Portfolios: Фантастический Мир (Fantastic World)

Size: 15 x 10.5 cms
Publisher: ИПО Лев Толстой (IPO Leo Tolstoy)
Published: 1990
  Fantastic World, book coverFront Cover: Палач
  Fantastic World, rear coverBack Cover: Рождение

This was a set of 10 postcards issued in Russia. The cards were contained in a simple wraparound folder bearing two more images. The inside of the folder gives biographic etc details and the flap lists the 12 titles of the images used. The backs of the cards show the titles in the bottom left but are otherwise blank. Apart from the 'Boris' signature, all text is in Russian. My version shows the publisher as Омега (Omega) but all others that I've come across give it as ИПО Лев Толстой (IPO Leo Tolstoy,) a major Russian publisher which ceased trading in 2013.

The images are listed in Russian, in the order given in the folder, together with an English translation in brackets below.

Песнь сирены
(Siren Song)Siren Song, Boris Vallejo
(Mermaid)Triton and the Mermaid, Boris Vallejo
(Prisoner)Perfect Instants, Boris Vallejo
Хозяйка котов
(Mistress of Cats)Mistress of the Felines, Boris Vallejo
Драконья яма
(Dragon Pit)Dragon Wars, Boris Vallejo
(Angel)Forever Moments, Boris Vallejo
(Captivity)Hands, Boris Vallejo
(Flight)Flight (1980), Boris Vallejo
Поцелуй вампира
(Vampire Kiss)Vampire's Kiss, Boris Vallejo
(Incubus)Scarecrow Angel, Boris Vallejo

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