Trading Cards: Marvel Masterpieces '96

I wasn't going to include images of this card set, but people kept hinting, so here they are.

The set was produced in 1996 by Skybox who at that time held the trading card rights to the Marvel characters. They had just been taken over by Fleer who, in turn, had just been taken over by Marvel! (presumably to regain control of this aspect of their characters.) This was the fifth series of cards in the Marvel Masterpieces range which for some reason was not as widely distributed as expected - in fact it is the rarest set of the series to the extent that individual, common, cards sell for as much as you would expect to pay for a complete base set in other series. The chase cards are proportionally even more expensive.

This set is split into a number of subsets (the first three of which comprise the basic set) as follows:

Unfortunately I have had to use scans of the actual cards in some cases because suitable images of the paintings are not available.

The table below lists the card number, character portrayed and, if necessary, '(J)' to indicate that the artist was Julie Bell. The astute reader will note that the arrangement is alphabetic order by character within an assortment of subsets, which is why there is no pattern to the order of the artists. For anyone who cares about the statistics, there are 108 different paintings in the set shared equally (ie 54 each) between Boris and Julie.

Characters subset
MM96.01: Archangel (J)Archangel, Julie Bell MM96.02: BeastBeast, Boris Vallejo MM96.03: Bishop (J)Blazing Bishop, Julie Bell
MM96.04: Black CatBlack Cat (1995), Boris Vallejo MM96.05: Black Widow (J)Black Widow, Julie Bell MM96.06: Cable (J)Cable, Julie Bell
MM96.07: Captain AmericaCaptain America, Boris Vallejo MM96.08: CarnageCarnage, Boris Vallejo MM96.09: CrystalCrystal, Boris Vallejo
MM96.10: Cyclops (J)Cyclops Close-Up, Julie Bell MM96.11: DominoDomino, Boris Vallejo MM96.12: Dr. DoomDr. Doom, Boris Vallejo
MM96.13: Dr. Strange (J)Dr. Strange, Julie Bell MM96.14: Elektra (J)Elektra, Julie Bell MM96.15: Gambit (J)Gambit, Julie Bell
MM96.16: Ghost RiderGhost Rider, Boris Vallejo MM96.17: Green Goblin (J)Green Goblin, Julie Bell MM96.18: HawkeyeHawkeye, Boris Vallejo
MM96.19: HolocaustHolocaust, Boris Vallejo MM96.20: Hulk (J)Hulk, Julie Bell MM96.21: Human TorchHuman Torch, Boris Vallejo
MM96.22: IcemanIceman (1996), Boris Vallejo MM96.23: Invisible Woman (J)Invisible Woman, Julie Bell MM96.24: Iron Man (J)Iron Man (1995), Julie Bell
MM96.25: JackalJackal, Boris Vallejo MM96.26: Jean Grey (J)Jean Grey in the Danger Room (1995), Julie Bell MM96.27: Kymaera (J)Kymaera, Julie Bell
MM96.28: LizardLizard, Boris Vallejo MM96.29: Mystique (J)Mystique (1995), Julie Bell MM96.30: Namor (J)Namor, Julie Bell
MM96.31: Omega Red (J)Omega Red, Julie Bell MM96.32: OnslaughtOnslaught (1996), Boris Vallejo MM96.33: Professor X (J)Professor X, Julie Bell
MM96.34: Psi-LordPsi Lord, Boris Vallejo MM96.35: Psylocke (J)Psylocke at Night, Julie Bell MM96.36: PunisherPunisher, Boris Vallejo
MM96.37: QuicksilverQuicksilver, Boris Vallejo MM96.38: Rogue (J)Rogue on the Run, Julie Bell MM96.39: Sabretooth (J)Sabretooth Up Close, Julie Bell
MM96.40: Scarlet Witch (J)Scarlet Witch, Julie Bell MM96.41: Shadowcat (J)Shadowcat, Julie Bell MM96.42: She-Hulk (J)She-Hulk, Julie Bell
MM96.43: Silver Sable (J)Silver Sable, Julie Bell MM96.44: Silver Surfer (J)Silver Surfer (Marvel Masterpieces '96), Julie Bell MM96.45: Spider-ManFlag of Convenience, Boris Vallejo
MM96.46: Spider-WomanSpider-Woman, Boris Vallejo MM96.47: Storm (J)Storm Reaching, Julie Bell MM96.48: ThanosThanos, Boris Vallejo
