The 2016 Fantasy Calendar

Illustrators: Boris & Julie
Size: 12 x 12 (30.5 x 30.5)
Publisher: Workman Publishing
ISBN-10: 0-761-18201-2
Published: 2015
  Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell 2016 Fantasy CalendarCover: Escape


Firethorn, Boris VallejoJanuary
As they Began, Julie BellFebruary
Intertwined (J)
(As they Began)
The Four Elements, Boris Vallejo
The Offering
(The Four Elements)
Indomitus Vivat, Boris VallejoApril
(Indomitus Vivat)
Escape, Boris VallejoMay
The Messenger, Julie BellJune
The Messenger (J)
Discovery, Julie BellCentrepiece
Discovery (J)
A Dream About a Dragon and a Tree, Julie BellJuly
The Transformation (J)
(A Dream About a Dragon and a Tree)
Fighting Back, Boris VallejoAugust
Fighting Back
Golden Harpy, Julie BellSeptember
Searching (J)
(Golden Harpy)
Norn Fates, Julie BellOctober
On Dragon's Wings (J)
(Norn Fates)
R Y L: Planet Wide, Boris & JulieNovember
The Final Battle (BJ)
(R.Y.L Planet Wide)
Soaring Higher, Boris VallejoDecember
Soaring Higher

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