Boris' Beauties

Issued: 1983
Publisher: Schanes & Schanes
No. Issued: 2000
Size (inches): 9 x 12
  Boris' Beauties, coverCover: Bursting Out

Published by Schanes & Schanes in 1983, this portfolio was limited to 2000 copies, each copy being individually signed by Boris. The set consists of six plates 12 x 9 inches held in a simple card folder. The inside cover is printed with the Certificate of Authenticity and issue number and signed by Boris. The plates have a 0.5 inch white border. The bottom border shows the copyright details and is merely titled 'Plate x' (where 'x' is, of course, the actual plate number.) No other title is give. The rear cover shows tradingcard sized images of the plates.

Despite the different publishers I assume this is a sister publication to Fantasy since the style and format of the two portfolios are identical in every respect.

Plate 1 (Amazon Rider)Chosen of Mida, Boris Vallejo Plate 2 (When Hell Laughs)When Hell Laughs, Boris Vallejo Plate 3 (Lady in Red)Agent of Vega, Boris Vallejo
Plate 4 (Witch and Her Familiar)Witch and Her Familiar, Boris Vallejo Plate 5 (The King's Daughter)The King's Daughter, Boris Vallejo Plate 6 (Invictus)Endithor's Daughter, Boris Vallejo

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