Books: The Ultimate Illustrations

Illustrator: Boris & Julie
Text: David Palumbo
Size (hb): 10.25 x 8.25 ins
Size (pb): 10 x 8 ins
Pages: 144
Published: May 2009
  The Ultimate Illustrations, book coverCover: Victory Dance   The Ultimate Illustrations, rear coverBack Cover: Minotaur/Midnight Howl


The book is organised into several chapters comprising a few pages of introductory text followed by full page illustrations bearing a caption and a short comment. There are a number of untitled, small-sized illustrations scattered throughout the book but I have not included them here because they also appear in the full page reproductions. My only misgiving about the book is that many of the images have been reproduced with enhanced contrast so that the darkest tone is black. This is fine for pen and ink artwork but it does spoil the appearance of pencil drawings!

012 Lasso (BJ)Wonder Woman, Boris Vallejo 013 Reverie (J)Reverie, Julie Bell 014 Magic Cloak (BJ)Magic_Cloak, Boris & Julie
015 Ram Horns
Perra, Boris Vallejo
016 PersephonePersephone 01, Boris Vallejo 017 Princess (BJ)Princess Leia, Boris & Julie
018 Pet Dragon (BJ)Ladylove, Boris & Julie 019 SorceressSorceress Bird, Boris Vallejo 020 Megacon GirlMegaCon Girl, Boris Vallejo
021 Victory Dance (BJ)Victory Dance, Boris & Julie 022 Celtic Warrior (J)Celtic Warrior, Julie Bell 024 ProfileProfile, Boris Vallejo
025 Fierce Beauty (J)Fierce Beauty, Julie Bell 026 Come What WillCome What Will (drawing), Boris Vallejo 027 Fairy Queen (J)Fairy Queen, Julie Bell
028 As the Wind BlowsAs_the_Wind_Blows, Boris Vallejo 029 Moonlight Howl (BJ)Vampi, Boris & Julie 030 Queen of His HeartQueen of His Heart, Boris Vallejo
031 Lily (J)Lily, Julie Bell 032 AngelResting, Boris Vallejo 033 Joy (J)Joy, Julie Bell
034 Cheetah Tattoo
Cheetah Tattoo, Boris Vallejo
036 Tattoo Fairy (J)Tattoo Fairy, Julie Bell 037 Grace (J)Grace, Julie Bell
038 MedusaKneeling Medusa, Boris Vallejo 039 By the Sword (J)By the Sword - preliminary art, Julie Bell 040 Fitness Queen (J)Fitness Queen, Julie Bell
041 MedeaMedea (1991), Boris Vallejo 042 Pandora's HopePandora (1991), Boris Vallejo 043 CirceCirce (1991), Boris Vallejo
044 HeaddressHead Ornament, Boris Vallejo 045 Russian Fairy (J)Russian Fairy (2001), Julie Bell 046 Enchantress (J)Enchantress, Julie Bell
047 JenAxe Maiden, Boris Vallejo 048 Mountain Sorceress (BJ)Mountain Sorceress, Boris & Julie 049 Hellion (J)Hellion, Julie Bell
050 Sword of Fate (BJ)Sword of Fate, Boris & Julie 051 To Fly Again (J)To Fly Again, Julie Bell
056 VulcanVulcanus, Boris Vallejo 057 ApolloDorian the Archer, Boris Vallejo 058 JeansTorso, Boris Vallejo
059 Jungle Man (BJ)Jungle Man, Boris & Julie 060 HerculesHercules (1991), Boris Vallejo 061 Prem the Warrior (BJ)Prem the Warrior, Boris & Julie
062 ArmArm, Boris Vallejo 063 NessusNessus, Boris Vallejo 064 CentaurCentaur, Boris Vallejo
065 ArcherArcher (1982), Boris Vallejo
