Conan Classics Collection Set Seven

Issued: 1991
Publisher: SQ Productions
No. Issued: 2000
Size (inches): 11 x 14
  Conan Classics Collection Set Seven, cover

In 1989 SQ Productions began issuing a series entitled The Conan Classics Collection. 10 sets were issued over a two year period, each one composed of six paintings, mostly by a single artist - Boris was artist number seven. The sets were issued in a transparent plastic bag with a carboard stiffener. A narrow card insert (see the left side of the illustration above) gave the set details and also served as the CoA. No other information was provided. The plates have an image area of 10.5" x 12.25" but are untitled other than the publisher's copyright details. All the artwork featured is selected from Boris' The Savage Sword of Conan cover art and are presented here in order of original publication.

(Savage Sword of Conan #04)Iron Shadows in the Moon, Boris Vallejo (Citadel at the End of Time)Citadel at the Center of Time, Boris Vallejo (Barbarian and the Sorcerers)The Barbarian and the Sorcerers, Boris Vallejo
(Conan the Conqueror)Conan the Conqueror, Boris Vallejo (Haunters of Castle Crimson)The Haunters of Castle Crimson, Boris Vallejo (Devil in Iron)The Devil in Iron, Boris Vallejo

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