Trading Cards: Boris Poster Cards

Produced by Kalan Inc in 1992, as the name suggests these were, at 250 x 205 mm (9.8 x 8.0 ins,) larger than the normal trading card. The reverse shows, at the bottom, the card number, title, copyright notice and a barcode but gives no other information. The titles used here are those on the cards.


BP.01: Hercules vs CerberusHercules versus Cerberus, Boris Vallejo BP.02: HydraHydra, Boris Vallejo BP.03: Water NymphsThe Water Nymphs, Boris Vallejo
BP.04: Bursting OutBursting Out (1983), Boris Vallejo BP.05: AngelAngel (1989), Boris Vallejo BP.06: AlpnuAlpnu, Boris Vallejo
BP.07: Discus ThrowThe Discus Thrower, Boris Vallejo BP.08: DragonThe Sorceress and the Dragon, Boris Vallejo BP.09: Winged BeastThe High Couch of Silistra, Boris Vallejo
BP.10: Swords and SerpentsSwords and Serpents, Boris Vallejo BP.11: Against the OddsConan the Triumphant, Boris Vallejo BP.12: Death Stalker IVDeathstalker_IV, Boris Vallejo

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