Trading Cards: Hyborian Gates (Cardz, 1995)

This is a collectible card game but I have included it here as it is a trading card set in everything but name. The cards are the usual size but, being playing cards, they have rounded corners and a standard design on the back (see below.) As with trading cards, certain ones were issued at differing frequencies being described, in this case, as common, uncommon, rare and ultra-rare. They were sold in two kinds of packs: Starter Packs of 55 cards, available singly or as special double packs, and Booster Packs of 15 cards. There were also a number of promotional cards. I understand that the quality of the printing is excellent but the cutting of the cards is poor resulting in eccentric images (this can be seen in the scans below) and slight variations in overall size. A promotional poster gives numbers to the cards illustrated therein but no such numbers appear on the cards themselves (it also illustrates a card that was never issued!)

Hyborian Gates: Djin, card
Hyborian Gates: Sky Mistress, card
Sky Mistress
Hyborian Gates, card back
Card Back

This is a huge set of 460 cards: a core set of 450 cards plus 10 promo cards. Six Dimension cards which were required to play the game were included with the Starter Packs. Six different Pyramid cards (they had press-out centres which were folded into pyramids) were also used in gameplay, making a grand total of 472 different cards. In addition, some of the cards exist in more than one form. As an example, the Ancient Gates card was produced in six versions: the normal one, two redemption cards (one each for a Boris or Julie print) and promo versions of all three (copies of the redemption cards were rendered unredeemable by having a hole punched in them.) All such duplicated cards are only listed once here. This is, after all, a guide to the artwork rather than a collector's guide.

Two paintings seem to have been produced especially for this set but apart from these the set is based around the existing artwork of Boris and the much smaller catalogue of Julie Bell's work (bear in mind that in 1995 she had only been a professional artist for five years.) Not all cards carry artwork. The more observant of you will notice that some paintings have been used several times. In most cases this is due to the use of small, different (but sometimes overlapping,) segments of the same artwork. Most artwork is reproduced as originally painted, some has been modified slightly and some has been laterally reversed.

Other than the two samples above, I have decided not to provide a pictorial index because the artwork was incidental to the design and, unlike the other trading cards, I would not recommend this set as a reference for Boris' art. Instead, I list below the cards featuring Boris paintings and these are linked to the corresponding index entry for the original artwork. There is no link for Sky Mistress, shown above, as I have been unable to find the source painting (comprehensive as it is, the Borisography is inevitably incomplete.)

