Trading Cards: Boris & Julie: Stokes of Genius

This 2003 set, Comic Images' second collection of Boris and Julie artwork, is the standard 3.5" x 2.5" size, printed with full bleed. It is made up as follows:

I only have a brief description of cards A2 and A4 so have had to guess at what artwork is actually portrayed. I will update this page as and when I get more information.

This page shows the artwork rather than scans of the cards. Art by Julie Bell is indicated by (J) after the title. The titles are those used on the cards - where no title is stated it is shown in brackets.

Base set
SG.01: Awaiting the BattleAwaiting the Battle, Boris Vallejo SG.02: The Creator (J)The Creator, Julie Bell SG.03: Parting the SeasKala's Tale, Boris Vallejo
SG.04: Passage (J)Passage, Julie Bell SG.05: The VoidThe Void, Boris Vallejo SG.06: Discovery on Asteroid X-72 (J)Discovery on Asteroid X-72, Julie Bell
SG.07: Mistress of the OceanThe Siren of Rapture (revised), Boris Vallejo SG.08: Barcelona (J)Barcelona, Julie Bell SG.09: The VortexThe Vortex, Boris Vallejo
SG.10: Bacchus and Ariadne (J)Bacchus and Ariadne, Julie Bell SG.11: LocustLocusts, Boris Vallejo SG.12: Commandoes (J)Commandos, Julie Bell
SG.13: Myth and MagicMight and Magic VII (2), Boris Vallejo SG.14: The Fairy Suzanne (J)The Faerie Suzanne, Julie Bell SG.15: Mistress of the MoonThe Mistress of the Moon, Boris Vallejo
SG.16: Angel Wings (J)Angel Wings, Julie Bell SG.17: Centaur and MateCentaur and His Mate, Boris Vallejo SG.18: The Encounter (J)Encounter, Julie Bell
SG.19: Myth and Magic IIMight and Magic VII (1), Boris Vallejo SG.20: Hercules and the Hydra (J)Hercules and the Hydra, Julie Bell SG.21: Lady RainThe Mistress of the Rain (original), Boris Vallejo
SG.22: El Vitral (J)El Vitral, Julie Bell SG.23: See the ButterfliesSee the Butterflies, Boris Vallejo SG.24: The Pack (J)
The Pack, Julie Bell
SG.25: Lady of the AirThe Spirit of Ecstasy, Boris Vallejo SG.26: Emergency Repairs (J)Emergency Repairs, Julie Bell SG.27: DesireThe Empress of Desire, Boris Vallejo
SG.28: Trio (J)Trio, Julie Bell SG.29: Waiting for the AngelWaiting for the Angel, Boris Vallejo SG.30: Through Wolf's Eyes (J)Wolf's Eyes, Julie Bell
SG.31: Mistress of FireThe Mistress of Fire, Boris Vallejo SG.32: The Competition (J)Competition, Julie Bell SG.33: SunriseThe Guardian, Boris Vallejo
SG.34: Jason and The Golden Fleece (J)Jason and the Golden Fleece, Julie Bell SG.35: Monica's AxMonica's Axe, Boris Vallejo SG.36: Lily (J)Lily, Julie Bell
SG.37: EmergingEmerging, Boris Vallejo SG.38: Myrthal (J)Myrthal, Julie Bell SG.39: Ice QueenIce Queen, Boris Vallejo
SG.40: Fairy Wings (J)Grace, Julie Bell SG.41: Eqyptian PrincessThe Jewel of Seven Stars, Boris Vallejo SG.42: Philadelphia Lion (J)Philadelphia Lion, Julie Bell
SG.43: Mutant SlayerMutant Slayer, Boris Vallejo SG.44: The Return (J)New Ground, Julie Bell SG.45: CindyCindy in the Air, Boris Vallejo
SG.46: Monster Bash (J)Monster Bash, Julie Bell SG.47: Guardian of the CityGuardian of the City, Boris Vallejo SG.48: Stories (J)Friends Forever, Julie Bell
SG.49: Goddess of the WavesThe Sorceress of the Waves, Boris Vallejo SG.50: Star Rockers (J)Star Rockers, Julie Bell SG.51: The OfferingEtruscans, Boris Vallejo
SG.52: Farewell (J)Departure, Julie Bell SG.53: Sun GoddessThe Goddess of the Sun, Boris Vallejo SG.54: Mount Madrigale (J)Mount Madrigal, Julie Bell
SG.55: Creatures from the Earth CoreCreatures from the Earth's Core, Boris Vallejo SG.56: Obsidian Dragon's Cave (J)Obsidian Dragon, Julie Bell SG.57: The HatchlingThe Hatchling, Boris Vallejo
SG.58: Defenders of Paradise (J)Defenders of Paradise, Julie Bell SG.59: Bird Woman SketchMistress of the Skies - preliminary art, Boris Vallejo SG.60: Wolf's HeadWolf Head, Julie Bell
SG.61: Wings of Night SketchEmpress of the Night - preliminary art, Boris Vallejo SG.62: The Albatross (J)Albatross, Julie Bell SG.63: Desire SketchRider, Boris Vallejo
SG.64: Fountain in the Redwoods (J)Fountain in the Redwoods, Julie Bell SG.65: Free!Free!, Boris Vallejo SG.66: In the Valley of the Snake Women (J)
Valley of the Snake Women, Julie Bell
SG.67: CobraCobra, Boris Vallejo SG.68: The Huntress (J)Huntress, Julie Bell SG.69: Broken WingBroken Wing, Boris Vallejo
SG.70: JourneyJourney, Julie Bell SG.71: Goddess of the EarthThe Goddess of Temptation, Boris Vallejo SG.72: Checklist onlyNo Image placeholder
Silver Foil cards
SG.F1: Desire SketchThe Empress of Desire figurine - preliminary art, Boris Vallejo SG.F2: Come What Will - sketchCome What Will (drawing), Boris Vallejo SG.F3: Untitled (Spear Maiden)Spear Maiden, Boris Vallejo
SG.F4: Unicorn (J)Unicorn, Julie Bell SG.F5: The Enchantress (J)Enchantress, Julie Bell SG.F6: Fairy Lady (J)Fairy Lady, Julie Bell
Autograph cards
SG.A1: Untitled (Sorceress of Passion)The Sorceress of Passion, Boris Vallejo SG.A2: Untitled (Mistress of the Volcano)Mistress of the Volcano, Boris Vallejo SG.A3: Untitled (Empress of the Night)Empress of the Night, Boris Vallejo
SG.A4: Untitled (At Water's Edge) (J)Arrival, Julie Bell SG.A5: Untitled (The Angel Rides?) (J)The Angel Rides, Julie Bell SG.A6: Untitled (Sunshine Break) (J)Sunshine Break, Julie Bell
Promotional cards & Redemption card
SG.P1: Untitled (Next Dimension)The Next Dimension, Boris Vallejo SG.P2: Untitled (Tiger Magic) (J)Tiger Magic, Julie Bell SG.R1: Untitled (Workout)Workout, Boris Vallejo

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