The 2001 Fantasy Calendar

Illustrators: Boris & Julie
Text: C.J.Henderson
Size: 12 x 12 (30.5 x 30.5)
Publisher: Workman Publishing
ISBN-10: 0-7611-1926-4
Published: 2000
  Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell 2001 Fantasy CalendarCover: Freedom (BJ)

With the coming of the new millenium, this was published in 2000, came a fundamental change to the calendar: it is now a joint Boris/Julie production with the two artists sharing the work equally. To emphasise this change, the cover is a joint effort and, as is increasingly becoming the case, is a composite image – Boris and Julie each painted one of the metallic figures which have then been superimposed on a jointly produced background.

Fairy of the Dragon's Lair, Boris VallejoJanuary
(Fairy of the Dragon's Lair)
Commandos, Julie BellFebruary
The Message (J)
Bronco, Boris VallejoMarch
The Black Charger
Arrival, Julie BellApril
At Water's Edge (J)
A Reunion, Boris VallejoMay
A Reunion
The Faerie Suzanne, Julie BellJune
A Tear of Clarity (J)
The Faerie Suzanne
Angel Wings II, Julie BellCentrepiece
She Remembers (J)
(Angel Wings II)
Let 'Em Come, Boris VallejoJuly
A Revelation
(Let 'Em Come)
The Angel Rides, Julie BellAugust
The Search (J)
(The Angel Rides)
Discovery, Boris VallejoSeptember
The Guide
El Vitral II, Julie BellOctober
An Entrance (J)
(El Vitral II)
Wisdom from the Sea, Boris VallejoNovember
(Wisdom from the Sea)
Freedom (1999), Boris & JulieDecember
Freedom (BJ)

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