Trading Cards: Boris with Julie

Published by Comic Images in 1996, the cards are the standard 3.5" x 2.5" size, printed with full bleed (colour right to the edges of the cards.) The cards are printed on chromium stock, this being a special format with a layer of (presumably) chromium foil, so thin as to be transparent, with a card backing, the metal foil being embossed and overprinted with transparent ink which give a metallic lustre to the image background, over which are portions printed in opaque ink, this being covered by a transparent layer which seems to be plastic, the whole being covered with a UV-opaque layer. The resultant image gives an illusion of depth and is bright and colourful, but which is difficult to scan with pleasing results.

The set consists of 90 cards, mostly painted by Boris Vallejo, and a small number being painted by his wife, Julie Bell. There are, in addition to the basic set, 6 prismatic Magnachrome cards - this is a printing technique which highlights the edges of the images in a way similar to the embossing on chromium cards - (3 to a box,) 3 Unicorn subset cards (1 to a box,) also prismatic Magnachrome, a 'box' card (one shrink-wrapped to the outside of each box,) and two signature cards, 500 signed by each of Boris and Julie (neither of which have I seen.) A parallel set of Holochrome cards, with refractive backgrounds, was included at two cards per box. These refractive cards in some light have a rainbow glow, and in others will give an opalescent backdrop. The set was published in 1996.

The cards are listed below in numerical order. The images are included purely to give an idea of what's in the card set, and there is no larger image behind the thumbnail. The spelling here is taken directly from the back of the cards, errors included.

