The 1985 Fantasy Calendar

Illustrator: Boris Vallejo
Size: 12½ x 12 (31.75 x 30.5)
Publisher: Workman Publishing
ISBN-10: 0-89480-728-5
Published: 1984
  Boris Vallejo 1985 Fantasy CalendarCover: White Eagle

Back to normal for this calendar with recent artwork being used throughout.

Chosen of Mida, Boris VallejoJanuary
Amazon Rider
(Chosen of Mida)
Conan the Magnificent, Boris VallejoFebruary
Dragon Fire
(Conan the Magnificent)
Bursting Out (1983), Boris VallejoMarch
Bursting Out
Barba the Slaver, Boris VallejoApril
(Barba the Slaver)
Witch and Her Familiar, Boris VallejoMay
Witch and Her Familiar
The Dragon and the George 1, Boris VallejoJune
Knight and the Dragon
(The Dragon and the George 1)
Clash of the Star-Kings, Boris VallejoCentrepiece
Mayan Serpent
(Clash of the Star-Kings)
Star_of_Doom, Boris VallejoJuly
The Sorceror
(Red Sonja - Star of Doom)
More Magic, Boris VallejoAugust
The Talisman
(More Magic)
Against the Prince of Hell, Boris VallejoSeptember
White Eagle
(Red Sonja - Against the Prince of Hell)
Four Wishes, Boris VallejoOctober
The Executioner
(Four Wishes)
Endithor's Daughter, Boris VallejoNovember
(Red Sonja - Endithor's Daughter)
Shapechangers, Boris VallejoDecember

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