Boris & Julie CD-ROM: Duo

Illustrator: Boris & Julie
Images: 201 (see text below)
Publisher: Imaginistix
Published: 2005(?)
Compatible: Windows & Mac.
  Duo, CD cover

Like its predecessor, this CD purports to have 200 images and is in dual Windows/Mac format. In addition it also has a short video (1min 42secs) about, and narrated by, Boris and Julie. The software offers two ways of viewing as either a slideshow or by clicking on a thumbnail. There are 200 thumbnails but the the slideshow shows an additional 201st image! The images below are presented in the order in which they are displayed on the CD. No details regarding either artist or title are provided but fortunately I have been able to ascertain this information.

After the first CD I had high expectations for this second volume but, sorry to say, I was a little disappointed. The CD does contain a number of new images (though I already had copies of many of them) but they are all quite small, having a maximum width/height dimension of about of 480 pixels. Additionally, the source images appear to be heavily compressed jpegs - I said appear to be because they are all contained in a single, proprietry format, file so can only be viewed using the enclosed software. I have used alternative sources to produce the thumbnails below which, sad to say, show as much detail (sometimes more!) as the CD images.


001 BodybuildersBodybuilders, Boris Vallejo 002 Ether Ore coverEther Ore, book cover 003 Sedona (J)Sedona, Julie Bell
004 Vampirella 1994 (J)Vampirella (1994), Julie Bell 005 Blood of HeroesBlood of Heroes, Boris Vallejo 006 Storm 1994Storm (1994), Boris Vallejo
007 HardballHardball, Boris Vallejo 008 Joy (J)Joy, Julie Bell 009 HebatHebat, Boris Vallejo
010 The Boss of Terror coverDoc Savage: The Boss of Terror, book cover 011 Mermaids and Fairies (J)
Mermaids and Fairies, Julie Bell
012 Cybernary (J)Cybernary, Julie Bell
013 Afternoon Drink (J)Afternoon Drink, Julie Bell 014 Karate Kick
Karate Kick, Boris Vallejo
015 Astarte 1992Astarte (1992), Boris Vallejo
016 Bitch (J)Bitch, Julie Bell 017 The Wings that CutThe Wings that Cut, Boris Vallejo 018 HulkHulk, Boris Vallejo
019 Jason and the Golden Fleece (J)Jason and the Golden Fleece, Julie Bell 020 Generation X (J)Generation X, Julie Bell 021 BirdBird (2001), Boris Vallejo
022 Savage Sword of Conan #04Iron Shadows in the Moon, Boris Vallejo 023 Tarzan and the Foreign LegionTarzan and the Foreign Legion, Boris Vallejo 024 Punisher I (J)Punisher, Julie Bell
025 Conqueror of the Depths adThe Detroit Diesels: Conqueror of the Depths, advertisement 026 Tarzan the UntamedTarzan the Untamed, Boris Vallejo 027 KamalKamal, Boris Vallejo
028 Hallucin (J)Hallucin, Julie Bell 029 ShannaraShannara, Boris Vallejo 030 Passage (J)Passage, Julie Bell
031 Bos primigenius cover(?)Bristol Myers: Bos primigenius, advertisement 032 The Faerie Suzanne (J)The Faerie Suzanne, Julie Bell 033 Shard (J)Shard, Julie Bell
034 ManticoreThe Man-Faced Manticore, Boris Vallejo 035 Storm 1995Storm (1995), Boris Vallejo 036 Crystal Beach (J)Crystal Beach, Julie Bell
037 Attack of the Tree Man (J)Attack of the Tree Man, Julie Bell 038 Prince (J)Prince, Julie Bell 039 More than FireMore than Fire, Boris Vallejo
040 Tarzan's QuestTarzan's Quest, Boris Vallejo 041 Cyclops 1994Cyclops (1994), Boris Vallejo 042 No Place for DisgraceNo Place for Disgrace, Boris Vallejo
043 Life Study (J)
Life Study, Julie Bell
044 Searching the Sky (J)Searching the Sky, Julie Bell 045 CyberbooksCyberbooks, Boris Vallejo
046 Corniche adCorniche, advertisement 047 Battle Cry (J)Battle Cry, Julie Bell 048 The Creation of RainbowsThe Creation of Rainbows, Boris Vallejo
