Record & Album Covers

Over the years Boris and Julie have been commissioned to paint a number of record and CD covers. This page only includes the artwork that Boris has been involved with and which was painted specially for the purpose. You will not therefore find any of Julie's solo works, movie soundtrack albums using Boris' poster art or any albums utilising artwork painted for any other purpose. Despite this, I have included Calling Down Fire by Rosanna's Raiders which features the unused artwork originally painted for an entirely different album.

This an alphabetic list organised by artiste and then album title. On top of that, the last item is a painting for which I can find no corresponding album. In a couple of instances a copy of the original painting is not available. Also, I've only shown a single image for each album cover but it should be pointed out that these may differ from the ones that you have seen – it is common practice for different editions, particularly those produced in different countries, to use their own version of the cover.

Alex Moulton: Exodus (Expansion Team, 2008) (BJ)
Exodus, Boris & Julie Exodus, Alex Moulton album cover
Andrew W.K.: You're Not Alone (Sony Music, 2018) (BJ)
You're Not Alone, Boris & Julie You're Not Alone, Andrew W.K. album cover
Curtis Oddo: Lost Dreams (CD Baby, 2013) (BJ)
Lost Dreams, Boris & Julie Lost Dreams, Curtis Oddo album cover
Curtis Oddo: Nueva Vida (CD Baby, 2015) (BJ)
Nueva Vida, Boris & Julie Nueva Vida, Curtis Oddo album cover
Flotsam and Jetsam: No Place for Disgrace (Elektra Records, 1988)
No Place for Disgrace, Boris Vallejo No Place for Disgrace, Flotsam and Jetsam album cover
Molly Hatchet: Take No Prisoners (Epic Records, 1981)
Take No Prisoners, Boris Vallejo Take No Prisoners, Molly Hatchet album cover
Mónica Naranjo: Minage (Epic Records, 2000) (BJ)
Minage, Boris & Julie Minage, Monica Naranjo album cover
Ozzy Osbourne: The Ultimate Sin (CBS, 1986)
Unknown Image placeholder The Ultimate Sin, Ozzy Osbourne album cover
Rosanna's Raiders: Calling Down Fire (Pure Metal, 1988)
Elijah, Boris Vallejo Calling Down Fire, Rosanna's Raiders album cover
Tyce: Hero (Broadway Records, 2017) (BJ)
Unknown Image placeholder Hero, Tyce album cover
Unknown: 'Cowboy'
Cowboy, Boris Vallejo Unknown Image placeholder

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