Base set
BJ.01: The Supreme GoddessThe Supreme Goddess, Boris Vallejo BJ.02: The Greatest WeaponThe Greatest Weapon, Experience, Boris Vallejo BJ.03: untitled (and uncompleted!)untitled artwork, Boris Vallejo
BJ.04: Serpent Sage (J)Serpent Sage, Julie Bell BJ.05: Mr. OMr. Olympia, Boris Vallejo BJ.06: SunaiSunai, Boris Vallejo
BJ.07: The KickClose Quarters, Boris Vallejo BJ.08: Parting SeasParting of the Sea, Boris Vallejo BJ.09: Medea's ChariotMedea - preliminary art, Boris Vallejo
BJ.10: KnightedAssumption of Risk, Boris Vallejo BJ.11: Soft As Steel (J)Soft as Steel, Julie Bell BJ.12: DawnLucky Teela Brown, Boris Vallejo
BJ.13: London 2500 A.D.
TekLab, Boris Vallejo
BJ.14: Virtual RealityVirtual Reality - preliminary art, Boris Vallejo BJ.15: Never-Ending WarNever-Ending War, Boris Vallejo
BJ.16: Opium DreamOpium Dream, Boris Vallejo BJ.17: 5000 VoltsD.R.T., Boris Vallejo BJ.18: Suntan Bed
Suntan Bed - preliminary art, Boris Vallejo
BJ.19: RomanceThe Clandestine Betrothal, Boris Vallejo BJ.20: Realm Of The DolphinEcco: The Tides of Time, Boris Vallejo BJ.21: CoronisCoronis (1991), Boris Vallejo
BJ.22: Spider Whisper (J)Spider Whisper, Julie Bell BJ.23: BrinkeBrinke of Destruction, Boris Vallejo BJ.24: Wired For SoundWired for Sound, Boris Vallejo
BJ.25: The Four RidersFour Horsemen, Boris Vallejo BJ.26: The GorgonGorgon (1991), Boris Vallejo BJ.27: Leather JacketJungle, Boris Vallejo
BJ.28: PamatiPamati, Boris Vallejo BJ.29: Nesus (should be Nessus)Nessus, Boris Vallejo BJ.30: AcceptanceAcceptance, Boris Vallejo
BJ.31: Martial CombatMore than Fire, Boris Vallejo BJ.32: PandoraPandora (1991), Boris Vallejo BJ.33: Branched OutBranched Out, Boris Vallejo
BJ.34: MormakMormak, Boris Vallejo BJ.35: She's MineShe's Mine, Boris Vallejo BJ.36: Suzanne (J)Suzanne, Julie Bell
BJ.37: On Top, AloneBred for War, Boris Vallejo BJ.38: Against The Odds (sketch)Deathstalker IV - preliminary art, Boris Vallejo BJ.39: Time Is A DreamTime is a Dream, Boris Vallejo
BJ.40: The Creation Of RainbowsThe Creation of Rainbows, Boris Vallejo BJ.41: MutantsUltra Warrior, Boris Vallejo BJ.42: Orpheus And EurydiceOrpheus and Eurydice, Boris Vallejo
BJ.43: Gargoyle (J)
Hellspawn, Julie Bell
BJ.44: The DancerCloning Dance, Boris Vallejo BJ.45: ThormaLabyrinth, Boris Vallejo
BJ.46: Berserker MonkShannara, Boris Vallejo BJ.47: Swords And FangsSwords and Serpents - preliminary art, Boris Vallejo BJ.48: Robo Stripper
Tek Vengeance, Boris Vallejo
BJ.49: Space And TimeSpace and Time, Boris Vallejo BJ.50: AriadneAriadne and the Minotaur, Boris Vallejo BJ.51: Cave PrincessOrion in the Dying Time (1989), Boris Vallejo
BJ.52: CorkscrewCorkscrew, Boris Vallejo BJ.53: HerculesHercules (1991), Boris Vallejo BJ.54: Andromeda In ChainsAndromeda in Chains, Boris Vallejo
BJ.55: Brinke Sword (J)Brinke Sword, Julie Bell BJ.56: Karate Kick
Karate Kick, Boris Vallejo
BJ.57: CirceCirce, Boris Vallejo
BJ.58: Circe (drawing)Circe (1991), Boris Vallejo BJ.59: SuzzleSuzle, Boris Vallejo BJ.60: Metal Fantasy (J)Metal Fantasy, Julie Bell
BJ.61: UnseeingUnseeing, Boris Vallejo BJ.62: The SleeperThe Sleeper, Boris Vallejo BJ.63: InstantsPerfect Instants, Boris Vallejo
BJ.64: JasonJason, Boris Vallejo BJ.65: Icarus In FlightIcarus in Flight, Boris Vallejo BJ.66: Summit
Summit, Boris Vallejo
BJ.67: HollywoodLost in LA, Boris Vallejo BJ.68: Hieroglyphic EggHieroglyphic Egg, Boris Vallejo BJ.69: GypsyGypsy King, book cover
BJ.70: Future Trouble
TekLords, Boris Vallejo
BJ.71: Steel Wings (J)Steel Wings, Julie Bell BJ.72: The Signs Of ChristmasThe Signs of Christmas, Boris Vallejo
BJ.73: Logo DesignMoore & Price Design Group, Boris Vallejo BJ.74: Flowering NestFlowering Nest, Boris Vallejo BJ.75: Enemy From WithinThe Enemy from Within, Boris Vallejo
BJ.76: The Future is HereThe Future is Here, Boris Vallejo BJ.77: The ValkyriesThe Valkyries, Boris Vallejo BJ.78: Dangerous Kiss (J)Dangerous Kiss, Julie Bell
BJ.79: Bird of PreyBird of Prey, Boris Vallejo BJ.80: PowerPower (1987), Boris Vallejo BJ.81: Over the HillUnderberg, Boris Vallejo
BJ.82: Dragon's DuelElvenblood, Boris Vallejo BJ.83: EurydiceEurydice, Boris Vallejo BJ.84: Floating Island
TekWar, Boris Vallejo
BJ.85: BikerBiker, Boris Vallejo BJ.86: Dragon Battle (J)
Dragon Battle, Julie Bell
BJ.87: PersephonePersephone, Boris Vallejo
BJ.88: Persephone (drawing)Persephone 01, Boris Vallejo BJ.89: From Infinity to EternityFrom Infinity to Eternity, Boris Vallejo BJ.90: Checklist onlyNo Image placeholder
MagnaChrome set
BJ.M1: Bird Of EvilBubbles, Boris Vallejo BJ.M2: AshterothAshtaroth (original), Boris Vallejo BJ.M3: Big Brother Is WatchingBig Brother is Watching, Boris Vallejo
BJ.M4: Things Better UnmetThings Better Unmet, Boris Vallejo BJ.M5: The Wings That CutThe Wings that Cut, Boris Vallejo BJ.M6: The End Of The Restless SleepThe End of Restless Sleep, Boris Vallejo
Unicorns set
BJ.U1: The Myth Of RaltarneeBlack Unicorn, Boris Vallejo BJ.U2: UnicornUnicorn (Ladies), Boris Vallejo BJ.U3: Duthina On The UnicornHot Sun, Boris Vallejo
Autograph cards & Promo card
BJ.AutoB: From Infinity to EternityFrom Infinity to Eternity, Boris Vallejo BJ.AutoJ: ??? (J)Unknown Image placeholder BJ.Promo: ThormaLabyrinth, Boris Vallejo
Box topper & Case Topper (7" x 7½") cards
BJ.Box, MagnaChrome: Alabaster CityAlabaster City, Boris Vallejo   BJ.Case: Future Trouble
TekLords, Boris Vallejo

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