MM96.49: ThingThing, Boris Vallejo MM96.50: ThorThor's Hammer, Boris Vallejo MM96.51: VenomVenom, Boris Vallejo
MM96.52: War Machine (J)War Machine, Julie Bell MM96.53: Warlock (J)Adam Warlock, Julie Bell MM96.54: White Queen (J)White Queen (1995), Julie Bell
Duels & Legacies subset
55/56: Cable vs StryfeCable vs Stryfe, Boris Vallejo MM96.57: GenesisGenesis, Boris Vallejo
58/59: X-Man vs Dark Beast (J)X-Man vs Dark Beast, Julie Bell MM96.60: Random (J)Random, Julie Bell
61/62: Apocalypse vs AngelApocalypse vs Angel, Boris Vallejo MM96.63: ArchangelArchangel (1996), Boris Vallejo
64/65: Spider-Man vs Dr. Octopus (m)Spiderman vs Dr. Octopus, Boris Vallejo MM96.66: Dr. Octopus (f)Dr. Octopus, Boris Vallejo
67/68: Iron Man vs Fin Fang FoomIron Man vs Fin Fang Foom, Boris Vallejo MM96.69: War MachineWar Machine, Boris Vallejo
70/71: Phoenix vs Magneto (J)Phoenix vs Magneto, Julie Bell MM96.72: Phoenix (J)Phoenix, Julie Bell
73/74: Captain America vs Red SkullCaptain America vs Red Skull, Boris Vallejol MM96.75: U.S. AgentU.S. Agent, Boris Vallejo
76/77: Ghost Rider vs Blackout (J)Ghost Rider vs Blackout, Julie Bell MM96.78: Vengeance (J)Vengeance, Julie Bell
79/80: Venom vs Spider-Man (J)Venom vs Spider-Man, Julie Bell MM96.81: Carnage (J)Carnage, Julie Bell
82/83: Thor vs Loki (J)Thor vs Loki, Julie Bell MM96.84: Thunderstrike (J)Thunderstrike, Julie Bell
Genesis subset
MM96.85: Spider-ManSpider-Man Leap, Boris Vallejo MM96.86: Scarlet Spider (J)Scarlet Spider, Julie Bell MM96.87: Spider-ManSpider-Man, Boris Vallejo
MM96.88: Ant-Man (J)Ant-Man, Julie Bell MM96.89: YellowjacketYellowjacket, Boris Vallejo MM96.90: Giant-Man (J)Giant-Man, Julie Bell
MM96.91: Weapon XWeapon X, Boris Vallejo MM96.92: Wolverine (J)Wolverine in the Tunnel, Julie Bell MM96.93: WolverineFull Moon (1996), Boris Vallejo
MM96.94: DaredevilYellow Daredevil, Boris Vallejo MM96.95: Daredevil (J)Daredevil Grey, Julie Bell MM96.96: DaredevilRed Daredevil, Boris Vallejo
MM96.97: HulkRaging Hulk, Boris Vallejo MM96.98: Hulk (J)Grey Hulk, Julie Bell MM96.99: HulkMoonlight Hulk, Boris Vallejo
Gallery & Promotional sets
MM96.P1: CyclopsCyclops (1996), Boris Vallejo MM96.P2: HulkHulk, Boris Vallejo MM96.P3: MagnetoMagneto, Boris Vallejo
MM96.P4: SabretoothSabretooth, Boris Vallejo MM96.P5: Spider-Man (J)Spider-Man, Julie Bell MM96.P6: Wolverine (J)Wolverine Up Close, Julie Bell
Double Impact set
MM96.DI1: BishopBishop (1996), Boris Vallejo MM96.DI2: PsylockePsylocke (1995), Boris Vallejo MM96.DI3: RogueRogue Floating, Boris Vallejo
MM96.DI4: Silver SurferSilver Surfer, Boris Vallejo MM96.DI5: StormStorm (1995), Boris Vallejo MM96.DI6: WolverineWolverine, Boris Vallejo
MM96.DI1: Beast (J)Beast, Julie Bell MM96.DI2: Punisher (J)Punisher, Julie Bell MM96.DI3: Human Torch (J)Human Torch, Julie Bell
MM96.DI4: Captain America (J)Captain America, Julie Bell MM96.DI5: Spider-Man (J)Spidey in the Rain, Julie Bell MM96.DI6: Venom (J)Venom, Julie Bell
Artwork Redemption cards
MM96.AR.1: BeastUnknown Image placeholder MM96.AR.2: Elektra (J)Elektra, Julie Bell MM96.AR.3: Gambit (J)Gambit, Julie Bell
MM96.AR.4: Human TorchUnknown Image placeholder MM96.AR.5: Silver SurferUnknown Image placeholder MM96.AR.6: Spider-ManFlag of Convenience, Boris Vallejo
MM96.AR.7: Storm (J)Storm Reaching, Julie Bell MM96.AR.8: VenomUnknown Image placeholder MM96.AR.9: WolverineWolverine, Boris Vallejo
Master Print cards
Captain America (J)Captain America, Julie Bell   Silver SurferSilver Surfer, Boris Vallejo
Uncut Sheets
100-card sheet
The complete 100 card basic set
36-card sheet
Six of each of the 6 Gallery cards
8-card sheet
Four each of the 2 Master Print (oversized) cards

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