Trading Cards: Images of Josephine

The lady in question is Josephine Masonet, an amateur bodybuilder, who has modelled for Boris and Julie for some years.

This 1997 set by Comic Images comprises 72 cards, on standard card stock. The first 61 cards are photographs of Josephine which are not reproduced here. The remaining 11 cards show some examples of Boris' and Julie's artwork for which she modelled.

There is no checklist.

As well as the base set there are also:

None of these cards show any artwork so further information is not provided here.

IoJ.62: Lost WorldLatischa of the Lost World 2, Boris Vallejo IoJ.63: MutantsUltra Warrior, Boris Vallejo IoJ.64: Amazon QueenBarbarian Queen (1984), Boris Vallejo
IoJ.65: Queen of the AmazonsAmazons (1986), Boris Vallejo IoJ.66: Gemini, the TwinsGemini, the Twins, Boris Vallejo IoJ.67: QuetzalcoatlQuetzalcoatl, Boris Vallejo
IoJ.68: At the DoorAt the Door, Boris Vallejo IoJ.69: AshtarothAshtaroth (original), Boris Vallejo IoJ.70: Prophetic Bird (J)Prophetic Bird, Julie Bell
IoJ.71: Cave of Darkness (J)Cave of Darkness, Julie Bell IoJ.72: Reflecting (J)Reflecting, Julie Bell  No Image placeholder

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