Card Artwork
Absorption Vampire's Kiss
Action Mistress The Shattered Sphere
Agrelius Last Stand
Agrippa's Curse Thirst
Alasandra Conan the Raider
Alien Logic The Time Warp
Amazons of Troy Warrior Queen
Amber Tide Satyr
Amber Watcher Pandora (1989)
Amunet's Gate Chakra IV
Ancient Gate Elijah
Angel in Glass Talisman (1994)
Angel Storm Bride
Anger of the Gods Elijah
Antarea The Demon in the Mirror
Apollo's Gate The Torchbearers
Aquanian Hesperides and Ladon
Archeens Sagittarius
Archeons The Tides of Time
The Archer of Fletchen Archer
Arnth Hercules and the Wild Boar
Art Imitates Life Handful
Atlun Atlas
Attack! Excalibur
Atum's Twins Manco Cápac and Mama Ocllo
Awesome Strength Tattoo
The Axer Cesis
Axes of Horleen Onslaught
Baath Leo, the Lion
Bar Folk Workout
Battler Berserker Base
Beast of Temple Doom Bolla
Black Gambit One The Magic Goes Away
Black Planet Hammer Throw
Bladed Couple Deathstalker II
The Bladesman The Three Musketeers
Blaster Araminta Station
Blaze Minerva
Blaze Goddess Freya
Boon Companions Danzka Vodka
Brak the Brave The Sorceress and the Dragon
Bran of the Mountain Deathstalker III
Bright Speedster A Fire upon the Deep
Brigit's Gate Unwillingly to Earth
Bringers of Light Stalking the Unicorn
Brothers to the Sword No Place for Disgrace
Bugle of the Vortex Davy
The Call In the Moons of Borea
Castle Rising Dragon and the George 2
Castle Standish Joust
Cat Quickness In Praise of a Higher Spirit
Centaurin Deianeira and Nessus
Changeling The Dryads
Char Dragon Eric the Unready
Chargest Tarzan and the Castaways
Charta Harpy Maker of Universes
Claws of Victory Cancer, the Crab
Clear Reign Excalibur
Cleito's Gate Celis
Cloak Master Berserker's Planet
Condoon The High Couch of Silistra
Corbin War of the Citadels
The Crimson Courser Vampire Robot
Crimson Force Tek Vengeance
Crimson Ice Golden Axe II
Crimson Spheres of Valor The Ophiuchi Hotline
Crimson Tide Gracus the Centurian
Cronus' Gate D R T
Dagda's Gate Empire Builders v1
The Dancing Pair A Season at Brighton
Dark Challenger Gryphon's Eyrie
Dark Drifter Night
Dawn Retreat Scorpio, the Scorpion
Dazzler Leda and the Swan
Death Mists The Magic Goes Away
Death Sentinel Frankenstein
Death Taster Last Stand
Death's Sister Hatchett
Deceiver Agent of Vega
Dinos of the Mount T Rex
Djin Nyankopong and Elohda
Donar the Wode Krungnir Battling Thor
Doom Suit Z for Zachariah
Doris' Gate Bursting Out
Dragon Helper Star Fantasy
Dragon Knight The Dragon and the George 1
Dragon of the Veil Two-Headed Beast
Dragon Rage Tarnsman of Gor
Dragon Rider Medea's Chariot
Dragon Riders of Ott Equestrian
Dragon Slayer Conan the Magnificent
Dream Team Colony
Dream Warriors The Serpent
Drop Troops of Zen A Day for Damnation
Earth Riser Elijah
Earth Walking The Ginger Star
Easy Rider A Private Cosmos
Ebony Darkness Behind the Walls of Terra
Ebony Death Watcher Crisis on Citadel II
Electra Heavy Metal
Elf Action Shapechangers
Emerald Force Gryphon
Emerald Ice Brotan the Breeder
Emerald Slayer Quetzalcoatl
Emerald Tide Gateway
Encapsulation First Love
The Enchanted Falls Daydream
Energy Fields A Place Beyond Man
Energy Mountain Weightlifting
Fallen Coronis
Fangs Sit!
Far Eyed Soarer In Praise of a Higher Spirit
Feathered Mistress Gryphon Keeper
Feline Amazons (1986)
Feline Fems of Nerth Hebat
Final Spear Bird Hunter
The Fire Axeman Adarbal
Flame Thrower A Matter for Men
Flortian Swordsman
Flutter Twins Gemini, the Twins
Flyers of the Vortex To Fly Away
Forcien Aries, the Ram
Formulators Es and the Creation
The Friend Arachne
Galaxy Lightning Corp Achilles' Choice
Garm's Gate The Alien Within
Gate Cruiser Berserker
Gate Ship Berserker
