The 2000 Fantasy Calendar

Illustrator: Boris Vallejo
Text: C.J.Henderson
Size: 12 x 12 (30.5 x 30.5)
Publisher: Workman Publishing
ISBN-10: 0-7611-1505-6
Published: 1999
  Boris Vallejo 2000 Fantasy CalendarCover: Gem of Bul'cug: Kala's Tale

The rider is Merkun, the girl is Queen Kala, and the guy with the purple aura-hands is Gilsine. The basic gist of the calendar is that the magician has been wounded in battle. His companions are telling him stories in an attempt to "guide his spirit back to his body". This year, Philip José Farmer has been replaced by C.J.Henderson as writer of th commentaries.

I would guess that Boris was quite busy during 1998 because seven of the 13 images consist of reused, or reworked, paintings from the previous few years.

Might and Magic VII (2), Boris VallejoJanuary
Tales for the Fallen Magician
(Might and Magic VII 2)
The Hatchling, Boris Vallejo
Doru's Rebirth: Kala's tale
(The Hatchling)
Final Battle, Boris VallejoMarch
The Dreadnought: Merkun's Tale
(Final Battle)
Guardian of the City, Boris VallejoApril
Elgena: Gilsine's Tale
(Guardian of the City)
The Great Race, Boris VallejoMay
The Great Race: Merkun's Tale
(Wings of Valour v2)
Kala's Tale, Boris VallejoJune
Felsa: Kala's Tale
(Parting of the Sea v2)
Jiroc of Sten, Boris VallejoCentrepiece
Jiroc of Sten
Gilsine's Tale, Boris VallejoJuly
The Silver City: Gilsine's Tale
(Latischa of the Lost World 3)
Mutant Slayer, Boris VallejoAugust
Gem of Bul'cug: Kala's Tale
(Mutant Slayer)
Awaiting the Battle, Boris VallejoSeptember
Tarr and Ferna: The Queen's Tale
(Awaiting the Battle)
The Void, Boris VallejoOctober
Ferna's Escape: The Queen's Tale
(Empire Builders v2)
The Magician, Boris VallejoNovember
The Magician
(Noah's Ark v2)
The Next Dimension, Boris VallejoDecember
The Next Dimension

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