070 Ocean Fairy (J)Ocean Fairy, Julie Bell 071 WolfboyCirce's Magic, Boris Vallejo 072 The Pack (J)
The Pack, Julie Bell
073 Wolf Head (J)Wolf Head, Julie Bell 074 Odin (J)Odin, Julie Bell 075 Dragon's FuryBursting Out (2008), Boris Vallejo
076 LedaLeda, Boris Vallejo 077 HorsebackRider, Boris Vallejo 078 AriadneAriadne and the Minotaur, Boris Vallejo
079 Unicorn Eyes (J)Unicorn (2000), Julie Bell 080 Blind WizardBird of Prey, Boris Vallejo 081 Faithful Companion (J)Faithful Companion, Julie Bell
082 MinotaurMinotaur (Ladies), Boris Vallejo 083 UnicornUnicorn (Ladies), Boris Vallejo 084 Pegasus (J)Pegasus, Julie Bell
085 Free!Free!, Boris Vallejo 086 SearchersSearchers, Boris Vallejo 087 LionessWoman in Boots, Boris Vallejo
088 Rider Red Sonja, Boris Vallejo 089 WerewolfWerewolf, Boris Vallejo
Product Design
094 Golden Lover (J)Golden Lover figurine-back - preliminary art, Julie Bell 095 Snake WarriorSerpent Goddess, Boris Vallejo 096 Bird WomanMistress of the Skies - preliminary art, Boris Vallejo
098 GenieGenie, Boris Vallejo 099 HunterSpear Maiden, Boris Vallejo 100 Dragon's PetMessenger of Peace, Boris Vallejo
101 Monster Cycle (J)
Beastcycle, Julie Bell
102 The Four Elements: WaterWater, Boris Vallejo 103 The Earth (J)Earth, Julie Bell
104 The Fire (J)Fire, Julie Bell 105 The AirAir, Boris Vallejo 106 Mistress of FireMistress of Fire - figurine prelim, back view, Boris Vallejo
107 Faces
108 Serpent Cycle (J)Snakebike, Julie Bell 109 Fairy Lady (J)Fairy Lady, Julie Bell
110 Dragon of Destiny (J)
Dragon of Destiny, Julie Bell
111 Mistress of DesireThe Empress of Desire figurine - preliminary art, Boris Vallejo 112 Julie's PetJulie's Pet, Boris Vallejo
113 Good vs EvilDay and Night, Boris Vallejo 114 Evil vs GoodLight and Darkness, Boris Vallejo 115 Crystal Dagger (J)Crystal Dagger, Julie Bell
115 Soul Mates (J)Soul Mates, Julie Bell
120 The Name is BondNever Say Never Again - preliminary art b, Boris Vallejo 121 Jungle Talk (BJ)Jungle Talk, Boris & Julie 122 Alter EgoAlter Ego, Boris Vallejo
123 Checkmate (J)Fearless, Julie Bell 124 Stone Warrior (BJ)Stone Warrior, Boris & Julie 125 Fitness (BJ)Fitness, Boris & Julie
126 HandsOrpheus and Eurydice, Boris Vallejo 127 EmbraceRapture, Boris Vallejo 128 MasqueradeMasquerade, Boris Vallejo
129 Bodybuilding WarriorsWarriors, Boris Vallejo 130 CoupleCouple (2000), Boris Vallejo 131 Dragon and ButterflyDragon and Butterfly, Boris Vallejo
132 Pandora's BoxGothic Nightmare, Boris Vallejo 133 Leap of the Centaur (BJ)Leap of the Centaur, Boris & Julie 134 BodybuildersBodybuilders, Boris Vallejo
135 Midnight AngelMidnight Angel (1979), Boris Vallejo 136 WitchWitch, Boris Vallejo 137 Sorceress' ApprenticeThe Sorceress' Apprentice, Boris Vallejo
138 Snake SistersSerpents, Boris Vallejo 139 DaydreamsDaydreams, Boris Vallejo 140 SlayerThe Slayer, Boris Vallejo
141 Road WarriorRoad Warrior, Boris Vallejo

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