Books: Fantasy Workshop

Illustrator: Boris & Julie
Text: Boris & Julie
Size (hb): 12 x 9 ins
Size (pb): 11.6 x 9.4 ins
Pages: 160
Published: 2003
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This is the successor to Boris' 1984 book Fantasy Art Techniques. It is, as you would expect, copiously illustrated but as most of these show the design process and works in progress there are not as many different artworks on display.

Crimson Mountain, Boris & Julie
002 He-Man - detail (BJ)
Hawk Mountain, Julie Bell006 Wolf's Eyes (J) Sky, Julie Bell012 Sky (J)
Mountain Song, Boris Vallejo021 Mountain Story Teller, Julie Bell024 Story Teller (J) Alfa, Julie Bell027 Enchanted Pack (J)
Lost City, Boris & Julie031 Lost City - detail (BJ) The Hedge Knight, Boris & Julie036 The Hedge Knight (BJ) Page of Swords, Julie Bell041 Wolf's Eyes - detail (J)
The Princess of Ice, Boris Vallejo042 Ice Dagger, Boris Vallejo050 Wildman Face The Angel Rides, Julie Bell063 The Angel Rides (J)
Obsidian Dragon, Julie Bell067 Stone Dragon (J) Competition, Julie Bell073 The Competition (J) Mount Madrigal, Julie Bell077 Three of Swords (J)
Crimson Mountain, Boris & Julie078 & 085 He-Man (BJ)
086 Clouded Accountant - prelim (BJ)
Clouded Accountant, Boris & Julie
092 Clouded Accountant (BJ)
094 Fairy of the Park - prelim (BJ) Fairy of the Park, Boris & Julie102 Fairy of the Park (BJ)
103 Fairy of the Unicorn - prelim (BJ)
Fairy of the Unicorn, Boris & Julie
108 Fairy of the Unicorn (BJ)
Kiss My Hand, Boris Vallejo110 Dark Whispers Monster Bash, Julie Bell111 Monster Bash (J)
Toolbox #1 - preliminary art, Boris Vallejo
112 Power Armadillo 1 - prelim (BJ)
Toolbox, Boris & Julie112 Power Armadillo (BJ)
Toolbox #2 - preliminary art, Boris Vallejo
112 Power Armadillo 2 - prelim (BJ)
Toolbox #3 - preliminary art, Boris Vallejo
113 Power Armadillo 3 - prelim (BJ)
Kodak_2002, Boris Vallejo115 Scorpion Morning of Her Adventure, Julie Bell127 Pink Metal (J)

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