The magazine Full Cirkle II featured six variant covers, three by Siman Bisley (SB), and three joint Boris & Julie drawings, all showing the comic's main character Ashen. The magazine had colourised covers but this set only shows the artists' original, monochrome, work. This, and the fact that it was limited to 100 sets is all the information that I have – I do not know the size of the plates or how they were packaged nor do I have copies of the Simon Bisley plates. I will update this page if, and when, the information becomes available.

Ashen Plate 1 (SB)Unknown Image placeholder Ashen Plate 2 (SB)Unknown Image placeholder Ashen Plate 3 (SB)Unknown Image placeholder
Ashen Plate 4 (BJ)Magic_Cloak, Boris & Julie Ashen Plate 5 (BJ)Sword of Fate, Boris & Julie Ashen Plate 6 (BJ)Victory Dance, Boris & Julie

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