049 Haunted House (J)Haunted House, Julie Bell 050 Showing Her the WayShowing Her the Way, Boris Vallejo 051 Magic Forest (J)Magic Forest, Julie Bell
052 Yellow DaredevilYellow Daredevil, Boris Vallejo 053 Telekinesis (J)Telekinesis, Julie Bell 054 Fitzroy (J)Fitzroy, Julie Bell
055 Mistress of the DawnThe Diva of the Dawn, Boris Vallejo 056 SirensThe Sirens, Boris Vallejo 057 YetiYeti, Boris Vallejo
058 By the Sword (J)By the Sword - preliminary art, Julie Bell 059 The Empress Strikes BackBarbarian Queen II, Boris Vallejo 060 The Stainless Steel Rat (J)The Stainless Steel Rat, Julie Bell
061 Ocean Fairy (J)Ocean Fairy, Julie Bell 062 HummingbirdHummingbird, Boris Vallejo 063 A Rock by any Other NameA Rock by Any Other Name, Boris Vallejo
064 Valley of the Snake Women (J)
Valley of the Snake Women, Julie Bell
065 Spirit of the StormThe Spirit of the Storm, Boris Vallejo 066 At Battle's End (J)
At Battles End, Julie Bell
067 Shadowcat (J)Shadowcat, Julie Bell 068 Mister SinisterMr. Sinister, Boris Vallejo 069 Hobgoblin (J)Hobgoblin, Julie Bell
070 The Ophiuchi HotlineThe Ophiuchi Hotline, Boris Vallejo 071 Tarzan and La at the City of OparTarzan and La at the City of Opar, Boris Vallejo 072 Monica (BJ)Minage, Boris & Julie
073 Discovery on Asteroid X-72 (J)Discovery on Asteroid X-72, Julie Bell 074 ToastToast, Boris Vallejo 075 Soldier Boy coverSoldier Boy, book cover
076 Sky (J)Sky, Julie Bell 077 Deep Space Nine (J)
Deep Space Nine Crew, Julie Bell
078 The Expedition (J)Expedition, Julie Bell
079 A Guide to BarsoomA Guide To Barsoom, Boris Vallejo 080 Vengeance (J)Vengeance, Julie Bell 081 Bacchus and Ariadne (J)Bacchus and Ariadne, Julie Bell
082 Thor's HammerThor's Hammer, Boris Vallejo 083 Susan (J)Susan, Julie Bell 084 Nothing But TroubleNothing But Trouble, Boris Vallejo
085 The Ranger (J)Ranger, Julie Bell 086 Runes coverRunes, book cover 087 EtruscansEtruscans, Boris Vallejo
088 Ecco the Dolphin 3Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future, Boris Vallejo 089 Mr Charming (J)Mr. Charming, Julie Bell 090 The Angel Rides (J)The Angel Rides, Julie Bell
091 The Enemy from WithinThe Enemy from Within, Boris Vallejo 092 Tarzan and the Golden LionTarzan and the Golden Lion, Boris Vallejo 093 Llanthony (J)Llanthony, Julie Bell
094 The Pack (J)
The Pack, Julie Bell
095 Phantasy Star IVPhantasy Star IV, Boris Vallejo 096 Close QuartersClose Quarters, Boris Vallejo
097 Reaching for the Stars
Reaching for the Stars, Boris Vallejo
098 Hercules and the Hydra (J)Hercules and the Hydra, Julie Bell 099 DominoDomino, Boris Vallejo
100 Psylocke 1993 (J)Psylocke (1993), Julie Bell 101 Shannon's Fantasy (J)Shannon's Fantasy, Julie Bell 102 Siren of the SandThe Siren of the Sands, Boris Vallejo
103 Empress (J)The Empress, Julie Bell 104 Myrthal (J)Myrthal, Julie Bell 105 Deer (J)Deer, Julie Bell
106 Zorro Rides (J)Zorro Rides, Julie Bell 107 Warrior Girl (J)
Warrior Girl, Julie Bell
108 Deathstalker I posterDeathstalker, movie poster
109 Orion in the Dying Time 2Vampire Robot, Boris Vallejo 110 Rogue in Black (J)Rogue in Black, Julie Bell 111 Wolfhead (J)Wolf Head, Julie Bell
112 Dragon of the Rubies (J)
Dragon of the Rubies, Julie Bell
113 Parting the Seas (drop-in)Parting the Seas - overlay, Boris Vallejo 114 Conan Saga coverConan Saga, magazine cover
115 Enchantress (J)Enchantress, Julie Bell 116 Tiger Magic (J)Tiger Magic, Julie Bell 117 Mr OlympiaMr. Olympia, Boris Vallejo
118 Summer Talk (J)Summer Talk, Julie Bell 119 AmazonSpear Maiden, Boris Vallejo 120 Cody (J)Cody, Julie Bell
121 Philadelphia Lion (J)Philadelphia Lion, Julie Bell 122 Endless Quest Books back coverEndless Quest Books, advertisement 123 Windsound coverWindsound, book cover
