Books: Boris / Boris Volume 1

Illustrator: Boris Vallejo
Text: Mark Feldman & John Taylor
Size (pb): 10.6 x 8.4 ins
Pages: 52 (including covers)
Published: 1978
  Boris, book coverCover: The Amazon Princess and Her Pet Barbarian King, Boris VallejoBack Cover: The Barbarian King (underpainting)

This, the first 'book' to be wholly devoted to Boris' artwork, is really a magazine. The inside pages describe it as 'Boris Volume 1' and state 'THIS MAGAZINE IS DEDICATED TO DORIS' (Doris being his first wife.) It was originally published as a limited edition of 3000 copies, individually numbered by hand, with the first 100 also being autographed by Boris. Subsequent edition(s?) were unnumbered. It contains 50 internal pages giving, with the thin card covers, a total of 54 pages and sold for $4.00. Colour printing is confined to the covers only.

The magazine comprises an interview of Boris by Mark Feldman, copiously illustrated with photographs and examples of Boris' work from 1964 onwards. The last few pages give a checklist of Boris' recent (ie up to 1978) fantasy, and other, artwork.

I have used colour images where available which may also show rather more of the artwork than the actual printed illustration.

A word about some of the descriptions below, you need to understand that Boris transfers the individual components of his design onto tracing paper, allowing him to rearrange them slightly, before committing himself to the final painting. (This is all outlined in Fantasy Art Techniques.) I have used the term 'intermediate' to describe these pieces.

The Broken Sword - preliminary art, Boris Vallejo02 Broken Sword preliminary Assassin of Gor - intermediate drawing #1, Boris Vallejo04 Assassin of Gor intermediate (left) Telly Savalas, Boris Vallejo05 Telly Savalas drawing
White Buffalo - preliminary art, Boris Vallejo06 White Buffalo preliminary Dracula cartoon, Boris Vallejo07 Untitled cartoon 08 Haesel the Slave preliminary
Conan of Aquilonia, book cover09 Conan of Aquilonia cover 10 Busch Gardens design
Brother Sewing Machine, Boris Vallejo
11 Brother sewing machine
Young Girl, Boris Vallejo11 Sketch: Young girl Baboonasaurus, Boris Vallejo12 Baboonasaurus Apache Wells, book cover15 Apache Wells cover
Priest-Kings of Gor - intermediate art #1, Boris Vallejo16 Priest-Kings of Gor intermediate (left) 18 Enchantress of Venus preliminary The Best of Leigh Brackett, book cover19 The Best of Leigh Brackett cover
The Micronauts - preliminary art, Boris Vallejo
19 The Micronauts preliminary
Savage Tales Nov 1974, cover20 Savage Tales #7 Assassin of Gor - intermediate drawing #3, Boris Vallejo22 Assassin of Gor intermediate (right)
Rolind of Meru - preliminary art, Boris Vallejo24 Rolind of Meru preliminary Stellar #1, book cover25 Stellar #1 cover 26 Hatchett preliminary
Cartoon: Young Girl walking, Boris Vallejo28 Untitled drawing
Cartoon: Boy building a snowman, Boris Vallejo
29 Untitled drawing
The Secrets of Synchronicity - preliminary art, Boris Vallejo30 Secrets of Synchronicity preliminary
Primeval Princess - preliminary art, Boris Vallejo31 Primeval Princess preliminary WABC 1969 Portfolio of Sports, Boris Vallejo32 Untitled illustration
Untitled advertisement, Boris Vallejo
33 Untitled ad
Priest-Kings of Gor - intermediate art #2, Boris Vallejo
33 Priest-Kings of Gor intermediate
34 X-MAS 1973 34 X-MAS 1973
34 X-MAS 1973 34 X-MAS 1973 35 Guide to Barsoom preliminary
Barbarella - movie poster36 Barbarella poster The Dragon and the George 1, Boris Vallejo37 Dragon and the George I 37 Dragon and the George I preliminary
Tarzan the Magnificent, Boris Vallejo38 Tarzan the Magnificent Savage Sword of Conan #01, Aug 1974 cover40 Savage Sword of Conan #1 Savage Sword of Conan #10, Feb 1976 cover41 Savage Sword of Conan #10
Nightmare #03, Apr 1971 cover42 Nightmare #3 Weird Tales of the Macabre #02, Mar 1975 cover43 Weird Tales of the Macabre #2 Through the Reality Warp, book cover45 Through the Reality Warp cover
Assassin of Gor - intermediate drawing #2, Boris Vallejo46 Assassin of Gor intermediate (middle) Assassin of Gor, cover47 Assassin of Gor cover 48 Untitled Sketch
49 Nomads of Gor design 50 Deputy Sheriff of Commanche County preliminary Barba the Slaver - preliminary art, Boris Vallejo51 Barba the Slaver preliminary

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