by some philatelic web sites. Sadly others, esspecially vendors, are apparently unaware that these are forgeries and continue to promote them as real.

ID Year Set Manufacturer
Buckle 1992 Belt Buckles Siskiyou Buckle Co
ChessK 1985 Chess King
Knife n/a Folding Knives etc Franklin Mint
Album n/a Record / CD n/a
Verk n/a Verkerke posters, greetings cards etc Verkerke Reprodukties
WoB 1984 Worlds of Boris (also listed as a book!) Mayfair Games

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