124 Red Demon (J)Red Demon, Julie Bell 125 Hellion (J)Hellion, Julie Bell 126 The Phoenix posterThe Phoenix, movie poster
127 Tarzan and the Forbidden CityTarzan and the Forbidden City, Boris Vallejo 128 Unicorn (J)Unicorn, Julie Bell 129 Lady of the Future (Drop-in) (J)Lady of the Future, Julie Bell
130 Soul Mates (J)Soul Mates, Julie Bell 131 Flamingo Family (J)Flamingo Family, Julie Bell 132 Flowering NestFlowering Nest, Boris Vallejo
133 Conquer the Rust Monster adConquer the Rust Monster, advertisement 134 Archangel in Danger (J)Archangel in Danger, Julie Bell 135 Master of the Seas adThe Detroit Diesels: Master of the Seas, advertisement
136 Tarzan the TerribleTarzan the Terrible, Boris Vallejo 137 Human Torch (J)Human Torch, Julie Bell 138 Z for ZachariahZ for Zachariah, Boris Vallejo
139 Lois and Clark (J)Lois and Clark, Julie Bell 140 Archangel 1994Archangel (1994), Boris Vallejo 141 The Time Warp
The Time Warp, Boris Vallejo
142 End of Restless SleepThe End of Restless Sleep, Boris Vallejo 143 Silver Surfer II (J)Silver Surfer II, Julie Bell 144 Fierce Beauty (J)Fierce Beauty, Julie Bell
145 Arcane coverArcane, book cover 146 PrometheusPrometheus, Boris Vallejo 147 Arrival (J)Arrival, Julie Bell
148 To Fly Again (J)To Fly Again, Julie Bell 149 Business Week coverBusiness Week, magazine cover 150 Tarzan and the Ant MenTarzan and the Ant Men, Boris Vallejo
151 Lilandra (J)Lilandra, Julie Bell 152 Come What WillCome What Will (painting), Boris Vallejo 153 She's MineShe's Mine, Boris Vallejo
154 Male Nude (J)Male Nude, Julie Bell 155 Angel Wings (J)Angel Wings, Julie Bell 156 Tarzan the MagnificentTarzan the Magnificent, Boris Vallejo
157 Lilly (J)Lily, Julie Bell 158 Power 1987Power (1987), Boris Vallejo 159 Forest Fire (J)Forest Fire, Julie Bell
160 Deathstalker IIIDeathstalker III, Boris Vallejo 161 Mortal GodsMortal Gods, Boris Vallejo 162 El Vitral (J)El Vitral, Julie Bell
163 Commandoes (J)Commandos, Julie Bell 164 UnderbergUnderberg, Boris Vallejo 165 Dr Flash (J)
Dr. Flash, Julie Bell
166 MosesMoses, Boris Vallejo 167 Galaxie FightersBuck Rogers, Boris Vallejo 168 Wolf's Eyes (J)Wolf's Eyes, Julie Bell
169 Ant Man (J)Ant-Man, Julie Bell 170 AskaniAskani, Boris Vallejo 171 Grace (J)Grace, Julie Bell
172 Jean Grey 1994 (J)Jean Grey (1994), Julie Bell 173 Sweet RevengeSweet Revenge, Boris Vallejo 174 Beastcycle (J)
Beastcycle, Julie Bell
175 Black Cat 1995Black Cat (1995), Boris Vallejo 176 Barcelona (J)Barcelona, Julie Bell 177 Scarlet Witch (J)Scarlet Witch, Julie Bell
178 Paradise AlleyParadise Alley, Boris Vallejo 179 GodsfireGodsfire, Boris Vallejo 180 Flamingo (J)Flamingo, Julie Bell
181 SabretoothSabretooth, Boris Vallejo 182 Night of the Killer Mechs (J)Night of the Killer Mechs, Julie Bell 183 Angel Wings II (J)Angel Wings II, Julie Bell
184 Diana and ActaeonDiana and Actaeon, Boris Vallejo 185 The Prize (J)The Prize, Julie Bell 186 DazzlerDazzler, Boris Vallejo
187 Faithful Companion (J)Faithful Companion, Julie Bell 188 Mountain SongMountain Song, Boris Vallejo 189 LoriaLoria, Boris Vallejo
190 Boris (J)Boris, Julie Bell 191 Warrior of Light (J)
Warrior of Light, Julie Bell
192 AuroraAurora, Boris Vallejo
193 The Encounter (J)Encounter, Julie Bell 194 The Angry Ghost coverDoc Savage: The Angry Ghost, book cover 195 Vampirella 1996 (J)Vampirella (1996), Julie Bell
196 IlmarinenIlmarinen, Boris Vallejo 197 Forge (J)Forge, Julie Bell 198 Crystal Dagger (J)Crystal Dagger, Julie Bell
199 Storm in the Danger RoomStorm in the Danger Room, Boris Vallejo 200 Pyramids (BJ)Pyramids (1999), Boris & Julie 201 WildkatWildcat, Boris Vallejo

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