The 2004 Fantasy Calendar

Illustrators: Boris & Julie
Text: C.J.Henderson
Size: 12 x 12 (30.5 x 30.5)
Publisher: Workman Publishing
ISBN-10: 0-7611-2893-X
Published: 2003
  Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell 2004 Fantasy Calendar cover 1Version 1   Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell 2004 Fantasy Calendar cover 2Version 2
Cover: A New Dawn

Curiously, there are two versions of the cover. Although they both show the same painting the signature is in different places – in one it is to the right of the year 2004 whilst in the other it is at the very bottom of the cover, just below the year. The interior illustration conforms to version 1.

Morning of Her Adventure, Julie BellJanuary
Paradise Lost (J)
(Morning of Her Adventure)
Story Teller, Julie BellFebruary
The Ice Palace (J)
(Story Teller)
Shimmering Glory, Boris VallejoMarch
Shimmering Glory
Lost City, Boris & JulieApril
The Pattern Unravels (BJ)
(Lost City)
Fatal Damage, Boris VallejoMay
Fatal Damage
Russian Fairy (2002), Julie BellJune
The Fiery Depths (J)
(Russian Fairy)
She Touched the Soul of Terark!, Boris VallejoCentrepiece
She Touched the Soul of Terark!
(Sorceress of the Universe)
Belly of the Beast, Julie BellJuly
The Battle of the Serpent (J)
(Belly of the Beast)
Mistress of the Skies, Boris Vallejo
A New Dawn
(Mistress of the Skies)
Alfa, Julie BellSeptember
Tentative Links (J)
Golden Eagle, Julie BellOctober
Feathers and Fur (J)
(Golden Eagle)
Currents of Choice, Boris VallejoNovember
Currents of Choice
Harmony, Boris VallejoDecember

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