The 2006 Fantasy Calendar

Illustrators: Boris & Julie
Text: C.J.Henderson
Size: 12 x 12 (30.5 x 30.5)
Publisher: Workman Publishing
ISBN-10: 0-7611-3666-5
Published: 2005
  Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell 2006 Fantasy CalendarCover: Step into Eos (BJ)

Unlike previous calendars, for this year all artwork, apart from the centrepiece, was presented in a vertical 12" x 16" format. Annoyingly this meant that the images were spread over two pages. Although this made them difficult to scan it did mean that we got to see more of the artwork since it did not need to be cropped to a square format.

Step into Eos, Boris & JulieJanuary
Step into Eos (BJ)
Hechicera, Boris & JulieFebruary
Tamar's Vision (BJ)
On the Attack, Boris & JulieMarch
On the Attack
It, Boris VallejoApril
The Prisoner
The Junk Collector, Boris VallejoMay
The Clarity of Doubt
(Junk Collector)
The Gift, Julie BellJune
Re-Enchantment (J)
(The Gift)
Angel's Freedom, Boris VallejoCentrepiece
(Angel's Freedom)
Sea Castles, Julie BellJuly
Of Waves and Water (J)
(Sea Castles)
Under the Bridge, Julie BellAugust
Confined (J)
(Under the Bridge)
Damsel in Distress, Boris VallejoSeptember
Turning Point
(Damsel in Distress)
Transformation, Julie BellOctober
Power Restored (J)
Woods Fairy, Julie BellNovember
Love Unchained (J)
(Woods Fairy)
Power of the Flower, Boris VallejoDecember
(Power of the Flower)

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