Georgian Avian Condor-Chuqui
Gigavolts National Lampoon's European Vacation
Glitz Lost in LA
Goblin Ultra Warrior
Gold Ice The Elvenbane
Good Prospects More Magic
Gorgat Javelin
Green Dragon of Thuu The Sorceress and the Dragon
Grow-alt A Matter for Men
Gruug The Witch and Her Familiar
Guardian of the Mists Ilmarinen
Helios Deathstalker IV
Hera's Gate Ariadne
Hestia's Child Persephone
Honor's Hope Edge of Tomorrow
Horse Allies Waterfall
Hyde The Mercenary
Ice Nightwing Dragon Rigger
Icon Warrior Conan the Raider
Immuna To Sail Beyond the Sunset
Imps of Neff The Poochie-Oochies
Interested Cats Mistress of the Felines
Ivory Ice The Valkyries
Ivory Lady Golden Wings
Jaded Couple Star Crossed
Jump Golden Wings
Just A Dragon Running Partners
Just A Man Running Partners
Kai-Louw The King's Daughter
Kargon Ranger Star Probe
King Tuan The Two-Headed Beast
Kingdom Breaker Dumbbell
Knights of Time Joust
Kufu's Blessing Vengeance of Orion
Lady of Ice White Angel
Land's Guardian In Praise of a Higher Spirit
Last Bridge Holder Conan of the Isles
Last Defenders Amazons 1986
Last Minotaur Conan the Triumphant
Laz Couple Massacre in the 22nd Century
Lesser Siren Star Fantasy
Leveler Orion and the Conqueror
Leviathan of Taz The Samarkand Solution
Lifters Power (1988)
Light Bringers Libra, the Scales
Light of Day Underberg
Light Storm Amaethon
Lightning Dragon Achilles' Choice
Lightning Fist Dragon Tattoo
Lightning Master Heavy Metal
Lightning Sifter Chronicles of Amber
Lightning Thrower Es and the Creation
Light's Godling The Secrets of Synchronicity
Lights Lady Orion and the Conqueror
Lizardeen Specialist Nomads of Gor
Lone Gaurdian The Discus Thrower
Lost in Thought The Courting of Joanna
Lugh's Gate Football Hero
Major Players Joust
Mark in Defense The Demon Released
Mawling Javelin
Mentalists of Tunetha The Girl Who Owned a City
Mer-Cees Neryds
Mer-done Abgal
Mer-Lass Yhtac
Mer-Tians Pisces, the Fishes
Merlina Medea (calendar)
Midnight Web Spinner Arachne
Mind Jewel Gateways in the Sand
Minor Black Grunnel Far Country
Minor Bold Ones The Lasas
Minor Raider Alien Visitor
Mist Dwellers The Red Terrors
Mist Dwellers of Surn Starbridge
Mistress of Horse Astarte
Misty City Medea's Chariot
Mix Master Star Crossed
Modern Man Time Warp
Monarch Bat Mahr
Monster Confusion Nothing But Trouble
Monster Friendship Broken Sword
Monster Willow Cesis
Moon Dance The Moon and the Sun
Moon Rider Ultra Warrior
Morpheus Calls Numdja
Mountain Challenge Phantasy Star IV
Mountain Monster Mimir
Mountain Protection Berserker's Planet
Mountain Support Moses
Myrddin Myrddin
The Mysts Virgo, the Virgin
Nature's Call Live Tattoos
Nebula Cruiser Starbridge
New Ark Noah's Ark
New Growth Through the Reality Warp
New Life Beloved Son
Night Lightning Heavy Metal
Night's Cloak Hammer Throw
Night's Teacher Taurus, the Bull
Nile's Gift The Samarkand Solution
Noah's Way Noah's Ark
Nomad The Siege of Faltara
The Norn's Gate Cyberbooks
Not Likely Excalibur
Olympus Beckons Virgo, the Virgin
Osiran Safety Firedance
Painted Woman Live Tattoos
Path's Handmaiden At the Door
Pazuzu's Gate A Hostage for the Hinterland
Peace Peak Aurora
Peaceful Intent E Pluribus Unicorn
Peek Twins Broad Jump
Pistoleer Orion in the Dying Time (1990)
The Pond of Peace Daydream
Pontus' Gate Steel Warrior
Power Blade Master Forsake the Sky
Power of the Mountain Hercules and the Wild Boar
The Power Within Colony
Protectors Some Summer Lands
Quatzalatzan Earth Magic
Quest for Truth Pterodactyl
Quick Star Pedrum
Quickbeam Live Tattoos
Quickening Mist The Demon Released
The Quiet One Kalevanpojat
Red Assassin Blood of Heroes
Red Blade Manticore
