Books: Boris II / Boris Book Two

Illustrator: Boris Vallejo
Text: Philip José Farmer
Size (pb): 10.8 x 8.3 ins
Publisher: Anaconda Press
Pages: 80 (excluding covers)
ISBN-10: 0-960-22501-3
Published: December 1978
  Boris Book 2, book coverCover: Mysterious Rider Boris Book 2, rear coverBack Cover: Spawn of the Winds

This, the successor to the Boris Volume 1 magazine is actually a book: it has an ISBN. It is the same size as it's predecessor. is of paperback construction and has a number of colour plates. The price had increased to $7.95.

Like its precursor, the last few pages give a list of Boris' recent art and it is noticable that some titles have changed since the earlier book (eg 'The Golden Princess' has become 'Primeval Princess.') The text is limited to an introduction by Philip José Farmer, captions to the various illustrations and the aforementioned list of artworks. There are no page numbers.

I have not attempted an exact reproduction of the book's content; some monochrome illustrations have neen replaced by colour versions (indicated by (m) after the title) and, like the rest of this site, they may be cropped differently to what is shown here.

Corissa the Vestal Virgin, Boris Vallejo01 Corrissa the Vestal Virgin Dragon and Butterfly, Boris Vallejo02 Midnight Angels (Certification Plate)
The Boy_Who Saved the Stars - preliminary art, Boris Vallejo
03 The Boy who saved the Stars preliminary
Behind the Walls of Terra, Boris Vallejo04 Behind the Walls of Terra (m) The Gates of Creation, Boris Vallejo05 The Gates of Creation
Marooned, Boris Vallejo
06 Untitled (Marooned)
Cat in the Mirror, Boris Vallejo07 The Cat in the Mirror 08 Untitled Sketch Gracus the Centurian, Boris Vallejo09 Gracus the Centurion
10 Untitled figure study 10 Untitled figure study 10 Untitled figure study
10 Untitled figure study
10 Untitled figure study 10 Untitled figure study
10 Untitled figure study
10 Untitled figure study
The Flying Sorcerers (back), Boris Vallejo11 The Flying Sorcerers (rear)
Show Girl, Boris Vallejo12 Show Girl (m) 13 Godsfire preliminary I
The Gauntlet - preliminary art, Boris Vallejo
14 Clint (m)
The Loch Ness Monster Lives, Boris Vallejo15 The Loch Ness Monster Lives
16 Amber (movie) sketch
16 Amber (movie) sketch
A Place Beyond Man, Boris Vallejo17 A Place Beyond Man 18 Boris & Doris cartoon The Siege_of_Faltara, Boris Vallejo19 The Siege of Faltara
The Girl Who Owned a City, Boris Vallejo20 The Girl who owned a City (m) My Lord Barbarian, Boris Vallejo21 My Lord Barbarian
22 Quick practice sketch, 1974
Doris (1968), Boris Vallejo22 Doris (Vallejo) (m) Just Doodling Around, Boris Vallejo22 Just doodling around, circa 1968 The Lavalite World, Boris Vallejo23 The Lavalite World
24 Demon in the Mirror preliminary I Conan the Wanderer, Boris Vallejo25 Conan the Wanderer Barba the Slaver, Boris Vallejo27 Barba the Slaver
Space Guardian - preliminary art, Boris Vallejo28 The Space Guardian preliminary Last Stand, Boris Vallejo29 Last Stand Amazon Princess and Her Pet - preliminary art, Boris Vallejo30 Amazon's Pet preliminary
A Season at Brighton, Boris Vallejo31 A Season at Brighton 32 The Dragon preliminary (m) 33 In the Moons of Borea preliminary
The Mountain Monster, Boris Vallejo34 The Mountain Monster (m) Cyborg, Boris Vallejo35 Cyborg Earth Magic, Boris Vallejo36 Earth Magic (m)
Berserker, Boris Vallejo37 Berserker Doc Savage: The Spotted Men, book cover38 The Spotted Men The Red Terrors, Boris Vallejo39 The Red Terrors (Detail)
Doc Savage: The Spotted Men, book cover40 The Roar Devil Conan of the Isles, Boris Vallejo41 Conan of the Isles Bar Girl, Boris Vallejo42 Bar Girl (m)
Z for Zachariah, Boris Vallejo43 Z For Zachariah The Beau and the Bluestocking, Boris Vallejo44 The Beau and the Bluestocking (m) 45 Fantastic Art of Boris Vallejo preliminary
Apache Wells, Boris Vallejo46 Apache Wells (m) Conan the Freebooter, Boris Vallejo47 Conan the Freebooter John F. Kennedy, Boris Vallejo48 John F Kennedy drawing
The Gauntlet - detail, Boris Vallejo49 (Detail from Clint) (m)
Cartoon (1975), Boris Vallejo
50 Boris' Pomeranians
50 Untitled figure study
50 Untitled figure study
50 Untitled figure study
52 The Boy who Saved the Stars preliminary 18
52 The Boy who Saved the Stars preliminary 07
52 The Boy who Saved the Stars preliminary 04
52 The Boy who Saved the Stars preliminary 22
53 The Boy who Saved the Stars preliminary 12
53 The Boy who Saved the Stars preliminary 16
The Ophiuchi Hotline, Boris Vallejo54 The Ophiuchi Hotline (m)
Ophiuchi Hotline - detail, Boris Vallejo55 The Ophiuchi Hotline (detail) 56 Last Stand preliminary The Green Berets - title page, Boris Vallejo58 The Green Berets title page
59 Untitled cartoon (Boris & Doris) Ride the Golden Tiger, Boris Vallejo61 Ride the Golden Tiger (m) Savage Sword of Conan #05, Apr 1975 cover62 Savage Sword of Conan #5 (m)
Diosa, Boris Vallejo63 Diosa Savage Sword of Conan #07, Aug 1975 cover64 Savage Sword of Conan #7 (m) The Monster Men - preliminary art, Boris Vallejo65 The Monster Men preliminary
Monsters Unleashed #06, Jun 1974 cover66 Monsters Unleashed #6 (m) The Barbarian and the Sorcerers, Boris Vallejo68 Barbarian and the Sorcerors (m)
69 Untitled cartoon
Tales of the Zombie #04, Mar 1974 cover70 Tales of the Zombie #4 (m) Monsters Unleashed #02, Sep 1973 cover72 Monsters Unleashed #2 (m) The Mystery Shift - poster73 The Mystery Shift ad
73 The Boy who Saved the Stars preliminary 10
Tales of the Zombie #03, Jan 1974 cover74 Tales of the Zombie #3 (m) Savage Sword of Conan #04, Feb 1975 cover76 Savage Sword of Conan #4 (m)
Savage Sword of Conan #12, Jun 1976 cover77 Savage Sword of Conan #12 (m) A Private Cosmos, Boris Vallejo78 A Private Cosmos (m) Savage Tales, May 1975 cover79 Savage Tales #10 (m)

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