The 2002 Fantasy Calendar

Illustrators: Boris & Julie
Text: C.J.Henderson
Size: 12 x 12 (30.5 x 30.5)
Publisher: Workman Publishing
ISBN-10: 0-7611-2287-7
Published: 2001
  Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell 2002 Fantasy CalendarCover: Memories (BJ)
In Victory, Boris VallejoJanuary
(In Victory)
Forbidden Land, Boris VallejoFebruary
The Student
(Forbidden Land)
Prisoner of Herself, Julie BellMarch
Dusia (J)
(Prisoner of Herself)
Sunshine Break, Julie BellApril
Antes (J)
(Sunshine Break)
Trio, Julie BellMay
The Twin Mer-Queens (J)
Competition, Julie BellJune
A Time So Brief (J)
(The Competition)
The Horror Was Revealed, Boris VallejoCentrepiece
The Horror was Revealed!
At the Edge of the World, Boris VallejoJuly
The Calamity
(At the Edge of the World)
Ritual, Julie BellAugust
Fate (J)
Masked Fairie, Boris VallejoSeptember
A Slender Thread
(Masked Fairie)
The Decision, Boris VallejoOctober
(The Decision)
Galaxy Weaver, Julie BellNovember
The Portal (J)
Galaxy Weaver
Minage, Boris & JulieDecember
Memories (BJ)

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