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Fantasy Collector's Knives (Franklin Mint/Knightstone Collectibles)

Empress of Desire, knife   Diva of the Dawn, knife   Siren of Rapture, knife

This first series of knives was originally issued under the Franklin Mint name but was later changed to its subsidiary name Knightstone Collectibles. The knives were about 4" (10cm) long when closed and had a panel on one side showing the relevant artwork which was, with one exception, specially painted. When looking at the artwork, the blade opened to the left. The body of the knife was in the shape of a dragon. They came with a leather case and a Certificate of Authenticity.

I have been unable to find consistent, good quality images of these knives so have decided to show the artwork instead. Apart from the artwork the knives differed from each other as follows:

  1. Shape - one of the following three:
    • A left facing dragon with a blade representing flames issuing from its mouth,
    • A forward facing dragon and a blade like a pair of upraised wings.
    • A right facing dragon with a blade in the form of a wing on its back,
  2. The body of the knives were variously coloured being either gold, silver, antique bronze or black & gold.
  3. The jeweled eyes of the dragons were of different colours.
These characteristics are shown in the sample images at the top of this section.

When first issued my (and Hercules') understanding was that there would be 12 knives in the set and to support this the optional display case has space for 12 items. Perhaps that was their original intention but they decided to increase the number at a later date.

I know of no definitive list of the knives so the following table is simply arranged in alphabetic order. For the same reason, I would not be surprised to learn that the list is incomplete.

The Diva of the Dawn, Boris VallejoThe Diva of the Dawn The Empress of Desire, Boris VallejoThe Empress of Desire Empress of the Night, Boris VallejoThe Empress of the Night
The Enchantress of the Forest, Boris VallejoThe Enchantress of the Forest The Goddess of Temptation, Boris VallejoThe Goddess of Temptation The Goddess of the Moon, Boris VallejoThe Goddess of the Moon*
The Goddess of the Sun, Boris VallejoThe Goddess of the Sun The Maiden of the Snow, Boris VallejoThe Maiden of the Snow The Mistress of Fire, Boris VallejoThe Mistress of Fire
The Mistress of Rain, Boris VallejoThe Mistress of Rain v1 The Princess of Ice, Boris VallejoThe Princess of Ice The Siren of Rapture (original), Boris VallejoThe Siren of Rapture
The Siren of the Sands, Boris VallejoThe Siren of the Sands The Sorceress of Passion, Boris VallejoThe Sorceress of Passion Sorceress of the Universe, Boris VallejoThe Sorceress of the Universe
The Sorceress of the Waves, Boris VallejoThe Sorceress of the Waves The Spirit of Ecstasy, Boris VallejoThe Spirit of Ecstasy The Spirit of the Storm, Boris VallejoThe Spirit of the Storm
* This is a modified version of Ashtaroth

Days of Desire Knives (Knightstone Collectibles)

Days of Desire: July, knife

This set of knives differs from the previous one in that it used existing artwork from both Boris and Julie. This is a set of twelve, one for each month of the year adorned by a simulated birthstone for that month. There are two patterns, either silver, with the birthstone at the top, or gold with the birthstone at the bottom, that were used alternately. Since the artists were also used alternately it means that all the silver knives carry Boris artwork whilst Julie's artwork appears on the gold ones. The blades have the relevant month etched thereon but are otherwise identical on all knives.

Days of Desire: January, knifeJanuary Days of Desire: Febuary, knifeFebruary (J) Days of Desire: March, knifeMarch Days of Desire: April, knifeApril (J)
Days of Desire: May, knifeMay Days of Desire: June, knifeJune (J) Days of Desire: July, knifeJuly Days of Desire: August, knifeAugust (J)
Days of Desire: September, knifeSeptember Days of Desire: October, knifeOctober (J) Days of Desire: November, knifeNovember Days of Desire: December, knifeDecember (J)

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