Red Field of Force The Nebulon Horror
Red Ghosts of Time To Walk the Night
Red Rob Main Event
The Red Seeress Waterfall
Red Slayer Mercenary's Star
Red Titan Atlan
Reptile Mistress Primeval Princess
The Resistors Ultra Warrior
Rest Stop The City
Restless Aquarius, the Water Bearer
Rider Biker
Rok the Relentless The Broken Sword
Romulus Shapechangers
Royal Ice Rowing
Royal Inspection The Phoenix
Rulers of Anselon The City
Rumblers Conan the Victorious
Running For Your Life Cyborg
The Russels Leo, the Lion
Salazia Warrior Witch of Hel
Salezians Aphrodite
Saucer of Yeanol Gateways in the Sand
Saurian Rider Space Guardian
Scorpion's Sting Scorpio, the Scorpion
Sea Challenger Tinirau
Seket Conan the Wanderer
Serfs of Nod Poisoned Memories
Serpent City The Serpent
Serpent Warriors Swords and Serpents
Shadow Creature The Two-Headed Beast
She Terror High Couch of Silistra
She Who Watches She Vampire
Shejun The Witch and Her Familiar
Shield Man Nubian Warrior
Ship of Boris Berserker Kill
Ship of the Ages King David's Spaceship
Ships of the Night Empire Builders
Shu's Gate Orion in the Dying Time (1989)
Silencers Your Antennae
Simmer Colony
Simple Sphere Berserker
Sinder Araminta Station
Skull Ship Rolind of Meru
Sky City of Zen Yhtac
Sky Mistress See sample above - source unidentified
Sky Slasher Hammer Throw
Sky Technician The Bride
Slave Freer Tarnsman of Gor
Snake Minions The Secrets of Synchronicity
Snow Cats Chronicles of Amber
Solidity Es and the Creation
Spirit Gunner The General Zapped an Angel
Star Warrior West of Honor
Starship of Thang TekWar
Stone Dragon Death Riders of Hel
Strength Bonus Weightlifting
Summoned Aggressor Demon Released
Summoner Capricorn, the Goat
Supplicant Haesel the Slave
Surge Protector Sit!
Sword of Protection Kamal
Swords Women Cherufe
Tainted Merchant Tarnsman of Gor
Tandaleea Camunda
Tanian Nubian Warrior
Tareel Far Country
Tarn Women Virgo, the Virgin
Tarnish Javelin
Task Master Through the Reality Warp
Tav Mists Spring Garden
The Telden Space Captive
Tellat Wings of Wor
Terzan Alpnu
Testing Aquarius, the Water Bearer
Thief in the Night Enchantress of Venus
Threes The Amazons (1988)
Titan Flames Sachmet
Tomaniee The Ginger Star
Tomorrow's City Massacre in the 22nd Century
Ton Eight Candles Glowing
Transformation Daphne and Apollo
Transport Bot The Web Between the Worlds
Treen Phantasy Star IV
Tronst Two Hawks from Earth
Troubled Centaurian Artemis
Tun Aquarius, the Water Bearer
Typhon's Gate Taurus
Typhus Enchantress of Venus
Ultimate Battle Conan of Aquilonia
Unicorn of Zen Stalking the Unicorn
Universal Trooper Behind the Walls of Terra
Utter Distraction Celis
A Vampire Moon Dracula v2
Vanessa Gorgon (1990)
Vanhelephant Two Hawks from Earth
Victoria Anath Slays the Warriors
Victor's Wish A Season at Brighton
Victory's Grasp Nyankopong and Elohda
Viking Gods Conan the Freebooter
Vortex Dish Exiles to Glory
Vortex Quake Flying Sorcerers
Vortex Tactics Weightlifting
Vortex Walker Ideal War
Warden's Castle Forsake the Sky
The Wall Hercules and the Wild Boar
Wax and Wane In the Moons of Borea
Weapons Masters Phantasy Star IV
Weapons of Thor I Am a Barbarian
Weapons of Yanny Death Riders of Hel
Were-Lion Manticore
White Grasp Star Control
The White Lady To Walk the Night
White Magic Vessel of Doos Mimir
White Rider Assumption of Risk
Winged Warrior Wings of Wor
Wingling Metal Angel
Winning Clash of Star-Kings
Wolves of Garthank The Ginger Star
World Essence Angel (1989)
Wren Shotput
Wrestlers Wrestling
Xerecles Conan the Triumphant
Xermies Excalibur
Zaben Tat The Gates of Creation

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